In the story about girls joining the Boy Scouts ("Historic shift," The Daily News, Dec. 7), it seemed curious that according to Scout officials, the girls would join an all-girl Cub Scout den, while the boys will remain in all boy dens.

Really? What's the point, if you allow the girls in, but still segregate them?

Dwight Strain



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Peggy Schultz

Totally agree-keep the BOYS with the Boy Scouts & the girls with the Girl Scouts! What’s wrong with u people!! All that’s going to do is cause more sex!! Just what we need; more KIDS having sex & babies! & abortions! Leave it alone. God help us! HE’s already showing his wrath! Hello!!!!

Jim Forsythe

Peggy, do boys and girls go to same church camp? 
Peggy, you are aware that girls have been in the Boy Scout program for years. Are you saying that admitting 7-10 year old girls, is going to increase sex? 
The following ,are all part of Boy Scouts. 
Cub Scouts (Packs): 1st–5th grade or 7-10 years old, boys only (girls next year)
Boy Scouts (Troops): 5th-12th grade or 11 to 18 years old, boys only
Sea Scouts (Ships): 8th grade and up or 14-21 years old, co-ed
Venture (Crews): 8th grade and up or 14-21 years old, co-ed
Exploring (Posts): 8th grade and up or 14-21 years old, co-ed
Nobody is going to force girls to join Boy Scouts. Some girls will join, because BSA offers different programs than the Girl Scouts.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, you might be surprised to know how early children begin experimenting. Most of the time they are trying to emulate "adult" behavior found at home, in TV programs or movies. And they are talking about sex at earlier ages. Remember the young lad in "Kindergarten Cop"? "Boys have penises and girls have vaginas."

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, what age do they start experimenting? Are boys and girls keep apart at church camp?
Do they play together after school?
Are they keep apart at school?
When I first moved to Texas City, a couple was having sex in the hall, at school.  

The Boys and girls will be in different Dens.
When Cub Scouts camp, their parent or parents always camp with the cub !
When and where do you think 7-10 year olds are going to have sex, at a Scouting event.

Carlos Ponce

While many begin experimenting at 13-15 some begin earlier depending upon physical maturity and background.
I taught a girl who was "boy crazy" and fought being moved to an all female class. She was 11.

Gary Miller

Some girls should not be combined with some boys who should not be combined with girls.
The majority are just fine together.

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