Your editorial to "lose the electoral college" clearly shows your left/progressive leanings ("No matter who wins, let's lose the Electoral College," The Daily News, Nov. 4).

Our founders gave us a democratic republic that the rights of even a single citizen cannot be trounced by the majority. You would have our country ruled by elite leftists in the highly populated inner cities; that would be fine with you, but not with those living in "real America" who shouldn't have to kowtow to what folks in New York City and Los Angeles want to dictate to all of us.

Our Founding Fathers were divinely inspired and got it right — our rights are given to us by God and should never be taken away by any majority. We should insist on a government that is of, by and for all people, not just the majority.

In reporting, you continue to push your agenda rather than allowing the citizens to know all of the facts, using words like "foggy past" and "terrified of real democracy" instead of the brilliant framework of our country that has never been paralleled — shame on you. And you wonder why the media cannot be trusted? Maybe if you would just tell the whole truth.

Michelle Davis

League City


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Kim Baldwin


Keith Gray

Very good... I do not want NY and Cali to control the country, or to dilute my sovereignty.

Gary Miller

Poltically educated people know fear of democracy is a needed defense. Full blown Democracy has been the starting place of despots and dictators. Small D democracy is usually safe if used in the smaller divisions of society. City, county or state but never national.

Bailey Jones

Texas has the second largest population in the US. So, yeah - we don't want them deciding things.

Ted Gillis

And when the 2020 census is complete Texas stands to gain 3 congressional seats. How fair is that?

George Laiacona

Take a closer look at the voting statistics of any of our heavily populated cities. You will see that none of them vote together. Just because there is a heavy population doesn’t mean that they all vote the same way. We have been in a position to eliminate the Horse and buggy days, and make use of 21st century technology. Why wait any longer. Secure computers can do the job accurately and in considerable less time than the Electoral College can. Our future generations will make the popular vote the norm. Just wait and see.

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