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Allison Buchtien

I agree, but the last time I went to Kroger I saw employees, including a manager, not wearing a mask. It goes both ways.

Kelly Dineley

Totally agree. Let's show our support and consideration by wearing a mask when in public.

Bailey Jones

The only people who wear masks are those who are concerned about their own health, and those who are concerned about the health of others.

Michael Jozwiak

Last week I went to Kroger on the Island. I bought sliced meat at the deli and the older man serving me did not wear a mask! He was breathing only inches from the scale, the slicing machine, and the product. He ignored me when I said something. Unfortunately there were no management personnel available, but I called a complaint as soon as I got home.

Gary Miller

A NY report said 40% or their cases, not counting nursing homes, were shut ins who went out for medicine, food or other needs. They wore masks and met no one not wearing a mask but were infected anyway. Infected while wearing a mask and infected by someone wearing a mask. Masks did them no good.

Emile Pope

Which report?

Gary Miller

One by Cuomo 5 5 2020 on real news outlet. If you watch fake news you didn't see it.

Carlos Ponce

Cuomo: "What we’ve done over the past few days is we asked hospitals, look at just those new cases who are coming in, right? Yesterday, 600 new cases. Where are those people coming from and what can we learn from those people to further target and refine our strategy?" "This is a surprise. Overwhelmingly, the people were at home, where there’s been a lot of speculation about this. A lot of people, again, had opinions. A lot of people have been arguing where they come from and where we should be focusing. But if you notice, 18% of the people came from nursing homes, less than 1% came from jail or prison, 2% came from the homeless population, 2% from other congregate facilities, but 66% of the people were at home, which is shocking to us. Disproportionately older, but by the way, older starts at 51 years old. I’m a little sensitive on this point, but if older starts at 51 years old, then that’s a large number of us old folk in this state and in this country."


Bailey Jones

Sounds bogus to me, Gary. What's your source?

Gary Miller

Bailey. Cuomo 5 5 2020.

Bailey Jones

Thanks to Carlos' intrepidity, I found and read the transcript. It's actually May 6th, not May 5th. NO WHERE does he say anything like "They wore masks and met no one not wearing a mask but were infected anyway." There is no reference to whether or not the home bound cases were wearing masks, or who they met or what they did. You can read both yourself:



I suggest that, if you're going to quote him, you actually watch the Cuomo briefings, - you can find them on "MSM" live and in real time, not redacted and "interpreted" by Republican Party shills. If you had been watching yesterday, as I was, you would have heard the governor say this:

"Logic would have suggested that first responders would have had the highest infection rate. Just common sense. The nurses, the doctors, the EMS workers who are first responding to COVID positive people, working with COVID positive people all day long, they had to have the highest infection rate. Just logic. Think about those emergency rooms. People working 12, 14, 16, 18 hours a day with COVID positive people, they must have had the highest infection rate. NYPD first responders, fire department, they must have had a higher infection rate. The first responders, the frontline workers wind up having a lower infection rate than the general population in that area. How can that possibly be? Because the PPE works, those masks work. We’ve literally tested all the frontline workers, transit workers they’re driving the buses, they’re encountering hundreds of people a day, they’re driving the trains, subway system, on stations in cars, healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, hospital, staff, NYPD, fire department, correction officers in state prisons with a congregate population, state police, office of court administration, they all have a lower percentage than the general population."

Cary Semar

It's a crapshoot Gary. You got to know the odds and bet accordingly.

Ted Gillis

Great logic Gary.

You should run for office.

Gary Miller

Ted. I'm not dis honest enough to get elected.

Isabel Collier

If you want to run around wearing a cloth over your face that's fine. But please don't try to shame me to participate in your hysteria. These are delusional beliefs, yet they demonstrate the degree of paranoia that has infected the population. Every day the lockdown continues, its implicit message that we are all going to die if we engage in normal life is reinforced. Polls show an increasing number of Americans opting to continue the economic quarantine indefinitely lest they be ‘unsafe’. The longer that belief is reinforced, the less likely it will be that consumers will patronize reopened restaurants or board airplanes in sufficient numbers to bring the economy back to life.

Donna Spencer

Isabel, you are like so many these days. You don't let facts get in the way of your opinion. Science doesn't matter to you.

Isabel Collier


Maybe you would like to share some of "Your" science with us. The science I saw said there will be over one million deaths from this virus just in the USA. Is this the science facts you're refuring to?

Charles Douglas

[thumbup][thumbup] Ms. Collier

Wayne D Holt

Here's the science, Ms. Spencer: 1) The WHO does not currently recommend mask wearing unless 2) you are caring for someone who you know has the virus or 3) you are caring for someone and you have the virus 4) Jennie Harries, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the UK, said wearing masks as a general practice is not recommended unless you have a specific vulnerability because exposure to viral particles may lodge in the mask material where you repeatedly breathe them in 5) two University of Illinois epidemiological researchers studying mask use said the cloth mask so many wear with the idea they are a bulwark against spreading or inhaling viral particles were tested at as little as 2% effectiveness 6) wearing a mask that is not tight to the face allows wearers to exhale and blow their respiratory waste to the side rather than the front 7) another infectious disease researcher said rebreathing your own respiratory waste for no reason makes as much sense as ingesting other waste products the body produces.

Enough science for now.

jimmy winston

Everyone cares about following the rules until they apply to them. How inconsiderate are you?

Carlos Ponce

What rules? It was not an order to wear a mask, but a recommendation. Democrat Harris County judge Hildago had to rescind her order.

Gary Miller

Isabel> Face masks were invented to protect from dust, smoke and industrial pollution not for a virus. Ditch the mask, get some sun and live again.

Susan Smith

Well said

Ted Gillis

I’m not participating in hysteria, but apparently you are Isabel.

Wayne D Holt

The six foot social distancing rule? Someone post the study that concluded that was effective. Spoiler alert: there aren't any. It was an arbitrary number chose during the Bush (gasp!) administration during the SARs infection. If you look at other countries, you will see NO uniform distancing recommended since there is no science that establishes what "everyone" knows is fact.

Hysteria? Ah...no. Facts.

James Stephenson

I can guarantee you no one in the grocery stores is wearing their masks for 8 straight hours. I went to a doctor last week, same there. Some had to take their masks off. Got to have a breather!

Allison Buchtien

I find this graphic helpful in illustrating the importance of wearing a mask in public. https://images.app.goo.gl/AikqfUN1ANPmPUSu6

Kelly Naschke

Let’s see how many of you sheeple are still wearing a mask when it’s in the 90’s everyday.

Terri Abraham

Not sure why some feel a need to call people with the opposite opinion names. If you want to wear a mask, wear one. If you don't want to wear one, don't. Can't we just respect each other as fellow human beings?

Cary Semar

I wear a mask to protect you. You don't wear a mask because you don't care about me.

Terri Abraham

Cary, I wear a mask for the same reason.

I'm not sure if your post was in response to mine or not, but thought I'd share that I understand the reasons for wearing a mask and think it's the right thing to do. I also know there are a lot of people who don't want to, for whatever reason.

My post was just a response to the grade school name calling that goes on in the comment section so often. It bothers me that so many feel the need to resort to that.

Cary Semar

Got it, thanks.

Wayne D Holt

Here's a twist: How about you don't worry about how I choose to protect myself and instead just take responsibility for your own health?

The problem is way too many people at all levels of government and civilian life want to take responsibility for protecting me, even though I never asked them to.

I don't wear a mask in most (not all) instances because they are unnecessary, the science doesn't support it (see my other post here), and it is toxic to breathe my respiratory waste to provide an imaginary benefit to you.

I do care about you. I also respect you and will give you a very wide berth if you appear to be anxious being around someone without a mask on. What I won't do is cave to pseudo science and poison my own breathing so you can feel safer, even though there is nothing to suggest that is the case.

As the youngsters say, you do you and I'll do me.

Isabel Collier

I don't wear a mask because I'm smart enough and care enough to know that if I feel ill I would not go out in public. I can only hope you would do the same.

Terri Abraham

One of the dangerous things about the corona virus is that people can have it and spread it without having symptoms. So you may not feel I'll at all and still infect other people.

Leigh Cowart

I agree....this is America. I support your right to go without a mask, support mine to wear one. If you don't agree with how business is handling the public, and you've shared your concern with management, don't support them. Likewise with grocery stores. No need to engage in personal attacks. We have many more months ahead of us and lots of emotional issues to get through and this mask argument is at the bottom of my list. You DO YOU and I'll DO ME.

Wayne D Holt


Wayne D Holt

Would give you 200 [thumbup]s for this, Terri. I understand having different opinions, feeling strongly about a position and trying to marshal facts to persuade others of the wisdom of your position and not an opposing one.

What I don't understand is why people allow themselves to resort to name calling. It can't be said to improve chances of persuading others, it makes us more likely to miss information we need to hear and it not conducive to an America that used to be able to disagree without bringing out the hand axes.

No matter how we feel about masks, vaccines, social distancing, the Lone Star Rally or the price of bananas, maybe we can try to be a little more fact based and a little less emotional in our responses.

I try to do that and don't always succeed. Maybe others feel the same way.

Carlos Ponce

maskaphobia - fear of people who wear masks

no-maskaphobia -fear of people who don't wear masks

PD Hyatt

Most of you newbies that are clamoring for everyone to wear a mask have no clue about how to wear them. Those cloth masks that people are wearing are not worth the time. Many who want everyone to wear them do not understand that the moment that they put their hands to their face while in public or right after being in public without cleaning them just transferred the germs (if any were on your hands) to your face. Some of us find it amusing watching all of you newbies wearing your masks, as before all of this started (long before) some of us have been wearing masks for years, and I always found it hilarious when I was in a store shopping that when people saw me walking down the isle most would turn around and go the other way the moment that they saw me. The ones on chemo, people without a immune system totally compromised because of being an transplant survivor know what it is like to wear a mask all of the time when they leave the house. When this first hit, my wife and I shook our heads in disbelief over all of the hysteria that the MSM was spouting, as she would tell friends and family welcome to our world as we have lived with this for 7 years. Living in fear is not healthy and that is what we have seen many doing over the last couple of months! Silly if you ask me, because the flu is far worse than this Wuhan virus that was released in China!

Dan Freeman

Mr. Hyatt I empathize with your immuno-compromized condition. It is for you and others that I wear a mask to protect you from my possible infectivity. However, it is a mistake to believe Covid-19 is not worse than flu. To date more than 90,000 Americans have died from Covid-19 and 2,000 more die each day. Flu deaths are estimated where as Covid death are confirmed. The likely toll is much much higher.

Moreover we know a great deal about seasonal flu and its treatment. This is not true of Covid-19. For example the immunilogical response to an infection in children is largely unknown.

Finally, more than 100 health care workers have died from Covid-19, many times the number of flu deaths.

So be aware of the dangers of this disease, maintain social distance and good hygiene, and wear your N-95 mask to protect your health and mine.

Kelly Naschke

Question for all you mask geniuses.....if masks work.,,,,,,,,

WHY WERE PRISONERS RELEASED...,,and not just given a mask?

Bailey Jones

The short answer is - they ARE being given masks.


The longer answer is - Because masks only HELP reduce the spread of COVID-19. They protect against casual contact with other people, like what you might find at the grocery store. They will not protect you 100% from the infected person you share a cell with. They will not protect you 100% while you're eating in the prison cafeteria three times a day.

The question you should be asking is, are the guards wearing masks? The answer is yes - yes, they are.

Ted Gillis

Ask Paul Manafort. He was just released.

Kelly Naschke

How about I ask the guy that just murdered the 80 year old woman in Houston, Einstein???

Ted Gillis

Why, did they just release him? I think not.

Just so you know, I happen to like ole’ Albert.


Holly Hopkins

I could not agree more. There is absolutely no reason I cannot wear a mask while waiting in line, while placing my order, while picking up food. If it helps in any way those being of, proving a service to me feel and be safer I’m more than happy to do it! I am not hurt in any way by wearing a mask, and if it has a chance of reducing risk to myself or others then why in the heck would I not take such a path? Additionally, we all want our businesses and community centers to reopen. These places can only do so to the extent that the general public allows us to follow the guidelines laid out. If businesses etc are doing everything they can to follow these guidelines yet patrons won’t follow the 6ft of distance we are required to ensure this puts us all in a no-win situation. My father used to say “freedom is liberty with restraint”. If we elect to practice restraint then the need to impose restrictions which curtail our liberties and reduce our freedoms are dramatically reduced.

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