Debating each other's arguments is interesting, but doesn't get us any closer to real solutions. I'm an engineer, not a lawyer. The "what" is that regardless of an Ike Dike, and even with a barrier across San Luis Pass, every study says Galveston is vulnerable to bay-side surge flooding. That only gets worse as sea levels rise.

The challenge is the "how." I think something we can all agree on is building a levee on the north side of Galveston is an inelegant proposition. The fact that it's messy, and not necessarily popular doesn't preclude it from being done; I'm sure a lot of folks thought that about building a seawall and doing a grade raising.

There might also be some other interesting solutions for addressing bay-side surge; what about reinforcing/expanding the existing Texas City Dike, extending it to Pelican Island, gating the mouth of the harbor and connecting it to the east end of the island?

There may be other potential solutions that don't involve a messy ring levee. Even if that's the best/only solution, we're all in this boat together, so lets work collaboratively on finding the best solutions for all Galvestonians.

Jeff Patterson



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David Smith

I agree Galveston needs to be protected from the north... But you cant extend the dike to Pelican Island.. That would block the Intercoastal watetway and the Texas City Channel.. That location is one of the busiest there is when it comes to shipping.
Houston/ Intercoastal/ and Texas City all converge at that location

Rusty Schroeder

I liked your first sentence Jeff.

George Croix

Jeff, unfortunately, if the past 20 - 30 year history of other Big Projects is any indicator, the engineers won't be the deciding factor in what and how and when such a project is built....the lawyers, and politicians will....

Jarvis Buckley

What is to be for Galveston won't be determined by the local taxpaying residents. The chamber of commerce
won't have a say in it. Our local politicians probably won't even be
consulted. As a matter of fact we all know it's a long shot to even get anything done . That's were we are at right now with the obstructionist in Washington. The kiss of death would be if our President came out in support of building this levee. Pelosi
& Schemer would automatically be
Against it. Just the way politics is working now. Number one priority
destroying Trump . Even if it destroys our country.

John E Sr. Macrini

If the Government could only pass laws prohibiting Nature from excessive damage from storms, deluges, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis lightning, forest fires and such, the tax paying population would be safe. But if Nature does not cooperate and breaks the law, maybe the government should build a wall or a barrier or a curtain or a levee to prevent non-compliance from the forces of Nature...............just saying

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