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Paula Flinn

Requiring more thorough background checks is not banning guns. Colt is no longer making one of those military weapons. They agree it should not be sold to the general public. The AK and the AR have ammo that tip through the organs and a person bleeds to death before help can arrive. These guns do not need to be in the hands of the general public. The NRA has become a political bullying group whose dirty money buys off politicians, and, occasionally, a president. They made phone calls during the run up to the last election (2016) with made up dirty lies about Hillary Clinton. I know, because I received one of them. I hung up on them.

Carlos Ponce

"Requiring more thorough background checks" - Background checks are required, Paula. The only ones that do have background checks are those in "street sales". How do you regulate that? The Santa Fe shooter took his father's firearms without permission. The lad passed no background check. Also when Great-grandpa dies and leaves his hunting rifle to a relative do you think a background check should be required?

What if Paula catches a thief in her home taking what she thought was a secured firearm. Paula: "Halt! Before you take that rifle you must pass a background check!"

Gary Miller

Paula> Colt stopped making AR 15 rifles because they couldn't compete with the 17 other companies making them. Ignorant people like you don't seem to know all assault weapons were banned in the US in the 1930's and still are. You think any gun that does what the buyer wants is an assault weapon. Your political party fears armed citizens because they hope in the future to become an oppressive government. Armed citizens are your protection from progressives dreams of total control of your life. Buy your AR 15 and become part of the defense.

Paula Flinn

Ok, Gary, I’ll run right out and get one to keep next to me in my home at all times. No, I didn’t know all assault weapons were banned in the 1930’s. So now I am no longer ignorant. I was married to a Hunter for 45 years. We had deer rifles and many shotguns. I had my own .20 gauge shotgun with a shortened stock. We did a lot of dove hunting in the valley. My husband really loved goose hunting. He had several .12 gauges for that. Most of his friends liked the pump action .12 gauge he had. His favorite gun was a Ruger over and under .20 gauge. He also had a Browning “sweet sixteen.”

About a year after he died, I sold his guns which I used to claim he loved more than me! Ha, ha! They were all clean as a whistle because a favorite thing for him to do was to get out the gun cleaning kit and clean them. He constantly made sure that they were put away clean and unloaded. He had soft zippered cases for all of them. My 2 children never touched them. They were not interested in learning to shoot.

I don’t fear armed citizens, as long as they are as responsible as my husband was. Unfortunately, not all armed citizens are responsible, but I believe most are. See, I am not so ignorant after all.

We also shot skeet. My husband could shoot a perfect score.

Carlos Ponce

Colt senior VP Paul Spitale indicated the company is shifting away from ARs and toward the class 1911, Colt revolvers, and other guns Americans want for concealed carry. Spitale said: "We’re going to focus on the products that our consumers are asking for. We’ve expanded our 1911s and our revolver line, and that market has been very positive for us."

Paula: "They agree it should not be sold to the general public." A marketing move but "Spitale made clear Colt’s position on making rifles for civilians could be reversed in the future, if the market changes to support a higher production of modern sporting rifles again." -Interview with Colt senior VP Paul Spitale.

Paula Flinn

*rip through organs

Jose' Boix

The very basic element of any regulation, policy, law or procedure is continuous enforcement. Still to this day, I think about the Santa Fe student who - according to the printed information - was allowed to proceed to class wearing an inappropriate long coat; lack of enforcement of dress code. We can debate and discuss ad nauseam possible fixes, but if we can't seem to enforce what we now have, how will "new and improved: ones be managed? Same results, I believe! Just my thoughts.

Bailey Jones

Laws don't stop people from committing crimes. Therefore we shouldn't have laws. Great argument.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Jones> "Laws don't stop people from committing crimes. Therefore we shouldn't have laws. Great argument." No sir! I wouldn't go THAT far!!! However, STUPID LAWS, .....well now that is a horse of a different color! [smile]

Charles Douglas

Needless to say, an unconstitutional law, is also that "proverbial" horse of a different color...I made reference to earlier! Lol! Yall just keep pushing...won't leave well enough alone. Better think about this! What did Ole Ben Franklin Say? He said, "You got a democracy as long as you can keep It!" I think all the individuals who are out to systematically strip the constitution away from American citizens, one amendment at a time, are starting to cross a dangerous bridge to far!!!!!!! I'm not saying, but......I'm just saying......

Don Schlessinger

Sorta like we can't stop illegal aliens from crossing the border so we shouldn't have laws. Great argument.

Carlos Ponce

What stops an illegal from crossing into this country? A wall/fence/barrier. What stops a bad guy with a gun? A good guy with a gun.

Charles Douglas

Which reminds me, some years ago I was at the gun range and I observed this lady sitting up with a handgun hitting targets dead center about two miles down range! So I watch for a while! She was smiling and liking It! I remember thinking, an individual would be VERY foolish to mess with that lady!!! I must say this, now after what I've read tonight, "That lady could have been Ms Flinn!"

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