It's amazing to me the Galveston County Commissioner's Court approved a disaster declaration on something that hasn't happened in this county ("Commissioners uphold judge's immigration disaster order," The Daily News, July 3).

The millions of dollars they want to use could be better spent in Galveston County on dealing with those suffering with mental health issues, homelessness, feeding the hungry, helping with rental/utility assistance for the elderly, diversity training, assisting forgotten veterans and so many other disasters happening even as you read this letter.

Thank you Commissioner Stephen Holmes for voting no with a clear head and pure heart.

God bless America and those who want a better life.

Jeff Taylor



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Charles Douglas

Mr. Ponce [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] !!!

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Gary Scoggin

Another silly ad hominem attack by Carlos Ponce.

Karen Sawyer


Carlos Ponce

"It's amazing to me the Galveston County Commissioner's Court approved a disaster declaration on something that hasn't happened in this county" Jeff posts.

Apparently Jeff did not listen to Mark Henry's remarks from TWO DISTRICT JUDGES about the number of trials of illegals increasing in this county.

Carlos Ponce

"As a result of the crisis of the border we have seen a number of things in Galveston County now. We have seen an increase in violence, violent and organized crime. We had a Federal task force down here a few weeks ago serving warrants. We have seen an increased flow of drugs. We have had drugs wash up on the beach in Galveston County. I was just told that did not happen at all in 2020. That's a relatively new kind of event. And finally we have been told about the stash houses for human trafficking that have been raided just a few miles across the border. So I know that the people who run these operations don't care where the county line is. We consider this to be a regional public health crisis for at least these three reasons in addition to the fact that the immigrants coming across illegally who are not caught and screened, we have no idea what their health condition is. So, of course, Covid-19 is on everybody's mind but some of the countries of origin, I understand that tuberculosis, measles, other formerly eradicated diseases are also an issue.....

So as a result of what we have already seen in Galveston County I issued the disaster declaration this afternoon. In addition to the disaster declaration I have issued an executive order. The Executive order will do three things:

First it will approve ARPA funding to send our law enforcement down to assist with the border crisis. This is a call that has been made not only by border counties but by the governor himself and I'm here with representatives of Galveston County's Sheriffs Department and Galveston County Constable Precinct one, two and four.

Secondly once there is a coherent plan for a border wall I am dedicating up to 10% of Galveston County's ARPA funds which would be a total of $6.6 million dollars to border wall construction.....

Finally, with the gentlemen behind me we are creating a task force. The task force started today, actually it started last week coordinating with DPS but it will start today in earnest coordinating with DPS on how exactly they can be helpful to the situation at the border......

Hear more at:

Carlos Ponce

Listen to Michael Berry's interview of Galveston County Judge Mark Henry:

You will hear of two district judges who reported the number illegal aliens tried and sentenced in Galveston County has "gone through the roof".

Ted Gillis

Conservatives love the safety of the Micheal Berry.

Carlos Ponce

Michael Berry just gives the interview. You can ignore his questions and go straight to Galveston County Judge Mark Henry's comments.

Ted Gillis

I always ignore Michael Berry. KTRH has great weather and traffic, but once I hear Micheal’s introduction music, I can’t change the station fast enough.

Bailey Jones

I'd love to hear how building a border wall keeps drugs from washing up on the Galveston beach. They must be thinking of the Ike Dike.

Carlos Ponce

Compadre! ¿Vas a estados unidos?

Sí, iré a Galveston.

Bueno, te dejaremos algunos drogas en barco. Sólo tienes que ir a la playa y recogerlos. Envíeme un mensaje de texto cuando se reciban. Esperemos que los consigas ante la policía.

Charles Douglas

[thumbup] Mr Ponce .. good explanation.

Charles Douglas

Unfortunately, it takes a murder, a house invasion, a rape, or something horrific to happen to a LIBERAL, their family, or loved ones for them to get off their behinds, and be proactive instead of reactive concerning the safety of their community. They want to cherry pick the laws of the land they want to support or to enforce. Why make a big deal out of enforcing laws when there are people being slaughtered on the streets of Portland, Chicago, Houston, Detroit, everyday in mass numbers, and it's starting to filter down to League City, and right here, because many of the Liberal leaders, and Mayors of those cities are playing politics just to help defund and get rid of the police!! It is a crying shame that Liberals have to politicize everything for political gain, & at the expense of people's lives!

Like Jesus said to the Jews, ( John 8: 44 )..these are characteristics of Satan, for he lies about everything because his native tongue is speaking lies. This is what's happening all over the nation now even here!

The judge and the County Commissioner's Court are trying to pitch in and help secure American, and Texas citizens from an invasion of lawbreakers, gang members, murderers, drug & human trafficking because that Racist in the White House wants to turn Texas Blue by Open Borders, and here we have Liberals crying a river saying it should not be done! I wonder if a member of their family falls victim to one of the drug dealers, rapists, murderers, or kidnappers ....would they still speak against Border Control?

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