After reading about the shape the United States Post Office is in for delivering mail, I wonder if it has anything to do with the Republican director cutting overtime? Or the Republican Senate not approving funding to support the post office.

Is it to slow down delivery and make it where voting by mail will make most ballots undeliverable to be counted?

If you want to have your vote counted be sure you go vote early to be sure your vote counts.

Give a ride to a neighbor, and be sure to wear your mask.

Joseph Garcia



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Claudia Burnam

NO! Don't vote early. To much can happen right before election day. The post office has been screwed up for years so this administration has nothing to do with it. E G Wiley

Carlos Ponce

In some states early voting begins in September before the debates. In Texas, early voting begins on October after the first debate.

Current debate schedule:

Presidential Debates:

Tuesday, September 29 at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

Thursday, October 15 at Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami.

Thursday, October 22 at Belmont University in Nashville.

Vice-Presidential Debate:

Wednesday, October 7 at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

Early voting in Texas begins October 13th. Election day is November 3rd. So in Texas early voting begins after the first presidential debate and the vice-presidents debate.

My advice, vote in person.

Wayne D Holt

"My advice, vote in person."

The very first time I was able to use a mail-in ballot, my vote was disqualified because some nameless non-graphologist decided the signatures didn't match. No training, just their opinion, and I was disenfranchised. They never let me see the ballot for myself and my vote--my voice--did not count for that election.

I will NEVER trust mail-in voting again.

Jim Forsythe

Curbside Voting is in place for those that need it.

If a voter is physically unable to enter the polling place, he or she may ask that an election officer bring a ballot to the entrance of the polling place or to a car at parked at the curbside. After the voter marks the ballot, they will give it to the election officer, who will put it in the ballot box. Or, at the voter’s request, a companion may hand the voter a ballot and deposit it for him or her.

It's to bad that we do not follow other states that allow ballot drop off's.

"Cuyahoga County voters can drop off their ballots in a secure box at the board of elections any time of the day or night."

If you can not use Mail in ballots because you do not qualify, and are standing in a long line to vote, remember which party does not want you be able to vote safely. Also remember the President said if you vote by mail, it's a bad thing, even as Trump and some of his family will do so.

domenico nuckols

Your right vote early if you can. Still waiting for my mail in ballot from the primary. Junk mail can find me no problem but the ballot can't. I lodged compliant with the county clerk's office.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, there is plenty of days given to vote where there will not be long lines. But there are still some will will wait until the last minute on November 3rd to vote. [rolleyes]

Curbside voting is okay because you still must be qualified (present acceptable ID) by an election official before given a ballot.

"Also remember the President said if you vote by mail, it's a bad thing, even as Trump and some of his family will do so." Trump like Jim Forsythe, is over 65 and will be out of state (Florida) on election day so he is qualified to vote by mail.

"In Texas, in order to vote by mail, a voter must have a qualifying reason. A voter may vote early by mail if they:

will be away from their county on Election Day and during early voting;

are sick or disabled;

are 65 years of age or older on Election Day; or

are confined in jail, but eligible to vote."

Jim Forsythe

As vote by mail is safest to vote, health wise, all should be able to do so. Trump is promoting, vote by mail for all in Florida but says it bad other places.

In Texas there are many polling places that will have lines that have a wait time of many hours.

Not everyone is not allowed to take off work, except for Election Day.

To bad we do not have the drive by and drop voting, in Texas!

65% of Americans support vote-by-mail.

Carlos Ponce

I'm surprised the lazy Liberal doesn't call for voting by phone app.

If a person can go to the store that person can go vote. Otherwise it's just laziness. And don't tell me there's not long lines at the store on certain dates. Even with self check out there are times when the lines are long.

Jim Forsythe

Being lazy has nothing to do with it, safety does.

Buying products online takes care of exposer at the store.

There's no reason if some are allowed to vote by mail, that all the rest should not!

Being under 65 is not a reason not to be allowed to vote by mail.

Carlos Ponce


Carlos Ponce

"Being under 65 is not a reason not to be allowed to vote by mail."

Unless you fall under one of those categories listed there is only ONE reason for a less than 65 year old not to vote - It;'s called the Texas LAW.

Less than 65 years old? No.

Pregnant? No.

Ill? No.

Handicapped? No.

Out of town? No.

Incarcerated? No.

Then the LAW says get off your rear and go vote.

Jim Forsythe

A person Incarcerated in Texas may be able to vote by mail. Because you can be confined in jail, but otherwise eligible.

In Texas if a person has a has a disability, they can vote by mail.

If a person is Pregnant and bed ridden, they can apply to vote by mail.

If a person is going to be out of the county on Election Day and during the period for early voting by personal appearance, they can vote by mail in Texas.

The voting laws in Texas will be changed, it's just a matter of time.

I look at the Texas voting laws and nowhere did it say, get off your rear and go vote.

Carlos Ponce

My interpretation, Jim. [beam] Unless you fall into one of those categories, you have to get off your rear and vote.

Jim Forsythe

Most of your categories were not 100% accurate.

If a person over 65 votes by mail, they are lazy?

How many people like the idea of spending a hour or more in line to vote?

I have spent over 45 minutes in line to vote.

Why does anyone have to wait hours to vote, which happens in some of the polling places in Texas?

Early voting is not a option for some.

What is the reason you are so against voting by mail for all? All you have said so far is people are lazy!

Drop off boxes for mail in voting is a good way for people to be reassured, that their votes gets in on time so it will count.

Carlos Ponce

"I have spent over 45 minutes in line to vote." And the number of times there was ZERO waiting time at the same locale? Remember, Jim. i work at a location that becomes a polling place during major elections. Somedays ZERO voters.Sounds like a procrastinator.

Jose' Boix

Early and "in person" voting for our household. Nothing the debate/s can bring should be substantial to alter one's vote - in my opinion. Political campaign fatigue has long set-up; it has been way too long and awful! Just my thoughts.

Jarvis Buckley

Yes be sure to run to the polls early & vote for Joe. Before a debate & your wife says no!!!

tom carpenter

If there's anyone left out there whose mind can be swayed by a couple of last second debates, they've been in a coma for three and a half years. I, too, still await my mail-in ballot for the primary ... and I applied twice.

Here's a little ditty from a conservative radio host that might interest any inquiring conservative.

And for all you corrupt Democrats out there, and we know you're everywhere because Trump tells us so, vote early and vote often!

Carlos Ponce

Clark County (Las Vegas, Nevada), over 223,000 ballots were returned as "undeliverable". Of those, 42% were on "Active" voter lists. In Washoe County, Nevada (a smaller county), 27,640 ballots were returned as "undeliverable" but they used a current list of "Active" voters. 100% of the "undeliverable" ballots were from the "Active Voter" list.

Is this any way to run an election? Only a blithering idiot would think so.

Ted Gillis

Sounds like the system is working just fine. Undeliverable ballots were returned to the county. What's wrong with that?

Jim Forsythe

Only a blithering idiot would think that the return of "undeliverable" ballots is a bad thing. It shows that the system they are using is working as intended. Does Texas ever have "undeliverable" ballots?

Carlos Ponce

Are you certain of that, Jim? How many were delivered, filled out and returned by someone other than the person addressed. And if the "undeliverable" are "Active Voters" how many are fraudulent? This system is no good.

Jim Forsythe

Unless you are saying the people verifying the ballots signatures are not doing their jobs, what's your problem? For them to be filled out and counted, they would have had to be filled out, signed by the person that they were addressed to, then they would be checked that ballot matches the signature. You are looking for problem where there are none.

NRS 293.325  Duties of county clerk upon receipt of absent ballot from voter: Procedure for checking signature; deposit of voted ballot; delivery for counting; procedure when return envelope not signed by voter. [Effective January 1, 2020.]

The county clerk shall check the signature on the return envelope, facsimile or other approved electronic transmission against all signatures of the voter available in the records of the county clerk.

If at least two employees in the office of the county clerk believe there is a reasonable question of fact as to whether the signature on the absent ballot matches the signature of the voter, the county clerk shall contact the voter and ask the voter to confirm whether the signature on the absent ballot belongs to the voter.

Carlos Ponce

"Unless you are saying the people verifying the ballots signatures are not doing their jobs" - Didn't you hear? The Pelosi Schumer Democrat bill called for NO signature verification, electronic or by human eyes.

Carlos Ponce

Text of Nancy's Bill on mail in starts on page 1458:

REQUIRING SIGNATURE VERIFICATION.—‘‘(1) REQUIREMENT.— ‘‘(A) IN GENERAL.—A State may not impose a signature verification requirement as a condition of accepting and counting an absentee ballot submitted by any individual with respect to an election for Federal office unless the State meets the due process requirements described in paragraph (2).

Jim Forsythe

Nevada's law requires verifying the ballots signatures. What ever you are talking about, is not law in Nevada.

Carlos Ponce

It's what Pelosi and Schumer have been pushing to circumvent state law.

Jim Forsythe

As this has not passed, it has no bearing at this time.

Continued from Carlos post.

‘‘(B) SIGNATURE VERIFICATION REQUIREMENT DESCRIBED.—In this subsection, a ‘signature verification requirement’ is a requirement that an election official verify the identification of an individual by comparing the individual’s signature on the absentee ballot with the individual’s signature on the official list of registered voters in the State or another official

Nevada will make sure that the person that votes is the one that sends the ballot in.

Carlos Ponce

That's just a description of "signature verification". It's what Democrats DON'T want.

Jim Forsythe

We are talking about verifying the ballots in Nevada.

I have posted what Nevada is doing now. They are making sure that all signatures will be verified.

What you have posted may never happen, so no need to worry about it until it happens.

As I posted under (116h) ‘(B) SIGNATURE VERIFICATION REQUIREMENT it does not change the requirements that most states have now, including Nevada.

Carlos Ponce

But if Democrats get their way- no signature verification required.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, you keep saying that the bill called for NO signature verification, which is not true. As I post, and it's also below. you forgot to add part B which requires SIGNATURE VERIFICATION . As the House, Senate both have not passed the bill, and the President has not signed it, it is just a start and changes will happen with amendments.

Continued from Carlos post. ‘‘(B) SIGNATURE VERIFICATION REQUIREMENT DESCRIBED.—In this subsection, a ‘signature verification requirement’ is a requirement that an election official verify the identification of an individual by comparing the individual’s signature on the absentee ballot with the individual’s signature on the official list of registered voters in the State or another official.

Carlos Ponce

"A State may not impose a signature verification requirement as a condition of accepting and counting an absentee ballot submitted by any individual with respect to an election for Federal office ". That's plain and simple but it's beyond your comprehension.

What Jim quotes is just a definition of what they mean by "signature verification".

Having trouble comprehending the bill, Jim?????

This is what Democrats want. So before Pelosi - Schumer hit the Sunday shows claiming Republicans are holding up the bill, know that their bill is full of ........EXCREMENT.

Jim Forsythe

As the voters signature will be on file, election officials will use it to match up with and confirm it is OK. No one will vote without a validated signature.

"If an individual submits an absentee ballot and the appropriate State or local election official determines that a discrepancy exists between the signature on such ballot and the signature of such individual on the official list of registered voters in the State or other official record or document used by the State to verify the signatures of voters, such election official, prior to making a final determination as to the validity of such ballot, shall— ‘‘(i) make a good faith effort to immediately notify the individual by mail, telephone, and (if available) electronic mail "

Carlos Ponce

"400,000 mail-in ballots received by the New York City Board of Elections in the June 23 presidential primary, the BOE disclosed that some 84,000 of them, or 26%, were disqualified, the New York Post reported. Only 318,995 mail-in ballots were counted, leaving the rest invalidated and not counted, with some 30,000 nullified in Brooklyn alone."

Some were for signature, some for other reasons.

Will Jim's vote be disqualified? It could happen.

Jim Forsythe

If I was concerned that my vote was not received or not counted, I would use the tracking system that would be in place.

"‘‘SEC. 323. ABSENTEE BALLOT TRACKING PROGRAM. ‘‘(a) REQUIREMENT.—Each State shall carry out a program to track and confirm the receipt of absentee ballots in an election for Federal office under which the State or local election official responsible for the receipt of voted absentee ballots in the election carries out procedures to track and confirm the receipt of such ballots, and makes information on the receipt of such ballots available to the individual who cast the ballot, by means of online access using the Internet site of the official’s office. ‘‘(b) INFORMATION ON WHETHER VOTE WAS COUNTED.—The information referred to under subsection (a) with respect to the receipt of an absentee ballot shall include information regarding whether the vote cast on the ballot was counted, and, in the case of a vote which was not counted, the reasons therefor."

It also goes on and talks about a toll free number one can call. if they do not have no internet service.

Carlos Ponce

Tracking on time to be counted? Tracking in time to see why it was rejected?

Jim Forsythe

This bill gives anyone the ability to know what is happening with their ballot.

This one of the better parts of the bill.

Once all the scanning equipment is in place, it will be a faster process. !8,000 ballots counted per hour is fast. Add this machine(high-speed central scanner) to programs to report who voted and what ballots were rejected and the job is completed in a reasonable time. If needed, more scanners can be added.

In 2016 we had a total 124,547 voters in GC. if every person in Galveston County voted by mail (2016), it would taken less than 7 hours to finish the job.

"The DS850 high-speed central scanner and vote tabulator is the fastest central scanner in the election industry, capable of processing 300 double-sided 14-inch ballots per minute. . The DS850 continuously scans and intelligently sorts ballots with its high-speed digital image processing, saving election staff valuable time when tabulating results"

Validating signatures

Every vote-by-mail ballot would have a unique bar code that elections officials scan. A voter’s signature on the vote-by-mail ballot return envelope would be compared against the voter’s registration record.

Carlos Ponce

Does the county own a DS850?

Jim Forsythe

That is one of many scanners on the market. It looks like Galveston County uses Verity Duo by Hart . They may have decided to go with it because it does not require votes to be in barcodes or QR codes and is 100% voter verifiability. In Texas we started using Hart brand of equipment March , 2019. For overall needs, this was a good choice.

Carlos Ponce

Galveston County uses the Hart Intercivic Verity Touch Controller not the Hart Verity Duo. The Galveston County machines are touch screen for in-person use. It is not used to verify signatures on mail-ins. The Hart Verity Duo is touch screen like ours but produces a paper ballot.

Texas has NO MACHINES for verifying signatures on mail-ins. We use a committee of humans.See p 15 (19 of PDF)

If your ballot is rejected you will be notified within 10 days after the election.

Ted Gillis

Great, so if I use a cursive “T” while signing my name on my application, and then switch to a standard printed “T” on my ballot submission, then some handwriting expert at the clerk’s office can throw my ballot out. Under what circumstances would someone even look at a ballot signature? Wouldn’t there have to be a challenge by someone first?

Carlos Ponce

There's a committee. The fate of your ballot is not left up to one person. Remember the vote counters in Florida holding up cards looking at "hanging chads"? Tere will be several people holding your ballot up to the light to compare it. They can handle the usual number of absentee, over 65s, etc. but the Democrats want everyone to vote by mail (see the proposed Pelosi-Schumer legislation). Use of machines is left up to the programmer. Set too high all ballots get rejected. Too low all get accepted, even the fraudulent ones. Those rejected by the machine then have to be eyeballed by a human.

Best bet - vote in person of you can. Wear your mask, face shield, gloves if you are scared but that ensures your vote is counted.

Jim Forsythe

Ted, this is how they are counted now.

Before they are counted, a committee of local election officials reviews mail-in ballots to ensure that a voter’s endorsement on the flap of a ballot envelope matches the signature that voter used on their application to vote by mail. They can also compare it to signatures on file with the county clerk or voter registrar that were made within the last six years.

Jim Forsythe

Ted, just as you stated, our handwriting changes over time. The State of Texas is not using professionals to verify. Scanner have a better track record than humans doing the job. The new bill , if passed would make sure you were contacted if your ballot was rejected ,so you could correct it, and your vote would count. In Texas if your ballot is rejected, your vote does not count.

This is what is happening, the following was from AUG. 7, 2019.Federal lawsuit claims Texas' mail-in ballot procedures are unconstitutional. It alleges that the state law that allows “untrained local election officials to arbitrarily and subjectively” reject mail-in ballots based on mismatching signatures violates the Fourteenth Amendment, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Voting rights groups have successfully challenged signature verification laws in other states using similar arguments in recent years. More than a dozen states require some form of notification if a voter’s ballot is being challenged because of a signature mismatch and give voters the opportunity to verify their ballots so they are counted.

Jim Forsythe

If you knew the answer, why did you act like you did not. My misreading is a reason for not having mail in ballots?

Texas is work towards using a electronic signature capture devices. Many states are plus they are using scanners' for mail on ballot counting..

In accordance with HB 2373, the SOS has prescribed rules regarding the approval and use of electronic signature capture devices for use with the signature roster.

It may not be long until Texas starts using a scanner for counting. If they do, it most likely be a Hart machine or one that is compatible with their systems.

With all the excuses you have posted, why you do not like the new rules that are part of a proposed bill.

Why are you against mail in ballots for all? In Texas, If your ballot is rejected you will be notified within 10 days after the election. In this bill you would be notified, so you could correct the problem, so your vote would count.

I have answered all your concerns that you posted. The answers were in the text that you posted a link to.

Carlos Ponce

The 542 voting machines Galveston County now uses costs of $3.2 million. The units they replaced were 10 years old. Doubtful they will replaced anytime soon.

HB 2373 was signed into law June 14, 2013. It does NOT refer to signature verification of mail-ins. What does it refer to? When you go vote IN PERSON remember how you signed your name on an alphabetized list of voters? This replaces it: "The signature roster may be in the form of an electronic device approved by the secretary of state that is capable of capturing a voter’s signature next to the voter’s name on the device. The secretary of state shall adopt rules governing the processing of electronic signatures captured under this subsection."

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