Thank you for the article (“Galveston not Porsche of Gulf, study says,” The Daily News, Nov. 7). Unfortunately, this article only addresses the Park Board of Trustees jurisdiction and doesn’t include the rest of the island.

The greater percentage of our island caters to tourism, but the picture presents itself as a neglected one, as far as clean streets and ugly buildings are concerned.

An example would be Broadway, traveled by many. The city cleans the center of the street but totally neglects the weeds and trash accumulated in the curbing on the north and south sides of the street, which eventually clog the storm drains. The same condition exists on many streets, including Avenues O and P.

Then the neglected and abandoned buildings present an “ugly” picture to the people who visit our island, as well as the residents who live here. The U.S. Post Office property is finally starting to look decent after many years of neglect, thanks to countless emails to our mayor.

The newspaper has been keeping the “Clean Galveston” theory on our minds for some time, and we hope it can keep it on the agenda of those who would like to have a “clean” environment to live and work in.

George A. Laiacona Jr.



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Charles Douglas

WARNING! WARNING! Don't adopt policies and procedures, which will eventually lead to a Galveston being like Austin, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. People will be camping on the sidewalks, using the streets and alleys as their restrooms, while the city and rain will be washing the feces and urine residue into your waterways. Just a thought!

Bailey Jones

I'm afraid Galveston is already there, Charles. When we bought our house the alley next to us was very much a latrine. Expeditious use of lights and cameras, and a few more neighbors moving in, put an end to most of it. But Galveston has a significant homeless population, and not a lot of services for them.

Bailey Jones

It may be an issue of parked cars blocking access to the sides of the roads for the street sweeper trucks. People need to take care of their own. I pick up trash regularly - usually after the robot comes by and scatters the loose trash to the winds (bag your trash, people!) and I scrape the street next to the curb with a flat shovel a few times a year to scoop up the weeds and accumulated soil to help with drainage. If everyone would just do a little, we'd have a much more beautiful city. One thing is for sure, trash breeds trash - if you don't pick it up today there will be twice as much tomorrow.

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