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Paula Flinn

Texas is in the middle of a virus spike, and having a multitude of tourists from Houston, etc. is contradictory to the “Stay Home” suggestions from the Medical Community here and everywhere else in the state and in the nation. There will be other weekends that tourists may visit.

Carlos Ponce

Observation suggest those who come to Galveston to the beach are relatively younger and healthier, not subject to averse reaction to the virus. On the other hand those who come to Galveston for the museums are older and susceptible to more than a mild reaction to the virus.

Common sense says keep the museum and museum homes closed and beaches open.

Dan Freeman

Nick Cordero was 41. Died after 95 days in hospital. Everyone is vulnerable. Wear a mask, wash often, keep a distance, and stay home.

Carlos Ponce

Those who die at an earlier age usually have other health problems not related to the virus.

NYPost: "[Nick Cordero] had no underlying conditions, his wife Amanda Kloots has said, and his health struggles lasted long after he repeatedly tested negative for the virus." "tested negative"

Charlotte O'rourke

Question - has anyone seen the hospitalization numbers (69) broken down into age groups. I’ve seen covid cases by age, but not hospitalizations.

Thanks in advance if anyone has an answer.

Carlos Ponce

"Galveston County COVID-19 Hospitalized Cases by Age - Total Hospitalized Cases: 69"


Charlotte O'rourke


Thanks for the age numbers for hospitalizations.

Walter Dannenmaier

This information shows that most of the deceased are over 80 years old. Time for citizens to remove masks and politicians to don gags.

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