Accusing President-elect Donald Trump of treason, former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told the public he was colluding with Russia. But behind closed doors, and under oath, each testified they had no collusion evidence.

Unchallenged by the media, Congressman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), chair of the House Intelligence Committee, claimed “ample evidence in plain sight” of Russian collusion. No evidence was offered.

Former FBI Director James Comey said surveillance operations against candidate Trump weren't tied to the Clinton-funded Steele dossier. We now know Comey lied under oath.

The media screamed that hydroxychloroquine was ineffective against COVID-19; a lie designed to harm President Trump and that likely led to many unnecessary deaths.

The media falsely claimed President Trump had protestors tear-gassed. We now know the DC mayor gave the order.

To harm President Trump, the media demanded that the Wuhan Virology "lab leak" theory was debunked. That was a lie.

During the 2020 campaign, the media and Big Tech attacked, and silenced, anyone who disagreed that evidence of Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings was a Russian disinformation campaign.

It's time to revisit our libel and slander laws.

Alan Waters

La Marque


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Carlos Ponce

"It's time to revisit our libel and slander laws."

It's not exactly the libel and slander laws per se but the court decisions especially New York Times v Sullivan (1964).

The New York Times printed a full page ad against Montgomery Alabama police which contained many inaccuracies, scandalous lies on that page. Montgomery, Alabama police commissioner L. B. Sullivan sued the NYT for defamation and was awarded $500,000. This was appealed under Freedom of the Press. SCOTUS ruled the Alabama courts violated the First Amendment.

"Primary Holding -To sustain a claim of defamation or libel, the First Amendment requires that the plaintiff show that the defendant knew that a statement was false or was reckless in deciding to publish the information without investigating whether it was accurate."

That's why the NYT, WAPO, et al cite "unnamed sources" for their misinformation for which they cannot be held liable. They can lie with impunity.

Caveat lector - let the reader beware. Unfortunately there are readers of this newspaper and contributors to these forums who ignore the truth and still uphold the initial LIE. LIES fit their false narratives, truth does not.

Craig Mason

You forgot one lie. Donald Trump won the 2020 election, that was a lie!

Carlos Ponce

Craig, have you been keeping up with the recounts? A lot of shenanigans are being revealed!

Gary Miller

Carlos> The four states that were first in auditing their ballots are being joined by four more. The first four last week reported they had each identified over 35,000 bogus ballots. The new four are getting help from the first four on where to find the most bogus ballots. Wrong precinct, double/ multiple voting and recounting are the leaders.

Gary Miller

Craig> Four state ballot auditor teams are proving Trump really did win. Each of the four teams say they have identified over 35,000 illegal ballots. Over 140,000 from four states. How many from 51 states?

Bailey Jones

This letter is hilarious. I'm not sure what part of the brain is responsible for an appreciation of irony, but it seems not to be present in the brain of this author.

Ted Gillis

The only shenanigans that have been revealed are ninjas in bamboo paper masks!

Carlos Ponce

Ted Gillis is a Ninja? Who knew?

Jim Forsythe

How long will the Cyber Ninjas drag out the audit?

Follow the money.

The Senate contracted with Cyber Ninjas to conduct the audit and produce a report in about 60 days for $150,000. But Logan confirmed Thursday his company had received outside funding for the audit, too.

The Republican-controlled county board went along with the audit plan initially because the Senate, Fontes said, “had given these guys guarantees it wasn’t going to be a sh** show.” Instead, the state Senate ended up handing nearly 2.1 million Maricopa County ballots to a previously unknown company called “Cyber Ninjas,” whose CEO has claimed the election may have been manipulated by a firm with ties to the former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez (who is dead).

“We’ve changed course,” Stephen Richer, the current county recorder who unseated Fontes in the last election, told me of the local Republican response.

That course correction appears to have come too late. Up close in Arizona, it’s clear that the Cyber Ninjas are doing exactly what their CEO, Doug Logan, has accused election officials of doing: miscounting the 2020 election. If and when that new and inaccurate result is made public as part of an official audit report, local leaders believe the consequences will be grave.

Gary Miller

Jim> October 2021 should be soon enough. By then the "ninjias" will be getting their work in court along with 1100 signed affidavits from election day 2020. The Affidavits identified the ways Democrats stole an election. Using the affidavits and proving their accuracy was part of the audit.

Jack Cross

Any one who calls this letter is funny is showing the world that they are either uninformed or they are a political hack that puts slander ahead of truth, that is a sad state of affairs and sets a poor example for our kids.

This is one of the most factually and accurate email this year. Regardless of one’s political affiliation, if you are not concerned that this is happening in America and it is, then there is no hope if enough people are so biased about winning at any costs. Mr. & Mrs Waters are good people and work tirelessly to make things better for everyone.

Former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, on CNN did accuse Trump of Treason. Also Hillary Clinton many democrats and the press for two years, continuing to this day falsely accused Trump of colluding with Russia.

Both Brennen and every other democrat who testified behind closed doors, in fact and under oath, each testified they had no collusion evidence.

Unchallenged by the media, in fact Congressman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), chair of the House Intelligence Committee, claimed “ample evidence in plain sight” of Russian collusion.

Former FBI Director James Comey said surveillance operations against candidate Trump weren't tied to the Clinton-funded Steele dossier. We now know Comey lied under oath. Comey in fact admitted this under oath testifying before congress committee headed by Linsey Graham. Every one of these statements are true yet so many Americans and in the press don’t seem to care.

The media did in fact screamed that hydroxychloroquine was ineffective against COVID-19; a lie designed to harm President Trump and that likely led to many unnecessary deaths.

The media falsely claimed President Trump had protestors tear-gassed. We now know the DC mayor gave the order.

To harm President Trump, the media demanded that the Wuhan Virology "lab leak" theory was debunked. That was a lie.

During the 2020 campaign, the media and Big Tech attacked, and silenced, anyone who disagreed that evidence of Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings was a Russian disinformation campaign.

If you post on this forum and are unwilling to acknowledge what is true, then you are doing a disservice to the intent of the forum

Bailey Jones

Jack, our slander and libel laws are alive and well - witness the multi-BILLION$$$ lawsuit being brought by the voting machine manufacturer Dominion against the minions of the failed presidency of DJ Trump.

If you want to trade political lies, we can do that all day. I've got a list of 30,000 from the failed president's term. I'll agree with you - Americans don't seem to care.

If you post on this forum and refuse to acknowledge the slander by the failed president against thousands of election officials and millions of American voters, then you are doing a disservice to the intent of the forum. If you fail to acknowledge the slander by rightwing crackpots against the thousands of health care workers, doctors, scientists, coroners, and public health officials, and millions of the sick and dead, who they implicate in a giant worldwide COVID-19 "big pharma" conspiracy, then you are doing a disservice to the intent of the forum.

I freely acknowledge that all politicians on my side of the fence lie. I freely acknowledge the bias of left-wing media. How about you? Are you capable of speaking that kind of truth?

Jack Cross

Mr. Jones, My comments specifically addressed this column by Mr. Waters that you thought was hilarious. I notice now that after you have some push back you have not challenged a one of Mr Waters claims. Because you can't, facts are facts.

.If you want to write about things outside Mr. Waters column. then i would suggest you write a column and face the fire instead of making fun of others hiding behind the online forum .

There is still some people left in this rapidly deterring country that don't think it is hilarious when highest ranks of government, The justice department, the FBI and the CIA spread false information and then leak it to the press and they print it.

Who among us of the FBI lying and participating in framing the president of the United States.

Who thinks it is a good idea for the president's conversation with foreign leaders to be leaked? What foreign leader would trust. whoever the president is.

There was cheating in the election, there always is, we don't now if there was enough to overturn the election. Biden is the president, he was certified and this won't be overturned. But why is Google, Facebook, twitter, democrats and the press, fighting so hard to block any audit.

That seem that when maybe 50 million people believe the election was stolen, proving that it was not and protecting the integrity of the election and making corrections if any wrong doing was discovered. We already do now that a lot of laws was change and people made voting changes when that was the job of the legislators.

No Mr. Jones, this is not hilarious, this is very serious, and our children will pay the price for what are leaders in Washington are doing to the country.

My criticism extends to the Republican leadership who appear to be equally corrupt and are probably the reason all these serious crimes won't be prosecuted.

Something that is hilarious is that things are so out of hand that White people people are calling on other White people to apologize for being white.

Craig Mason

Jack do you make your hat out of Heavy Duty Aluminum foil or just the regular foil.

David Hardee

Jack, there are pseudo-pundits on these threads that are jaded beyond redemption. These are the wish-pert of rewriting history with version to assign devil to the white people and heroism to those that were sold by the brothers. These wish-pert(s) are the purveyors making idols for their children of a person that committed despicable act as a career and encounter a law officer whose years of encountering these types had corrupted his psyche so that empathy had dissolved into brutalities and a unconscionable death, murder happened. It does not matter whether it is an issue or even a hypothesis these pseudo-pundits will resort to making common sense or even evidence a hilarious sophomoric squabble.

They re the brethren of the mantra, the riotous demonstration, the destruction of language, gender and any reliable communication that conveys a understandable thought pattern for both the sender and receiver of dialogue.

The only element that will bring into truth these jaded psyches is time. What is regrettable is that they are knowledgeable of only their spectrum and ignorant of the other spectrums and consequently cannot see the total picture.

The human is a irrational being by nature and subject to seduction. Once thoroughly seduce with dastardly input they give birth to sincere nonsense. Sincerity is the bane of logic. Diametric opposed sincerity is a futile debate.

Time will tell.

Till then, Jack, keep up the struggle because, you are right.


Russell Rac

50 million people just didn't vote for the candidate that won the election. That doesn't mean 50 million people chalked it up to voter fraud. At least I hope not.

For the record, I feel that the 2016 election was stolen. By the Trump Administration. But it seems that as an adult I concluded that it is OVER and DONE. For the love of the Lord; move ON.

Carlos Ponce

Those extra votes weren't people.

David Hardee

Russell - many have issued your sentiment - "move on." But if you will observe that the media is continuing the pounding of Trump for his efforts to investigate - which is appropriate. Plus the majority of media bias is anti-conservative and we are having horrific racism claims even in the local comments of our news paper. Apathy, in the past, to the recriminations and denigrations has given us the putrid environment today. Consequently the awakening and activity of the conservatives against the progressive liberals agendas is necessary. Hope you will recognize the struggle and offer what you feel is a position because we are in a battle for our future and especially for our children's future. Your position, which you did not declare is hopefully, against the progressive liberal agenda that Biden is supporting. Do you think your home is being invaded? Is CRT acceptable? and is our country on a good path?

David Hardee

Being a Politician is synonymous with being prevaricator, obstructionist, manipulator and willing to subjugate ethics, morality and integrity for self advancement to power, I.e. a unscrupulous lawyer. The use of linguistics to convey a skewed or untruth speak is a prerogative allowed under freedoms expressed in law. A person of sufficient notoriety is restricted by a threshold from being able to charge slander and libel until that threshold is crossed legally. But every thing changes when an act is committed. Acts like perjury breech the category of lie and are legally prosecuted.

The entire thrust of this article is not about the crackpots, conspiracies, or bias in the public venue or this form.

The named individuals in this article are not politician - Clapper, Brennen, Comey, are the highest level of Bureaucrat and in control over the process of investigating and presenting that truthful evidence to charge, arrest and testify for the conviction of a CRIMINAL act by the perpetrator. Ergo a scintilla of an untruth during in any step of the process by a Bureaucrat is never to be tolerated as mitigation from a charge that bureaucrat was guilty of perjury, the most vicious and extreme lie possible. It is undeniable that the named individuals are shielded only by the political power of their peers from being charged and convicted.

Schiff, is a political scoundrel serving the impenetrable power of his Party.

Hunter Biden is the despicable progeny of a family of questionable scruples related to their patron, now president use and abuse of privileges as elected politician for 47 years.

Bailey you said "I freely acknowledge that all politicians on my side of the fence lie. I freely acknowledge the bias of left-wing media. How about you? Are you capable of speaking that kind of truth?" Thanks for stating the obvious "that all politicians on my side of the fence lie." The answer to your question is - agreement, Hopefully you now understand there is in this article much more than a claim of lying.

Is that Clear?

Jack Cross

David, the left has for some time has attacked anyone who doe not agree with them. They are going to get smashed come 2022. So this is all about locking up things up before 2022. They have turned everything upside down. The Olympic time is an embarrassment, Sports are no different,

Who would ever believe that business is having problems because people don't want to work. How does it make any sense to shut down American pipe lines and then Ok the Russian pipeline that supplies fuel to Europe.

The U.S. put a lot of money and effort into NATO to protect it. From who?

Russia, then Biden puts Russia in a position where they can put. Europe down on its knees.

Inflation is going to go through the roof,.

I want to make one point and invite the newspaper to answer/

How many non citizens is UTMB and every other public hospital treating.

How many babies are being delivered from non citizens and what is the costs.

How many non citizens are being educated in public schools and the costs.

How many non citizens are enrolled in Medicaid.

No newspaper can give you that answer because the laws prevents them from collection this data. But they can give you accurate data for everyone else.

I can tell you the cost to education is billions every year. The money is coming from your property taxes. In spite of state politicians running every two years on cutting property taxes, the state's property value study ( google it) forces CAD to raise appraisals even more. Why, because Texas has millions of non citizens enrolled in public schools and it cost a lot to educarte them

David Hardee

Sorry Jack, to report that the amount of chaos created by the tribes of minorities (blacks, feminist, homosexuals, atheist, those intolerant of Trumps irascibility, anarchist, Marxist, socialist, and those simple minded and naïve influenced with the pandering of their Judas goat leaders, and with their claims of oppression validated after 50 years of shopping the courts and finding benevolent judges that put emotions above the law have managed as a unified cabal to infiltrated the every government agency with activist intent on the progressive liberal agenda to destroy every tenet of the tradition American culture.

That cohesion of tribes is indoctrinating the formative minds, successfully - because of the apathy of the traditional conservatives.

The progressive liberal cabal has a gained polarity equal to the existing traditional conservatives is demonstrated by the election of their puppet president, Biden.

Lets not ignore the contributions of chaos from those countries that are antagonistic. China’s virus, drugs, military aggression on Taiwan and support of surrogates North Korea, - Russia’s cyber attacks and Ukraine aggression, and the KGB has Joe and Hunter files ready for exposure - Iran is swooning with vision of another Obama Biden payout - many etc.(s)

Until Biden's dementia and flaws enough, (and does not die (which would be awful) giving Kamala the presidency) the resurrection of sanity and the hope of MAGA is doubtful.

The swamp creatures in the federal bureaucracies assisted by the homosexual media anchors Cooper, Smith, Lemon, Maddow, Williams and PBS’s conservative denigrating production the public infection will continue on the path of corruption. Add to chaos these enablers - the censorship of Facebook, Google and Wikipedia and the stifling of conservative voices.

The biggest proof of our society’s flourishing chaos and corruption is that the USA (as the founding father feared) had no immunity against corruption from WITHIN. Will history record the USA like it does Rome - Rome had the succession of Emperors on its path to oblivion and we are experiencing the same with the election of presidents. Biden has similarities with the cripple stammering Claudius. Claudius was the last emperor with near competence and his successor was the totally despicable Caligula. In 2024 “we the people” will be making the choice critical to the destiny of the once “best hope of humanity” to resurrection or demise.

God bless America and we need to keep struggling Jack for the sake of our progeny.


Paula Flinn

Politicians on both sides of the fence lie, but they don’t always lie continuously like the slanderous exPresident Trump did, and still does.

Looks like Maricopa Co. is almost through counting votes. We will see how many possible fraudulent votes there were and if anyone is indicted.

You guys that believe Trump’s Big Lie, that he was the winner of the 2020 election, are just fooling yourselves. Trump was talking about a rigged election way before November, 2016, and way before November, 2020.

Joe Biden won the 2020 election because many people were sick of Trump—his lies, his chaotic style of handling himself and others, his revenge politics, his dividing the nation, his poor handling of the Pandemic from the beginning, and hiding it from the General Public, promoting fake conspiracies, and false information. Even Facebook and Twitter had enough from him and his lies.

Those of you who believe there was no collusion between Trump and Russia are deliberately blind to the truth. The evidence is there, and his minions, like Gen. Flynn and Paul Manafort, know it. Every time that Trump and Putin were together you could see that Trump was Putin’s lap dog. Trump’s body language, demeanor, and words showed his own subservience. Trump believed Putin over his own intelligence. That was a gross error in judgement.

President Biden is not perfect, but do not blame him for what his son, Hunter, has done or may do. Don Jr. Ivanka, & Eric Trump are not angels, either. Turns out the Trump Organization has committed felony crimes and the President along with his three children, who were a part of the Trump Org, may face prosecution.

Time will tell.

Carlos Ponce

'but do not blame him for what his son, Hunter, has done or may do." "The Big Guy" is involved in what Hunter did.

The "Big Lie" is that the "Big guy" won. Common sense tells you there's NO WAY on God's universe that he could get more legitimate votes than Obama. But that's one commodity Liberals lack - common sense.

Paula Flinn

People who are motivated vote. Trump never had more than 39% approval rating. His base is mostly loyal, but you’re forgetting the Independents in this country who mostly voted for Joe Biden.

Other world leaders are more satisfied with Joe Biden and his style of leadership, restoring good faith among our allies. You’re also forgetting some people, mainly, in the South, who would never vote for Obama, and those who preferred Sen. John McCain and Sen. Mitt Romney.

Carlos Ponce

"Those of you who believe there was no collusion between Trump and Russia are deliberately blind to the truth."


There was NO COLLUSION as indicated in the Mueller Report.

“Although the investigation established that the Russian government perceived it would benefit from a Trump presidency and worked to secure that outcome, and that the Campaign expected it would benefit electorally from information stolen and released through Russian efforts, the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

And NBC News has the following article:

"Mueller finds no proof of Trump collusion with Russia"

Once again, your Liberal partisanship is getting in the way of your intelligence.

Carlos Ponce

And if that's not good enough:

"Mueller Report Finds No Evidence Of Russian Collusion"

"Mueller finds no collusion with Russia"

"No collusion: Key takeaways from Mueller’s Russia findings"

I do not expect "mea culpas" from partisan Paula but I do expect her to quit insisting there was collusion. "deliberately blind to the truth"????????

Carlos Ponce

"Trump never had more than 39% approval rating." Check the demographics, Paula. When you over poll Liberals and under poll Conservatives those fraudulent results are predictable.

Paula Flinn

The Müeller Report did not look for collusion. It looked for crimes. The Müeller report said just because they didn’t find crimes with Russia, it didn’t mean there weren’t any. They didn’t even interview Trump under oath, or anyone else that would be directly involved. The “Barr Summary” afterwards was a Whitewash, and was cherry picked from the Müeller Report. It was so false that Müeller himself had to present his own version to the public.

AG Barr swore to uphold the Constitution and tell the truth. He failed to do that on many occasions.

Carlos Ponce

"The Müeller Report did not look for collusion" We've gone over this before, Paula. What you post is simply not true.

Charles Douglas

See there Mr. Jones! That's why I like this man even though he is a Liberal! Naw! Naw! I don't care ....I like that man!!!!! He admits that the LEFT & Don Lemon'nem over at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS,& NBC are all bias! That man is honest ....that's All I Know!

Gary Miller

Bailey> I agree your side lies and are biased. I understand your 30000 Trump lies are the times he disagreed with the liberal line, Always correct disagreement, or the truth liberals call lies because they believe the liberal line is gospill.

Paula Flinn

Mueller’s comments about the Investigation and report.

“Former special counsel Robert Mueller pushed back against U.S. President Donald Trump’s characterizations of his 22-month investigation, telling lawmakers on Wednesday that he did not evaluate “collusion” with the Russian government, and confirming that his report did not conclude that there was “no obstruction” of the probe.”

“The president was not exculpated for the acts that he allegedly committed,” Mueller told the House judiciary committee, adding that Trump could theoretically be indicted after he leaves office.”

“We did not address ‘collusion,’ which is not a legal term,” Mueller added. “Rather, we focused on whether the evidence was sufficient to charge any member of the campaign with taking part in a criminal conspiracy. It was not.”

Mueller’s own words.

Paula Flinn

From Politico:

“Mueller’s report paints a damning portrait of Trump’s behavior in the weeks and months after the special counsel was appointed. In each of the 10 episodes he cataloged, Mueller pointed to the three elements of obstruction of justice charges and determined that Trump met all three in several instances. His analysis led hundreds of former prosecutors to issue a letter declaring that Trump would have been charged with obstruction were he not the president.“

(Müeller noted that one cannot indict a sitting President.)

Carlos Ponce

Paula, so you are posting an OPINION from a Left wing Über Liberal source instead of the ACTUAL report like I did??????

Paula Flinn

I heard Robert Müeller say the same words on TV, Carlos.. There are tapes made of him saying they did not look for collusion in their investigation . Also, that any number of times they could have charged Trump with Obstruction of Justice, but he was a sitting President. Mueller didn’t think that was part of his job to recommend charging him.

Politico was writing FACTS not opinion. In this case, they told it like it happened. AG Barr said in his Summary, that Müeller found “no collusion.” After Müeller spoke, we learned that Müeller was not looking for “collusion,” because there is no crime called collusion. There are tapes, Carlos.

Jim Forsythe

Paula, the Mueller Report documented Trump actions. Any person that thinks that Trump is going to be reinstated as President, will also say that Trump did nothing wrong! What happens next depends on what person flip's on Trump and his tax schemes. After that, it will be more time with the judges.

Mueller Report documents the following actions:

1. Trump was receptive to a Campaign national security adviser’s (George Papadopoulos) pursuit of a back channel to Putin.

2. Kremlin operatives provided the Campaign a preview of the Russian plan to distribute stolen emails.

3. The Trump Campaign chairman and deputy chairman (Paul Manafort and Rick Gates) knowingly shared internal polling data and information on battleground states with a Russian spy; and the Campaign chairman worked with the Russian spy on a pro-Russia “peace” plan for Ukraine.

4. The Trump campaign chairman periodically shared internal polling data with the Russian spy with the expectation it would be shared with Putin-linked oligarch, Oleg Deripaska.

5. Trump Campaign chairman Manafort expected Trump’s winning the presidency would mean Deripaska would want to use Manafort to advance Deripaska’s interests in the United States and elsewhere.

6. Trump Tower meeting: (1) On receiving an email offering derogatory information on Clinton coming from a Russian government official, Donald Trump Jr. “appears to have accepted that offer;” (2) members of the Campaign discussed the Trump Tower meeting beforehand; (3) Donald Trump Jr. told the Russians during the meeting that Trump could revisit the issue of the Magnitsky Act if elected.

7. A Trump Campaign official told the Special Counsel he “felt obliged to object” to a GOP Platform change on Ukraine because it contradicted Trump’s wishes; however, the investigation did not establish that Gordon was directed by Trump. 8. Russian military hackers may have followed Trump’s July 27, 2016 public statement “Russia if you’re listening …” within hours by targeting Clinton’s person al office for the first time.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, what you post comes from Volume II of the report. It was written by the highly partisan Democrat lawyer and Hillary Clinton supporter Andrew Weissmann widely known for prosecutorial overreach. In other words, a partisan hack.

The OFFICIAL conclusion of NO COLLUSION is found in Volume One.Many conclude Volume 2 was added which omitted hundreds of hours of testimony which exonerated the president. What's left is a few lines taken out of context. The rest of the volume is an outline for topics Congress should investigate which they did and found NOTHING.

Jim Forsythe

. Any person that thinks that Trump is going to be reinstated as President, will also say that Trump did nothing wrong!

Carlos Ponce

And when he is reinstated does that mean even Jim Forsythe will say President "Trump did nothing wrong"? Looking forward to it!

Jim Forsythe

Please explain how this reinstatement will work, without first Biden and Harris being impeached and removed? Since it would require going by the rules in place, please outline the steps, if you think impeachment and removal is not the only way to remove Biden and Harris. If you have no other legal way Trump could be reinstated, you are just P***ing in the wind.

What happens if both the president and vice president are impeached?

Then both are impeached. Both would be tried in the Senate — but not at the same time.

Even if both are eventually removed, there will be a first, either President or VP. If the President is removed, the VP will be sworn in, even if he is being tried in the Senate. Once he becomes President, they can then appoint a VP. If the now-President is also removed, the new VP is sworn in, and becomes President.

This was very close to the situation that gave us President Gerald Ford, the only man to have been both VP and President without having been elected to either office. If the VP is removed first, the President, even if he is being tried in the Senate, appoints a new VP, who will be sworn in if the President is removed.

Carlos Ponce

"Please explain how this reinstatement will work..." GOD will reinstate President Trump.

Jim Forsythe

And this will work how? Does God disregard the constitution of the United States?

How many people will go along with this?

If God is into who is President or ruler, why was Hitler in charge?

The USA goes by the laws of man, as far as how we select Presidents and make laws.

Are you saying that the people of the USA will have no say so.

In 2018, using indirect methods, it was estimated that 26% of Americans are atheists, and 10% were agnostics.

Then add Democrat's, Independents and the Republicans that do not want Trump, who is going to push whatever your plan is.

How many years will this plan take? And all that you want to happen, for a person that did not receive 50% of the votes.

Already 1/8 of Presidents Biden's term is over.

Carlos Ponce

Ask God. He wants to hear from you, Jim.

Jim Forsythe

Asking you, Carlos.

Carlos Ponce

Ask God. He wants to hear from you, Jim.

David Hardee

Big John, Biden is President. Trumps indiscretions are recorded, publicized, being investigated and will come under judicial scrutiny for punishment.

So Big John, Carlos, Paula and friends lets quit squabbling over Trump and celebrate and scrutinize our president Biden. We are all intelligent well informed voters and know the important issues. We know Biden's projects and intentions so after his 6 months he has produced many decrees and stated his accomplishments. It is incumbent on us to do our duty and concentrate efforts to evaluate Biden and his administration, Do your duty.

Oh and P.s, Carlos and Big Jim - Can we restrict ourselves to the secular world, please. But the inference of Hitler as being a creation of God is beyond toleration - here is the proper reply to such a unconscionable remark - The Prime Mover revered by most of American society is the Christian's, Christ - and that HE is alone is the judge and He has granted Humans a FREE will to conduct their lives. So He effectively executes no control over anyone's decisions. Consequently, Hitler and those dastard individual as well as Jesus did not act under His direction. To Carlos, Big Jim, and any that claim no free will or have no belief in a Prime Mover then you are your own God and also have no power to direct any other humans acts/lives. But don't expect any to honor or believe in your personal and irrational judgements. A wise axiom is, to render unto Caesar what is his and unto your God what is His. Amen! Humans are by nature irrational beings and have power of free will and discretion over their thoughts and acts, only.

Enough said.

Carlos Ponce

God will have the final say in the matter!

Jim Forsythe

9. Trump requested campaign affiliates to get Clinton’s emails, which resulted in an individual apparently acting in coordination with the Campaign claiming to have successfully contacted Russian hackers.

10. The Trump Campaign—and Trump personally—appeared to have advanced knowledge of future WikiLeaks releases.

11. The Trump Campaign coordinated campaign-related public communications based on future WikiLeaks releases.

8. Russian military hackers may have followed Trump’s July 27, 2016 public statement “Russia if you’re listening …” within hours by targeting Clinton’s personal office for the first time.

12. Michael Cohen, on behalf of the Trump Organization, brokered a secret deal for a Trump Tower Moscow project directly involving Putin’s inner circle, at least until June 2016.

13. During the presidential transition, Jared Kushner and Eric Prince engaged in secret back channel communications with Russian agents. (1) Kushner suggested to the Russian Ambassador that they use a secure communication line from within the Russian Embassy to speak with Russian Generals; and (2) Prince and Kushner’s friend Rick Gerson conducted secret back channel meetings with a Putin agent to develop a plan for U.S.-Russian relations.

14. During the presidential transition, in coordination with other members of the Transition Team, Michael Flynn spoke with the Russian Ambassador to prevent a tit for tat Russian response to the Obama administration’s imposition of sanctions for election interference; the Russians agreed not to retaliate saying they wanted a good relationship with the incoming administration.

Paula Flinn

Thanks for posting all of that information, Jim.

All 14 Points are noteworthy.

Carlos Ponce

All 14 points were dismissed, Paula.

David Hardee

It would be calming if the argument over the presidential election would cease and we engaged in evaluating the Biden administrations performance.

Biden IS president!

What has Biden accomplished and how have his accomplishment improved domestic and international conditions. These are relevant now and for the future of our country.

The past is for the historians to record and those elements of contradiction will play out a usual revealing a conclusive truth.

Gary Miller

David> Biden is President. All he has done is cause trouble for Americans and help for our enemies. He takes credit for Trump successes providing vaccines while signing EX orders killing American jobs. Our international friends now fear him and our enimys are comfortable.

Paula Flinn

As Trump took credit for Obama’s steadily growing economy.

Gary, the cupboards were bare for the people in the USA to get a “second shot” of vaccine. The Trump Administration didn’t plan for that or have enough stored. Biden had to rush the production of vaccine to make sure the second shots would be ready on time. That hurry-up was all Biden’s.

Carlos Ponce

Economy was okay under Obama because he extended the Bush tax cuts.It could have been better if it were not for Obama's over regulation of small business.

Trump ordered 200 million doses of vaccine with the option to purchase 400 million more. That should be enough for every adult.

Charles Douglas

Mr.Hardee!!! I agree 152.23 percent!!! Moscow, Beijing, Joe China, and Cackling Kamala are the ones the LEFT should be worried about, NOT DJ Trump. The Border is still wide open, inflation has doubled, & Red China, and Russia have threatened to go upside anybody's head who gets in the way of their Bucket List of things they want to get done before Trump "Diesel" gets back.

Businesses are going belly under, because of Socialist Government Payouts allowing potential workers to stay home, and develop greater consumer attitudes instead of self responsibility, crimes increases are through the roof all over the nation, because of silly Liberal policies like defunding & dismantling the police, but greatest in Democratic Stronghold Cities like Seattle, Los Angles, San Francisco, Portland, DC, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Houston!

It would seem that a prudent individual would be concerned about who is in the White House now, and that Ex Black President who is calling the shots for the brain dead one there now,.... than speculating, and reminiscing about the President who will be elected again in 2024! (Trump ). Then again, ....I will admit .....that is the way I think! We know that Mueller did not know his butt from a hole in his chair!!!!

He did not even know all of what was in his report when he testified before a Congressional Committee! I knew more about that report than he did!!! In fact he made a complete fool of himself trying to justify his findings when he DID NOT KNOW WHAT HIS FINDINGS WERE!


Charles Douglas

"Young man,....... there's no need to feel down"

"I said, young man, ..........pick yourself off the ground"

"I said, young man, ....... 'cause you're in a new town"

"There's - no - need -to - be- unhappy"

"Young man, ..... there's a place you can go"

"I said, young man, .....when you're short on your dough"

"You can stay there, and I'm sure you will find"

"Many ways to have - a- good- time"

"It's fun to stay at the Y --- M ----C ----A!!!!!"

"It's fun to stay at the Y ---M ----C ----A!!!!"

"They have everything .......for you men to enjoy"

"You can. hangout.......with .. all .... the boys"

"It's fun to stay at the Y ---M ---C ---A!!!!"

"It's fun to stay at the Y ---M ----C ----A!!!!"



Charles Douglas

Ohhh by the way JOE China and Barack his string puller, got caught with their hands in the proverbial " cookie jar!" They were for a good while undercover,...working with a HATE GROUP who wants to spread hate and CRT throughout all of America's schools & colleges! They even suggested that all my WHITE teachers go to re-education like centers to get themselves straight & cured of their WHITENESS!!!! Lololo!

I don't want the government "Fester-Cating" with any of my teachers, BLACK, WHITE, BROWN, BLUE, or POLKA-DOT!!!!!!!!! Yeah! They got exposed and now they are backtracking like a crawfish, saying everything they did was by accident! Fox News did what News Medias are supposed to do, instead of packing water for political parties like Big Tech and the FAKE MEDIA are doing today for the RADICALS!

The only way wrongdoings are coming to light is because of organizations like Fox News and a few others individuals out there trying to protect this nation and her people by investigating and reporting what they find! Joe China and his associates are backtracking and doing damage control like never before! Lolo.

David Hardee

Charles, Your voice/comments have are as always stimulating with there confidence that all is not lost. I know that Biden is president and that battle of election will have no resolution in the next 4 years since that his power base can and will stifle any resolution. None of the actions can breakout of the control by the bureaucracy swamp. The society is so diluted with new culture of dependents on the pandering that a polarity to gain power is questionable. If the 2021 result are a resurgence the path of success in 2024 will be a high probability otherwise destruction chaos and corruption of all 247 years of struggles that achieve the best hope of humanity will have been for naught.

Keep making the threads on this form periodically enjoyable with a chuckle as we all thrash about trying to present points and arguments to sway the opposition.

Thanks, David

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