State Rep. Dennis Paul from Clear Lake filed HB-1725 banning the use of drop-off boxes throughout the state. Forty states currently use drop-off boxes for elections. They're convenient, safe, secure and used by all voters, not just seniors or the disabled. Paul's bill would simply outlaw the use completely.

After the hearing, he modified the bill to allow one box per county on Election Day only. He has spent more time on this bill than it would cost to just leave the issue alone.

The bill just begs the question, "What idiot thought of this?”

John Cobarruvias

Houston (Clear Lake)


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Carlos Ponce

Read the text:

How about we place a "drop box" in the County Courthouse and you must produce an Id to drop off?

What's the matter John Cobarruvias? Can't afford a postage stamp? Oh that's right, if you have hundreds of ballots to drop off it does add up!

Carlos Ponce

"one box per county on Election Day only"

John, there are dozens of US Post Office mail drop off boxes located n Galveston County. And once filled out you may place your ballot in one prior to Election Day.

Gary Miller

Any unsupervised drop box is an invitation for someone without photo ID to drop multiple ballots they harvested from local senior living centers or ballots they produced on copy machines. One voter, one ballot in a supervised drop box was the rule until 2020.

Thomas Carpenter

A great idea like this must have been hit upon by something like the Heritage Foundation, one of those think tanks that conjure up ways to disenfranchise voters, then emails the proposals to every right wing radical in state and federal legislatures.

Carlos Ponce

More gaslighting from Thomas Carpenter. Tell us, Thomas Carpenter, how any proposed anti-election fraud legislation ACTUALLY disenfranchises anyone? All you are doing is repeating Left wing propaganda.

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