Now that the Galveston ISD board has determined Kermit Courville Stadium can be repaired instead of being destroyed, saving millions of dollars, I hope it would consider the same fate for our beautiful Ball High School.

I urge the board to consider securing a group of qualified engineers to determine if the school can be saved, thus saving the district millions of dollars.


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Ralph Mcmorris

I agree with you, but school board don't run like businesses. That would be to focus their resources on the best academic objectives. Their excuse will be the State laws will not let them do it. What happened to trying to change the laws?

Paula Flinn

With all due respect, Mr. Danner, the City of Galveston needs a public high school that has a single A/C Heating Unit that keeps the whole school a “moderate” temperature. It is frigid inside the school now. If the heat is used, the third floor suffocates. It needs a sturdy well-made roof that doesn’t leak in so many places. It needs better accommodations for special needs students so wheelchair kids don’t need to be carried down stairs during fire drills or when the single elevator breaks. Bathroom & water fountain placements should be better than they are currently. etc. etc. etc.

A more modern, energy efficient school is needed. The present Ball High School has been patched up and jury-rigged enough. The school building needs to be replaced. It’s what we voted for.

Roy Hughes


The bond presented to the public passed by a vote of the people. Why are other people now coming out of the cracks asking for the board to reconsider. It is a done deal. The board needs to move forward with the bond that was passed- upholding all portions that were agreed upon. Wanting to make a change after the fact is not fair to those who voted yay and nay. The Ball High building is one that has been added to, tweaked here, built onto there, individual air conditioners added to each room during 1974-1975 school year. The elevator was added sometime in the mid-1970s. I am not sure how many years it was not compliant with ADA. Too much money continues to be wasted on the building. Maybe it is best to start from the ground up... build a new one for now and the future. In 20 years I have no intentions to vote on a new high school when it is decided that a wood shop, a metal shop, a garage for auto repair, a homemaking room for culinary training needs to be be put in place. Quit looking back. Bond has passed. It is a DONE DEAL. Move forward and produce a decent building.

Thomas Carpenter


domenico nuckols

Living in Galveston and renovated homes, it always costs more than new. I bet it will cost more to renew than build new.




We voted for New Stadium and High School! One Board of education member ran on building a new stadium in 2018! I asked him why? He would not answer me! His answer to me was his is IM person and I am a number person! Now I ask him what is the cost for remodeling. He said it coming under budget! LOL Now the High School too!. Did anyone taught the member what "WE THE PEOPLE RULE"! Not a few!

Laura Addison

As a parent of a current Ball High student, I can appreciate the new build at a different site vs. a complete renovation on the existing site. This will cause the least disruption to the current student body. That's definitely a good thing.

The savings between a complete renovation over a ground up design from the start are not significant either. Just take a look at the stadium #'s. The budgeted difference is less than a million.

The school district is working on plans to acquire properties along Avenues O & N1/2 and appears to be set to vote on the schematic design for the new Ball High School and Natatorium projects during its next board meeting this Wednesday, 11/16/2022. I hear it’s amazing.

Jack Reeves

As a former secondary school teacher and administrator, I have an inclination to savor the nostalgia of an existing structure that has educated so many. I have also watched students try to function during a renovation and the disruption is extreme. Build a new school and retain the facade and administrative portion of the old school for use as business offices, Curriculum center or district event/,meeting center.

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