Laura Elder's editorial on the Texas electric power grid points to the corruption and ineptness of our current representatives in Austin, including our current governor ("Texans will pay for freeze fiasco for years to come," The Daily News, Nov. 16).

Once again, the poor and middle class will suffer, so the power brokers can continue to make the big bucks. Please remember this situation when we're electing our future leaders of the state at all levels.

The next elections also will be the time to remember the gerrymandering done at the county level. Texas is a mess. It's time to clean house.

Sharon Tipton

Santa Fe


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Carlos Ponce

Sharon Tipton must not be old enough to remember the Democrat Machine that once ran Galveston County. We don't want to return there.

domenico nuckols

Carlos, when are you the leader of Galveston County. Too much Trump Kool-Aide. GO BETO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carlos Ponce

Bobbie Frances (LOSER" NO'Rourke????? He won't make it through the primaries if there is an ounce of brain left in the Democrat Party.

Gary Miller

If Democrats figure out "Beto" is only interested in the money Beto ain't going anywhere. Getting rid of "Pay to Play" Democrats will improve Texas.

Emilio Nicolas

"Pay to play" is exactly the problem now.

Emilio Nicolas

With Beto, I have to agree that the Democrats just re-elected Abbott.

Dalton Logan

Oh, Beto is going to go alright[beam]

Gary Miller

Yes Dalton, he'll go back to El Paso with his pockets refilled with campaign money.

Gary Miller

Dominico .>After BETO loses he'll again put left over campaign money in his bank account.He lives high on left over campaign money. Lot better than having a real job.

Emilio Nicolas

Always looking to the past Carlos. The present is highly corrupt and you don't mind keeping it in tact?

Gary Miller

Emilio > Corruption in Texas will last as long as it's legal to vote for Democrats.

George Laiacona

Cleaning the house will be a big problem. But 👍🏻Good comment.

Bailey Jones

I agree with the sentiments in the letter, but expecting the same people who elected Abbott / Patrick / Paxton / Cruz / Trump to suddenly understand what constitutes "good" government seems most unlikely. They'll still need Abbott to protect them from brown-skinned non-citizen abortion-seeking library porn transsexual teenage athletes. And wind mills.

Carlos Ponce

"They'll still need Abbott to protect them from brown-skinned..."

Cecilia Abbott, Greg's wife, is Hispanic of Mexican descent.

Leave it to a Donkeycrat to play the race card even if it makes him look stupid.

Gary Miller

Carlos > Bailey was looking pretty stupid before he tried to use the race card.

Ted Gillis

Yes, having Cecilia is good for photo ops. Kind of like that same one black guy that was seen behind Donald Trump at all of his pep rallies.

Carlos Ponce

Sooooo, Ted telling us Blacks and Hispanics should not be seen nor heard supporting their candidate of choice.

Larry Grissom

I remember the mess Democrats made the last time they were in the drivers seat. No Thank you. As for liberal Austin... those people will never change this great State into CA. Beto has already shown America who he is, and intelligent people believed him. We don’t want his craziness. It’s why the loser lost.

Gary Miller

Larry > You sound intelligent. Do you have an explanation on why Democrats try to use again what didn't work before? Socialism has always failed but this bunch thinks they are smarter than the other failures.

Thomas Carpenter

Another loser who lost bigly is Cadet Bonespurs; he lost the House, the Senate and the Presidency.

Bailey Jones

#worstpresidentever is also #worldsbiggestloser

Loser, loser, worst since Hoover.

Carlos Ponce

Too bad Herbert Hoover listened to the Liberal factions of the country rather than emulate Calvin Coolidge. Herbert Hoover's policies are closer to Biden than President Trump.

"Is Joe Biden the second coming of Herbert Hoover?"

" President Joe Hoover- Joe Biden’s dropping numbers bring to mind Herbert Hoover’s in 1929 and the long-term damage they did to his party. Democrats could be next."

"Biden Wants to Repeat Worst Depression Mistakes of Hoover, FDR"

Charles Douglas

Kamala in 2024!!!!!!!! Pelosi for VP in 2024!!!!!!!!!!!

Gary Miller

Yes Charles and armed revolution in 2025.

Emilio Nicolas

Advocating violence and treason crosses the line even for this rag.

Ted Gillis

Are you going to join them Gary, or are you just going encourage them from the safety of your keyboard?

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