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Wayne D Holt

Trish, it would be interesting to see who would NOT support an enhanced penalty and heightened enforcement for littering. Much of what ails Galveston, IMHO, is due to the schizophrenic nature of our enforcement efforts. We want clean streets and a well maintained appearance but we seem to be terrified we'll scare someone away if we actually made it a priority.

"Galveston needs to earn a bad reputation for being the wrong place to litter..." I think this is exactly the issue. The city isn't willing to get a bad reputation even for a necessary correction.

Bailey Jones

And you can bet that every citation will be met with - "why are you ticketing litterbugs when there is XYZ crime going on???"

Bailey Jones

How about letting school kids adopt neighborhoods and award prizes and recognition to the classes that collect the most trash during each month?

Wayne D Holt

Bailey, I know you've written at times about despairing we ever will be able to convince the litterbugs not to continue their slovenly ways. That's the problem with all the non-punitive measures to curtail littering.

Conscientious residents and tourists don't litter. For those who do, the city and volunteers like you and I follow along and pick up after them. There is no incentive whatsoever for them to change as in their world, the problem is handled by the cleaners, not the litterers. Getting kids to volunteer is great to generate civic responsibility but they will figure out at some point it is an endless task. There is always more litter deposited by the uncaring.

That's why I support a hammer in dealing with it. Every time someone drops litter and GPD sees it, $500 ticket no exceptions. That will make more of a difference over time as there are real world consequences that affect the problem makers rather than us trying to marshal enough problem solvers to keep up with it.

Just IMHO...

Paul Sivon

Galveston accommodates those who degrade the City. It’s time for a pack in /pack out mentality and a change in culture for visitors and residents alike

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