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Bill Broussard

Fromm basic sanitation to customer curtesy, there is not much to recommend this station.

Mark Stevens

Let me put a word in for the postal workers at the Bob Lyons station. These people are unfailingly courteous. I've never noticed any sanitation problems, but then I'm a guy. The real problem is that the workers at Bob Lyons are ...overworked...because they are understaffed. The reason for that resides in Washington, and in no small part because the postal service has been denied necessary rate increases in the past, and during the last year became a political football.

Roy Hughes


*****Understaffing is only one part of the problem. They also employ workers who decide not to go to work and do not call the post office to report the absence. These type of workers need to be fired. Other mailmen/women end up covering their routes. If routes do not get done some workers have gone to work on Sundays. If I do recall Sundays used to their day off.

*** In addition to that problem they have had checks that were mailed in the blue boxes outside stolen and then, had the amounts washed off of them and written in a higher amount to another person. Either that is an inside job or the key holder left the keys ( properly labeled) some place for an interested party can steal some mail. It would seem that the locks on the boxes would need replacing. The first mention of this issue was a month or so back. It still is happening since Mr. Faglie mailed his letter. Does the Galveston Post office not have a Postmaster? Or someone in charge that can get that lock changed. Does everyone in Galveston need to fall victim to this problem before the lock can be changed?

**** We all want to know the answer to that question.

****I refuse to go to the post office. The times that I went (in the past) there was a person outside begging for money and/or food.

**** The post office is not at all clean. The floors are filthy as are the counters.

**** There used to be a person in the back to get packages for people who received a notice. Now, the person taking care of postage must do that which makes the process of mailing a package even longer.

**** Someone needs to put this Post Office back together again. This is the worst I have seen it in 55 years. And I have heard that the Post Office in Texas City is just as bad. Sad to say it is worse than a cracked Humpty Dumpty.

**** Of course, if fixes are not made you all can count on another increase in postage. Before you know it you will be paying a dollar to mail a letter and it will be delivered in month if you are lucky. Maybe we need to find the pony express and see if they can do better?

**** Could some one program the computer so that it will recognize half streets? If not I know some people who will start invoicing the Postmaster General to get back pay because of their computers.

Bailey Jones

There is a posting in a Galveston FB group today to the effect that the outside mailbox at the main Post Office on Broadway is full to overflowing. And comments to the effect that this happens regularly. This seems like the sort of thing that a local newspaper might want to investigate to put pressure on a local congressman to do something about it.

Ted Gillis

There used to be two drop boxes up front. Now there is just the one!

Brian Tamney

this is why i never voluntarily use the post office, Fed-ex or Ups are so much more convenient and more reliable. did mail my moms birthday card from the Texas city post office early january, it finally arrived, back at my house, the last week of february!

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