Black Lives Matter leaders don't care about the Black Americans that they are entreating to join their cause. They're using the Black Lives Matter as a vehicle to spread their Marxist, communist agenda. They hate America, Donald Trump and freedom.

The leaders, reported by Christina Laila, admitted to being trained Marxist and the goal is to remove Trump. One of them, Patrisse Collors, admitted the goal is to destroy freedom. Her father and brother are reported to have been in and out of jail, shaping her intense hatred for police. Another leader, Opal Tmeti, traveled to Venezuela to cozy up to communist tyrant Maduro.

These are the anti-American BLM leaders of the communist movement to topple America. The media won't tell you this!

The young, white, educated protesters are being manipulated to support a cause that is a "Trojan Horse." A powerful tenet of a communist takeover is to erase history and its reference.

George Christie


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Bailey Jones

And to think I l almost got through all of tonight's letters without weeping for our nation's collective intelligence.

Carlos Ponce

Do not ask for whom the nation weeps, it weeps for thee.

Don Schlessinger

Isn't the first amendment a wonderful thing.

Mike Zeller

"the goal is to remove Trump" That's a good thing. MAGA

Carlos Ponce

If that's the goal then they will not achieve it.

Gary Miller

If one of the BLM aims is getting rid of Trump their actions are convincing voters they should support Trump. Voters paying attention to BLM or Democrat conduct for several years should be firmly in an anti BLM or democrat mood. ANTIFI, socialists and the other anti American groups are as bad. All together they are a good reason to support Trump if America is to stay free.

Kimberley Jones Yancy

George this was the same argument that was used against Martin Luther King, Jr. and other Civil RIghts leaders. Its an old argument. Try another one. That is a common racist tactic to distract and deflect. And its so "Yesterday" (yawning..) Is that all you have?

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Let me add this...And a common tactic of a "Hidden Racist" is to glamorize the oppression of the oppressed. To try to "Normalize" it or justify it,,,, but I digress...

Ted Gillis

There’s a bunch of those “hidden racists” in these comments pages.

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