The editorial by Michael A. Smith and his continued rant of hate was despicable ("Galveston council can defer action, but not responsibility," The Daily News, Oct. 28, 2022).

This type of reporting does nothing but continue to keep our country divided and keeps The Galveston Daily News on the same level as the National Inquirer.


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Rusty Schroeder

I don't know what you read, but it was a factual article. He said the positives and negatives of both sides, ultimately saying what the majority opinion is. Elected officials make policy, appointed board members follow it.

Charlotte O'rourke

It was a fair editorial. It was disappointing to learn that a major check and balance process dealing with million of dollars of HOT money was changed without a discussion/vote or public knowledge of the event. It’s time for the money to be - once again - deposited in the city accounts with the budget approved by the city.

Wayne Holt

The words "hate" and "hateful" have been so cheapened in the popular vernacular as to be rendered nearly useless in practical terms in ascribing intention. I reread the editorial in question to make sure I wasn't missing something. I was right: I hadn't. There was nothing remotely hateful in the comments, unless nudging government to obey the law now is considered hateful conduct. Can we please find terms that are a bit less florid and save "hateful" for truly egregious examples? The term really has come to mean "anything I disagree with". I hate when that happens.

Laura Addison

Fully agree with Wayne Holt's comment here. Society today needs to learn to disagree with facts vs. name calling. Healthy debate is absolutely a good thing - the truth will eventually surface.

AJ LeBlanc

"Name calling" has become all to prevalent today. Sometimes it's even dressed up using various formal, intellectual or virtuous sounding terms - but even then the malicious underlying intent is usually discernable. Name calling instantly casts a negative judgement on almost any topic (or person) and conveniently helps one to avoid investing the mental energy required to fully understand a topic. It reminds me in some ways of willful ignorance.

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