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Carol Dean

Not worth a comment.

Doyle Beard

middleton appears to be a guy who says we know what's best for overriding the wishes of cities. We got to many of them now.

William Ashby

He sits on the board of Empower Texans. What do you expect? I look at their list of endorsements to see who NOT to vote for!

Carol Dean

Sounds like the warm weather has brought the "tree huggers" out of hibernation.

Charles Olsen

His blind support for the NRA changed my support.

Tom Drees

Somehow I missed the meeting of Conservative Texans where the decision to shelve the Constitution was decided. I keep hearing people rave about Mayes Middleton and his pledge to stand by Governor Greg Abbott and his agenda. I hear that Middleton can be counted on to essentially rubber stamp Abbott’s position on a variety of measures I agree with, but several I do not.

The Constitution calls for three different and distinct branches of government on both the federal AND state levels. As such, if Middleton has no stance on matter other than Abbott’s, he’s running for the wrong office. Given the office he’s seeking to win is to be our state REPRESENTITIVE, I have yet to see or hear of Middleton committing to support the agenda of his constituency; not one.

Let me share an example. Because Austin officials he replace trees cut down on his property years earlier, the governor had the gall to clog a special session agenda with a bill that served his personal agenda, but would have stripped Galveston from ensuring trees on the island would be dealt with responsibly in the event of a hurricane such as Harvey. Wayne Faircloth, representing the wishes of his consistency, ensured provision within the eventually signed bill contained language that protected to right of Galveston official.

Whether Middleton or Faircloth, do voters their needs to be represented or the governor’s needs?

Carol Dean

So you would rather support Fakecloth who took his orders from Joe Strauss, the man who is "best friends" with the democrats? It's your choice. Mayes Midleton will never be a "yes man"!

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