Let’s all help small businesses survive

Nearly all small businesses will be tragically affected by partial or full closure to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Typically, small businesses run on a narrow margin and few have resources to shore them up for an extended downturn in sales.

A way to help that I heard from a news source can make a huge difference. For those of you who can, please support our local small businesses by purchasing a gift certificate/gift card now, to be used later when our community gains economic strength in recovery.

Cash flow is the most critical to our small businesses. Purchasing a gift certificate can allow cash flow to keep our small businesses viable. A simple process is to use a credit card to purchase the gift certificate online or by telephone, and have the certificate mailed to you. Please ask family and friends to help and pass the word as well.

Thanks to all of our Galveston County Daily News readers for your support of small businesses. Together, we can help.

Carol Ann Cowan


Judge Mark Henry doesn’t care about residents

Galveston has been one of my favorite places to spend time away from home. No longer, thanks to Judge Mark Henry.

What a “pompous ass” to say he doesn’t care about the people on the island. If I were Gov. Greg Abbott, Henry would have two choices: either abide by rules or shut down the causeway, the ferry and San Luis Pass bridge. Nobody on or off the island. That’s what would happen if any of the diseases at the University of Texas Medical Branch research were to get loose.

Come on Judge Henry. Get your act together and think for a minute before you open your pie hole.

Terry Marshall


Mayor and city council made the right call

Mayor Jim Yarbrough and city council were totally right in closing bars and restaurants even though I enjoy going out to eat a couple times a week (“Galveston closes attractions, restricts bars, restaurants,” The Daily News, March 18).

It’s just looking out not just for Galvestonians — but everyone in our area.

Like Mayor Yarbrough and Willie Nelson both said, “the party’s over” until this problem is worked out. Thanks mayor and council.

Eddie Janek


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