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David Hardee

Maris, to spend much effort to respond to my article you declare “shallow” betrays your insincerity.

I respectfully responded to the comments you made to the article. I understand your loyalty to Harrington and our mutual respected Martin l. King.

My point was that MLK Day was to be universally celebrated and that to use it as a call to activism was disruptive. That call for activism will always be a disruption of the UNIVERALLITY by stimulation a reaction from those feeling Rev. King’s intentions were not to promote better humanity.

No doubt that Harrington is a civil rights activist. I only pointed out that Harrington – unlike King – was not a purist because he had professional monetary incentives as a lawyer.

Maris, your paragraph, “I invite your readers to put the two “commentaries” side-by-side and be shocked by the contrast. James C. Harrington’s commentary was a serious and brave exposé of Martin Luther King Jr.’s thinking, intentions, life and message in the light of some of the issues being confronted by us in today’s society and in Texas (“MLK holiday an opportunity to organize for justice,” The Daily News, Jan. 18).” - is like Harrington a call for activism on MLK Day. Question – who is the US and what are the ISSUES - you are referring to? Evidently you ignored my ending response to all that commented to my article. Here it is again for your edification - None of us is without finding some condition where society is treating us unfairly. Living is a journey through a maze (puzzle). Even those that have total compatibility with the majority must struggle to find a way to navigate the maze. No matter where on earth, what government, what society, there is a maze. And if you have any peculiarity your maze is more challenging. America is doing the best on our planet. Keep the faith that struggling peacefully will get us to our desired – men of goodwill and peace on earth

Emile Pope

Do all of your comments have to be the disco version?

David Hardee

I have no idea what "disco version" means?

Emile Pope

Thank goodness. Otherwise we’d have to read another long winded narrative...

David Hardee

Emile - consistent with your history obviously "disco version" is derogatory. But as most of your quips it contributes no value to the conversation.

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