Everyone is screaming about the Florida school shootings and what to do. I think the particular school was negligent — as was the school district. I would love to sue the school and the school district. Safety of the students is the highest priority and the principal and the superintendent both failed in their primary duty to keep students safe. I hope they are sued for a big amount of money.

Gun prohibition is not workable, although a more strict requirement on gun ownership may help. And doing nothing is not a solution. So both sides will fight forever and nothing will be done. One solution is having an armed guard in every school with all doors locked except the front main door. If it is too expensive, so what. If the budget will not permit an armed guard, then fire a teacher and hire an armed guard.

There has been almost 200 school shootings in the U.S. in the last year or two. Did any school have an armed guard in the school? The answer is likely no.

This may be a wild idea, but I bet it would work. Has any school tried it?

Ray Holbrook

Santa Fe


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PD Hyatt

If anyone needs to be sued I would say to put the FBI at the top of that list. I do realize that no one can stop anybody who is premeditated to killing people. But the FBI had been warned time and time again that this boy was trouble and they even knew his name, but their problem was that they were doing their best to unseat a duly elected President that all of their resources were dedicated to that. People that were at the top of the FBI and the ones who say that they looked into it and could not figure it out, need all to be fired and held accountable.... Will anything be done to them? Nope, there have been so many laws that were broken by people from 2009 till Jan. 2017 and beyond that will never be held accountable.... There are many in our government that are still part of the past administration that are doing all they can to screw this nation up and they too will never have to pay for what they are doing.... Some people seem to be above the law....

Gary Miller

Ray! You are headed in the right direction. Hire guards, but not by firing teachers. Fire the bloated "support staff" and use some, or all, of the taxpayers money public schools donate to Democratic politicians. I'd give every teacher Grizzly bear pepper spray. If it can stop a charging bear at 30 feet it would stop a shooter at classroom range.

Carol Mitchell

110 school districts in Texas allow teachers to carry guns. http://news4sanantonio.com/news/local/tasb-110-school-districts-allow-teachers-to-carry-guns

Jose' Boix

Re: 110 school districts in Texas allow teachers to carry guns.
Presumably the guns are loaded and ready to be used, along with an additional supply of bullets stored in the classroom.

Jim Forsythe

In 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 15 people and wounded 23 more at Columbine High School. The destruction occurred despite the fact that there was an armed security officer at the school and another one nearby

Carlos Ponce

But if there were armed teachers on that campus........
Grant Whitus, a former SWAT team leader who was the first officer to enter Columbine High School in Colorado during the shooting there in 1999, argued that any school district that doesn't have armed security will be "setting themselves up for a lawsuit."
The armed security guard, deputy Neil Gardner was eating lunch in his patrol car when shooting started. He was notified by the school custodian through the school radio about the shootings but was not wearing his prescription sunglasses so he aimed at Harris from 60 yards out and missed. Harris then re-entered the building after exchanging gunfire.

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