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Gary Miller

Eliminate, not elect. Let property taxes stay unchanged until next time sold. Taxes then will increase only as fast as real property values increase. New construction would increase revinues as fast as population increased. Tax spenders would be limited to actual revinues.

Terri Abraham

I agree with you Gary, unfortunately the spenders won't.

Don Johnson

If we had Initiative and Referendum in Texas price paid would long ago been the basis for taxation. (Before big government proponents have a fit...research has proven this system is Constitutional and a stable and increasing revenue base for local governments.).

Cheryl E Johnson

Gary Miller

We had elected appraisal boards before Central Appraisal districts were created. Our elected officials were it. They didn't like voters blaming them for tax increases via appraisal increases.

Ron Shelby

What an awful idea. Subject to the whims of political wind. Assume you had a vocal group wanting to support the higher appraisals for school funding so their goal was to block every appeal, thereby supporting the higher appraisal made by CAD. They’d run on CAD’s professionalism and commitment to follow the statutes. Builders might fund their campaigns to support the higher appraisals, helping them to sell their new construction at higher per sq ft values. There could be a lot of “games” played if they were elected. Keep it at appointing good and reasonable people with no political ambitions. Look for those who wouldn’t be easily influenced. Leave the electing to those who set the actual tax rate. Let them be subject to political winds and leave our assessments to be based upon market value and what the statutes require of the assessment. The courts are the final check on the assessors fairness. Just ask the chemical plants. Over the last twenty years, they’ve challenged, and won in court many times.

Gary Miller

Ron> The courts only work for those who have enough to hire lawyers for months or years. Out of reach of average property owners.

Ron Shelby

Also, if you elect your board of appeals, you’ll no longer be able to rely upon simply bringing in good market data and facts about your property to win your appeal. Politics would now come into play, and you could be stuck with a bad appeals board member for four assessment cycles.

Mark Stevens

I agree with Cheryl and Mr. Shelby. "Elected" appraisal boards will simply import the worst of "politics" into the process. Appraisal is essentially a professional process. The current problem seems to be, as Ms. Johnson points out, the inability of appraisers to get a comprehensive view of actual sales prices in the market. That could change if our "elected" legislature wished it. Mark W. Stevens

Gary Miller

Mark> Elected boards isn't a solution. Elimination is. No board is needed if sale price sets taxable value until next time sold. New construction would enter tax rolls as price sold when sold. Each property sold would reflect property values at time of sale.

Jarvis Buckley

Of all these comments so far Gary Miller, seems right on track. Well thought out.

The Tax rate can be oblivious to the hit on the housing market by this pandemic. It’s broken we need to fix it.

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