Wow. I just received the 2021 Notice of Appraised Value for our home here in Galveston. Words cannot express my total disgust with the rate of increase; not so much on my home's value, but with the land itself.

How does the land my home sits on go from $25,000 to $198,000 year over year? Does the chief appraiser at the Galveston Central Appraisal District and the Republican-led Galveston County Commissioners Court think we're made of money?

I can’t wait for the next election.

Sure, we can protest the new market value, but does anyone think it will really go back down to a reasonable value? We all know that going forward, year after year our taxes are going to increase substantially based on this new valuation. This type of increase will only drive away more middle-class families and investors in our real estate market. Seriously, does anyone think our lot without a home on it would sell for $200,000?

The new 2021 appraised values are long on greed and short on common sense. Last I noticed, inflation nationally in the United States of America is less than 2 percent. I guess we have hyperinflation here in Galveston County.

Matt Fondren


Editor's note: Just as a matter of fact, the Galveston County Commissioners Court doesn't oversee the Galveston Central Appraisal District. The districts are state entities with local boards of directors that have only limited oversight.


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Carlos Ponce

Thank you for the Editor's Note. Some need to be informed as to who is responsible for the increase in property value. It's not the "Republican-led Galveston County Commissioners Court" as the Editor notes.

Tax Assessor-Collector Cheryl Johnson used to conduct seminars on how to protest your valuations. After attending one I had the valuation reduced by following her suggestions.

John Dupla

This years taxes are way out of line. Mine exploded over 200% from last years. I agree that the states politicians are at fault for this "inflation" tactic to circumvent the "effort to lower taxes" false ploy. The State is in control to pass legislation to limit the amount of rise in property valuation. All this means we are headed into the same trap as California where land values are causing people to sell out and move. I've protested every year but I'm trapped into arguing home value one year and property value the next. Either both at the same time or limit valuation based on GPD. The State legislation can stop this and it should be soon. History tells us we're headed for an economic fall if this persist..

Karen Sawyer

This year's increases are INSANE! I've seen many that have literally doubled in one year's time. What are they trying to accomplish with these extremes because most cannot afford this.

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