When I hear politicians say they're legislating against fraud at the polls, I believe they're trying to say, "We don't want the wrong kind of people voting."

I believe we know exactly what kind of people they're talking about.

Robert Bowen

League City


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Charles Douglas

You are right! They don't want illegal voters, refrugees, or non citizens voting! You are correct! Great reminder!![thumbup]

Charles Douglas

I like what he said so much I will give myself a thumb! [thumbup]

Carlos Ponce

When I hear politicians say they're legislating against fraud at the polls, I believe they're trying to say, "We don't want fraud at the polls!"

Jack Cross

Come on Robert, are you really against voter ID and banning people from sending out unsolicited mail in ballots. Shame on you for stirring up race. These reasonable restrictions protects everyone along with the election process. If politics are that important then there is no hopr.

Don Schlessinger


George Laiacona

The Republicans are really advancing their voter suppression tactics. They will try anything to keep the lower classes of Americans from voting. Yes labels they are using is to confuse Americans of just what voter rights they really have.

David Hardee

There is no one in this country that wants to vote that is turned away from voting. Even those without proper credentials are allowed a ballot and cast it. These type of ballots go under scrutiny and allowed or disallowed based on the results of the review. They are called conditional.

And as to acess to a ballot they are cheaper and less problem to get than dirt, There are online websites that will actually solicit indiscriminately to get people to product a request for ballots,

I in curiosity accessed "vote,org" and was able to request ballots. When I did not complete the site's requirements I began getting solicitation to complete.

It is an intentional fabrication that there is an attempt to keep any legally qualified or even a conditionally questionable person from voting.

The mindset of the malcontents that they are always being victimized is caused by the constant crescendo being pumped into our society by the progressive liberals and their conspiring media pundits.

Intentional Innuendo and outright lies are our enemies. What you call "suppression tactics" that call for legitimate voters and voting in an effort to cleanse and give respectability to the results of elections,

At the polling place and in the privacy of the booth there is no American citizen that has a class distinction. Your comment is another attempt to segregate and create animosity, Stop it.

Jack Cross

George then readers of your post have to agree that you are against voter IS, sending out unsolicited ballots and ballot harvesting. People move, people pass away is one reason unsolicited ballots should not be mailed out. George, this is not a black or white issue or a democrat or republican issue, this is common sense that protects the voter integrity and your vote as well as mine. When we go down the road that everything is looked at as political or the color of one's skin then we loose

one of the key structurer that made America the greatest republic in the history of the world.

Charles Douglas

Are African-Americans, Hispanics, & Black Latinos lower Classes?

Carlos Ponce

George Laiacona posted "The Republicans are really advancing their voter suppression tactics."

George did you vote in 2020? If so, your vote was not suppressed. Do you know ANYONE prevented from voting in 2020? If not, their votes were not suppressed.

George Laiacona

Carlos, I am only one of the middle class Americans that was raised to vote in every election. Unfortunately the lower classes of Americans have been subjected to voter suppression for many years before I was able to vote. The are now introducing legislation across the country that will make it even harder for minorities to vote. Why ? It’s because they know that the Americans they don’t care to be of value to and unaware that Republican administrations of the past and now only cater to the rich upper classes. As long as the Republicans have control of legislation, there will be no help to improve the lives of the lower classes.

Carlos Ponce

Being born in a poorer lower class Hispanic community I tell you what you post is hyperbole. Dad voted as soon as he became a citizen and was old enough to vote in 1946. If there was voter suppression it was not evident in Texas City.

You post "Republican administrations of the past and now only cater to the rich upper classes." That is a lie.

Jack Cross

Correction voter ID

Dwight Burns

History teaches us how the minority tries to force its will on the majority by suppressing their vote by any means necessary. History also teaches us what happens when these tactics are used. "South Africa is a prime example."

Pete Nanos

Why would anyone oppose voter ID? And why is it that only one party is opposed to voter ID? I think we all know why.

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