My friend Lewis Rosen is ether misinformed or deliberately stating facts that are not true to help re-elect the incumbent Wayne Faircloth ("Devil's in details of Middleton's campaign talk," The Daily News, Feb. 19). Middleton is not, and never has been, trying to eliminate or even limit local property taxes. What Middleton supports is giving the local voters some say in how much the entities want to increase their property tax rate.

During the last legislative special session, a revised Senate Bill 1 was introduced to the House, which would have given some control over how much politicians can increase local tax rates. It was the major property tax reform bill that would have required a voter approval of property tax increases.

Faircloth joined all the Democrats in the house to kill this bill. Taxpayer funds of cities were used to lobby against it by the Texas Municipal League and others including Galveston. Faircloth was not even endorsed by his own Republican Party.

Middleton is also totally opposed to a state income tax in any form. That is why he never mentioned it as stated by Rosen.

It’s not surprising that many of Faircloth's supporters are people who have or have had a hand in spending these tax dollars and special interests.

Bill Fullen



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Amanda Jamrok

This is false. Mayes Middleton most certainly HAS supported eliminating property taxes, and still does to some extent. His own website, before his Abbott endorsement, stated that he wanted to abolish property taxes. Conveniently after Abbott’s endorsement, the issues on his website changed from abolishing property taxes to working towards an eventual end to property taxes.

Gary Scoggin

How does Middleton propose we fund government after the end of property taxes. What SPECIFIC spending cuts would he recommend?

Carol Dean

That would be a good question to ask Mr. Middleton himself!

Charles Olsen

If you end property taxes, how do you pay for city services ? Still waiting for an answer.

Gary Miller

Charles! You know a different tax would be required. If you and other voters pay attention it would be a tax voters could control instead of CAD.

Doyle Beard

maybe or maybe not, not a given

Carol Dean

Contact Mr. Middleton and ask him yourself. Then there will be no misunderstandings, Mr. Olsen.

Doyle Beard

For all the people believing no proprery taxes will be done, you can take it to the bank there will be other fees somewhere to make up the difference. Government lives off the people.

Carol Mitchell

On his own radio commercials and in his own voice, he talks about "eliminating property taxes," but doesn't say what he's going to replace them with. An income tax, maybe? No thanks!

Connie Patterson

So I assume then that the Middleton campaign will shortly be correcting this miss worded statement on their campaign website : “It is essential that we stop runaway growth in Texas’ property tax system, eventually abolishing such taxes, because Texans don’t need to be paying rent to the government.“

Carol Dean

JP, I think that is an awesome statement that all of would agree with!

Connie Patterson

It may be awesome, but without a plan of how you replace property taxes with another funding mechanism, it’s just empty campaign rhetoric. I am a conservative Republican, but Texas has been underfunding basic services like education, social services, and infrastructure for quite a long time because the property tax system is archaic and no longer meets the needs of Texas, which is the real reason that our property taxes keep going up. We need real leadership in Austin to address this, not more empty rhetoric.

Carol Dean

Jeff, it's a "given" Fakecloth won't be working to lower or cap our taxes.

Doyle Beard

Time will prove to us MIddleton is out of step with the locals if elected.

Carol Dean

I think at this point, Middleton is smart NOT to show his plans! Why wouldn't any other candidate, to include Fakecloth, not "pick up the ball and run with it"? I think Mr. Middleton probably wants to give the tax-payers more of a "say" in what we have in mind vs. what Austin demands from us. Ken Clark lobbied in Austin against YOU having any voice in this problem. Mark Henry is also against allowing the tax-payers a vote in decision making when it comes to taxes. Fakecloth just does whatever makes him "feel and look good".

Connie Patterson

Wow, just wow.....

Bill Cochrane

"Eliminating property taxes" is a political campaign trick. There are no states that do not have property taxes. There are many states with very low property taxes. And the states with low property taxes have - - - are you ready for this? State Income Taxes. Be careful what you wish for.

Doyle Beard

Correct Bill the money is still going to come from the taxpayers in the long run. Call it what you like. JUst a play on words. Cant people see that.

Carol Dean

Consider a consumption tax where everyone will pay in, everyone, including people who are not property owners.

Jim Forsythe

Most people are paying property taxes if they own or rent. If you rent, tax is included in the cost of the montly bill.

Carol Dean

Most people, BJ, most people. There are hundreds of people who live in situations where they are not directly or indirectly taxed.

Doyle Beard

Then there will be no exemptions I assume. It will be tough for cities, schools and counties to operate. The money will still be paid by the residents somehow. What a dumb dream?

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