Texans have been told that bills were being passed to either end Daylight Saving Time or to put the choice of year-round Standard Time or year-round Daylight Saving Time to a public vote.

House Bill 3784 and House Joint Resolution 117 to allow public vote on the Daylight Saving Time issue did pass the Texas House. HB3784 received 118 votes in favor of letting the public vote and only 11 votes opposed. HJR117 received 133 votes favoring a referendum, with only nine votes against.

Both bills were received by the Senate three weeks ago. And there they sat! Apparently, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick wants to kill these highly favored bills by letting them sit on his desk.

The bills could, and should, have been assigned to a committee, probably the Senate State Affairs Committee. Several senators are co-signers of bills on Daylight Saving Time.

Since the bills have not been assigned to a committee in the Senate, the Daylight Saving Time issue will be delayed to 2021.

This isn’t one of the top-10 issues facing Texas, but stopping the clock changes is important to many.

Martha Habluetzel


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Wendy Maceo-Melton

This is an absolute ridiculous issue. Time is time, however you want to label it. The sun comes up, there are only so many hours of daylight which changes every day, no matter if you want to call 6:00am morning or 7:00am morning it changes nothing. This is a man made rule and can be un-made by men. Its really not brain surgery. Name it and stick to it. Changing each year by calling an by a different name is still an hour.

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