We really need term limits for U.S. Congress and Senate. Twelve years/three terms maximum.

Put on ballot and let public vote on it.

Bruce Davis

League City


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Carlos Ponce

That would require a Constitutional Amendment.

"Sen. Ted Cruz reintroduces congressional term limits amendment " January 26, 2021

"A group of GOP lawmakers led by Sen. Ted Cruz has reintroduced legislation imposing term limits on members of Congress.

The legislation calls for a constitutional amendment that, if ratified, would bar senators from serving more than two six-year terms and members of the House from serving more than three two-year terms.

Cruz (R-Texas) was joined in his effort by Sens. Mike Braun and Todd Young of Indiana, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott of Florida and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

This is the Texas senator’s third time introducing the amendment in the upper chamber of Congress, after previous tried in 2017 and 2019."


Don Schlessinger


Charlotte O'rourke

[thumbup] with a question. Why the submission discrepancy in totals of years?


We have term limits, now! It is called voting! If more informed people voted, there would be turn over in congress and the sentate.

Gary Miller

Paul> Yes. Bi annual elections are the best term limits. IF voters don't remove people after two many years it's usually evidence of incumbent bad conduct. Term limits has been passed but rejected by SCOTUS. A handicapping system that makes it harder for incumbents to win might pass SCOTUS muster. Reducing their pay after a set time limit won't work either because they get more money from graf than salary. Hunter Biden is proof of that.

Bailey Jones


George Laiacona

Term limits! Your expecting politicians to police themselves? Not going to happen. Why would anyone want to give up the best job in America, along with perks including the best health care, best vacation, and best retirement?

Carlos Ponce

Since the majority of those holding office in DC are Democrats, George must be posting about them. Note it was a Republican who filed term limits legislation.

Bailey Jones

And Republican Senates in 2017 and 2019 that killed it. Not everything has to be partisan, Carlols. "A survey conducted earlier this year by the Republican firm McLaughlin and Associates found that 82 percent of Americans were in favor of a constitutional amendment that would place term limits on members of Congress." Obviously, 82% of Americans is a lot more than one party.


Instead of degrading every argument with your partisanship, you should be asking why neither party in Congress is following the will of 4/5ths of Americans.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey Jones, am I really going to take someone who cannot spell seriously?

Gary Miller

Carlos> The best teacher I had in school said getting the idea clearly across is more important than proper spelling.

Carlos Ponce

I agree, but when people misspell your name on purpose that is disrespectful and thoughtless. So why respond?

Bailey Jones

Oh Carlols, I only misspell your name because I hold you in such low regard. Have you considered trying to be a better person?

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