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Carlos Ponce

A bank official should have taken the woman to an office where there are no other customers, conducted the transaction then escort her out of the bank. Calling the police on a customer is bad optics.

Craig Mason

Yes she was committing a crime. She was trespassing. She was asked to put on a mask or leave the bank and she wouldn’t do either. The GPD officer was very professional and tried to get her to comply. She made her choice and left the bank and the police officer no choice.

Jim Forsythe

If the woman was not putting on her mask, why would a bank official want to be in a office with her. The mask wearing rule was in place, and all that enter the bank are expected to follow the rule. If anyone refuses, they are trespassing. If they refuse to leave, the police are called.

Carlos Ponce

"why would a bank official want to be in a office with her. "

Separate her from those customers who might be offended.

And the bank official would be wearing a mask.

The lady was a banking customer, not a trespasser.

Craig Mason

Carlos before the pandemic, if you went into Whataburger or waffle house and lit a cigar and refused to leave, you would be arrested for trespassing. I don't want to smell cigar smoke when I dine and I don't want a mask less Covid spreading mouth breather around when I try to bank. Businesses have rights to set their rules, plain and simple. Follow those rules or leave the premises!

Carlos Ponce

Let's look at the SCIENCE.

Cigar smoke travels - FAR.

The recommended distance to avoid infection is 3.3 feet. Was the woman in question using that standard? Nooooooo. She was observing the earlier CDC recommendation of 6 feet based on a hundred year old study of tuberculosis spread. She was following the "red dots" on the bank floor to maintain social distancing.

Craig is trying to use two disparate occurrences to make his point. A failure in logic, common sense annnnd..........SCIENCE.

Again, there are always alternatives. Calling the police was a bad move on behalf of the bank employee. They could have accommodated the customer WITHOUT calling the police. Bad form.

Gary Miller

Carlos> Today you are wrong. She was trespassing after refusing to comply with Texas law. Educate her with some jail time.

Carlos Ponce

Not wrong on this one. The bank was.

Jim Forsythe

Once a person is ask to leave a private business, and they do not, they are trespassing.

Trespassing is, in fact, a misdemeanor offense for which a person can be arrested. Homeless people, for example, are frequently arrested for the same offense.

Ted Gillis

Why give this individual special treatment?

Escort the other mask wearing customers each into private offices and conduct their business with them first.

Then after the coast is clear and no other mask wearing customers are present, then the bank president could wait on the mask-less customer.

There, fixed it for you Carlos.

Jim Forsythe

Ted, that fixes nothing. Why should she receive special treatment? She had a choice, and she choice to not wear a mask or leave, and now she has to live with the results.

The bank president or any bank employees should not have to be in the same area, as a person that refuses to follow the rule of wearing a mask.

Why would a bank president escort a person that was following the rules, anywhere. This would give the message that the bank in OK with people not wearing mask.

Anyone that reads or watches the news, knows to wear a mask into this bank.

Carlos Ponce

"Why give this individual special treatment?"

Human interaction is not one of your tenets, Ted Gillis. One of our forum users wrote of visiting a store where several customers chose not to wear a mask. They were not asked to leave. They were treated as a customer. To succeed as a business you treat customers asif they are important... because THEY ARE. That's good for return business and public relations.

But Ted will probably go out of his way to form an account with the Mask NAZIS.

Bill Broussard

Here we go once again: Carlos giving lectures on proper business conduct based on his years as a business owner. I would bet you that if Carlos owned a business and had the risk of one to actually manage he would ask every customer “Do you support killing babies?” Before he let them into his store his eloquence and people skills are so good....give me a break....what you know about business would probably fit on the head of a pen with your angels. Stick to what you know mi amigo, OAN and Fox 26. Anything other is above your pay grade

I’ve worked in large and small organizations for over 40 years and well over 100 companies internationally. The only way you can manage the floor staff is with protocols. If the protocol says “ buzz for police when a customer is acting out or disturbing the conduct of business —-especially in a bank— you call the police or you polish your resume. Period end if sentence!

Carlos Ponce

"based on his years as a business owner" No, based upon years as a customer and listening to business owners.

Gary Scoggin

Exactly, Bill. I tend to ignore Carlos as he often opines on matters he knows little about. And you are right, employees are normally split into two groups: Those that follow the rules and those that are invited to work elsewhere.

Jim Forsythe

Once she refused to follow the rules, the bank had no choice, if they wanted people to take serious the requirement of mask wearing. The bank tried to settle it without the police, but she refused to wear a mask or leave. All the people in the bank except one followed the rules. Wearing a mask for a short period of time is not hard.

Once she refused to follow the rules the bank had no choice but to call the police. Once she told the police she was not going to comply, they had no choice.

Surprised she did not try holding her breath and crying and screaming, you can not make me wear a mask, like a toddler having a fit!

Carlos Ponce

"the bank had no choice" WRONG, unless they wanted to send a message.

There are ALWAYS alternatives.

"Surprised she did not try holding her breath and crying and screaming" She didn't.

Emilio Nicolas

Carlos Ponce: I am shocked to see you write "There are ALWAYS alternatives." This is the first time I've seen you make such an admission! Congratulations! Now remember it, unless you meant there is the bank's choices (2) or your choice (1).

Jim Forsythe

It was posted, mask required.

Carlos Ponce

Was it posted? I did not see it on the policecam provided by GPD. If it was, writing was too small to see.

What I do see is on the door is "Bank of America Lobby Hours... Use our Mobile Banking App, etc. The other door has ditto in Spanish.

Gary Miller

It was posted where every person entering bank would see it. It was pointed out to the trespasser. She decided she would violate Texas law. Some jail time will educate her. She is from Oregon where people are violating laws like games. Teach her Texas has no scoff law games.

Carlos Ponce

"It was posted where every person entering bank would see it." It does not appear on the policecam video provided by GPD. If it's there it is too small to read.

Bill Broussard

I went there yesterday to deposit. It’s very posted.

Carlos Ponce

Take a picture and post it.

Jim Forsythe

It was post on the left side of the doors. Even if it was not posted, Terry Lynn Wright said she was told as soon as she entered the bank, she needed a mask. She knew she was wrong , but still continued into the bank.

It cost her $90 to get her dog out of confinement and could have cost her more because they ticketed her for leaving her dog in her van, they took back the ticket for this. She also has medical bills that she owes. They also may have towed her van, which will also cost her.

Was all of this worth all of this, just because she refused to wear a mask when ask to.

If she reads her statement from Bank of America they said the following.

We have taken multiple steps to minimize health risks, based on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention. These steps we have taken in our financial centers include enhancing the daily cleaning procedures, implementing plastic screens and distancing markers, following local restrictions on the number of clients that can enter a financial center at one time, and requiring our employees to wear masks. In addition, we are requiring clients wear masks when visiting our financial centers.

Carlos Ponce

"It was post on the left side of the doors." So it's the 8.5 by 11 inch paper with standard font lettering too small to notice upon entry. [rolleyes]

Bailey Jones

No one can say she didn't enjoy it - because she went to TC and did the exact same thing again.

Jim Forsythe

Terry Lynn Wright, 65, was arrested on two outstanding warrants about 9 a.m. after police were called to the Office Depot in Texas City about a woman refusing to wear a mask in the building or leave, said Texas City Police spokesman Cpl. Allen Bjerke.

Jarvis Buckley

The lady was a customer, not homeless, she was a customer. Let’s say she wanted to make a $100,000 dollar deposit. Would the bank manager have called the police. You & I both know the answer to that. Quit the liberal BS

Gary Scoggin

Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines used to say that part of being a good business owner is knowing when to fire a customer. If someone is disruptive and potentially dangerous to your employees and other customers then it’s time to fire them. That’s not liberal BS, that’s good business.

Bailey Jones

Exactly. Business owners have a responsibility to provide a safe and congenial space for their employees and customers. And they have the right to enforce whatever rules they think are necessary to maintain that space. No shirt no shoes no service. No smoking. Cash only. No soliciting. No pets allowed. Employees only beyond this point. Restrooms for customers only.

My mom used to frequent a thrift shop in Dallas. It was run by Mennonites and required customers to abide by a dress code - long pants for men and skirts or dresses for women. It was their shop and those were their rules. This isn't complicated.

Jim Forsythe

Baily, you and Gary are right. Some places will no longer take cash, but require you to use a credit card and some require exact change.

Charles Douglas

In this day and age where equal treatment, and equal rights are at the forefront of discussion in this nation, there should be no doubt that no individual should expect to be treated BETTER or WORSE than anybody else! The only excuse that lady gave for not wearing a mask was that she as an individual did not wear masks. To my understanding, nothing was said about her having a breathing problem or a respiratory deficiency disorder! I see no reason why a business should treat any individual or customer better or worse that anyother person or customer. If you start to molly·coddle everybody who walks through the door of the business... pretaining to a rule of the establishment then you might as well do away with the rule. Lastly, I will make this point. In America you might be free, but you don't get to do whatever you want to do .....when you want to do it! When that happens you cease to have a peaceful existence, for one filled with chaos and upheaval.

Bailey Jones

[thumbup] You can do what you want when you want - but be sure you're willing to accept the consequences.

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