In response to the letter by Tom Hall ("Unfounded innuendo poisons all who drink it," The Daily News, Nov. 17): Since I take, but rarely read, the newspaper (anymore), I didn’t read the commentary by David Stanowski from Nov. 14.

If Hall’s description of Stanowski claims is accurate, I agree with Stanowski and invite Hall to view my documents, and I will tell him where to find others.

For starters, a short memory lane trip: A large federal housing contract that's subject to federally mandated requirements was awarded to a new corporation that involved a photography company owner, someone involved in/with a record store, and a sheetrock person.

Don’t tell me or other residents to report the problems; the city doesn’t follow its own ordinances when it comes to protecting its own or its patron benefactors.

The city attacked the port wanting more money because the city allegedly has serious money problems. Yet per the newspaper, the city gave its city manager a huge salary increase and city employees were also given healthy raises before the port’s recent agreement to pay a minimum $300,000.

Is the city poor or is the city rich? Is this just another incident of the city spending money it doesn’t have on itself to the residents' detriment?

Susan Powell



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Allen Flores

The city spends about $500,000 to $600,000 to help two promoter contracts that violate public policy, restrain trade, promote lewdness and deny taxpayers their rights. The city exempts both promoters from all city ordinances in a contract, but enforces the ordinances on local family businesses. The promoters are well-connected. The city manager says he is only following the instructions of council members who unanimously voted for this wasteful spending. Somebody should be held accountable to repay the misused hotel taxes for events that trash The Strand. Hotel taxes are legally restricted to advertising and marketing programs for the convention and hotel industry. They are not to subsidize promoter contracts that are against public policy, illegal and void in my opinion. City council members should google "illegal contract" and" void contract." It's time for change.

Gary Miller

If the Island could keep paychecks that go to the mainland it would be a lot richer. Island. Politicians taking wage earners money to waste on cronyism are why island workers take their earnings off the island as quick as they can.

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