Galveston has ostracized one of the best organizations in the city. Just a walk down the seawall shows art work done by Artist Boat, including the tiled benches and the gorgeous trash cans.

Artist Boat also goes to local classrooms to teach art, and then takes the students out in kayaks to do art, which is then hung at Artist Boat.

Part of Artist Boat's activities also includes preserving land on the West End of the island with over 600 acres so far saved for conservation.

Now Galveston has kicked it out of its home, which before the Artist Boat was a music conservatory.

What's right about this scenario?

Patricia Holleman



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Janie Marshall

The city did not ostracize Artist Boat by denying a PUD to the owner of the property currently rented by that organization. The city council, representatives of each resident in six districts of the city, denied a zoning overlay to the property owner. In effect, the council members recognized that changing a residential only zoning designation for one renter would set a dangerous precedence for the future.
Janie Marshall

Don Schlessinger

Well said Ms. Marshall.

Paul Sivon

What is right about this scenario? A zoning overlay tailored as a favor to a renter, that had already shown disregard for a SUP, was not granted; that significant neighborhood opposition forced a supermajority vote; that the precedent of using a PUD as a variance, without a view to long term impacts, was not set.

What was wrong with this scenario? That this PUD was not soundly opposed by the PC and CC; that without the supermajority vote requirement, this gift to the property owner would have passed; that the residents of the neighborhood had to work so hard to be heard, and if not for the State’s mandates, they would have lost.

Carol Ann Cowan

You three are so very right! Please consider sending your comments directly to the "Letters" section of the GCDN. There may be an appeal to the Council's vote. The majority of readers simply look at the paper-in-hand version of the News, and we definitely need your astute comments in our efforts to protect our historic residential neighborhood. Thanks again for your sage comments and your position regarding this dangerous assault on our homesteads.

Lisa Blair

There is no “appeal” of a council vote. The issue could be brought up for reconsideration but it would have to be put on the agenda by one of the members who voted against it. The property owner could also apply for a different zoning change option or sue the city.

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