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Carlos Ponce

Thank you for your service, Franklin Godek. But Randy will still be re-elected. Your letter is understandably short on details. Hopefully you provided more with the Congressman as he'll still be there.

Norman Pappous

Congressman Weber owns one of the nation's most responsible voting records and has earned re-election.

Gary Miller

Randy's next move should be to Governor or Senate.

Michael Jozwiak

Just don't get between Randy "Photo Op" Weber and a camera!

Gary Miller

Good chance Randy will move on soon. To a senate seat hopefully.

Diane Turski

Vote for Mikal D. Williams in November!!

George Croix

Yes, if you like our country’s current status and direction as a whole, vote ’progressive’ and bring that level of success to our state…..

Maybe get Hollywood actor Mathew McConaughey to change his mind and run for election. Right this very minute he’s on the Presidential Press Podium, delivering an impassioned plea for ‘gun control’ that in delivery makes even my poor communicating seem doctoral level in comparison, taking over for a bit for our new History Making Presidential Gay Black Press Secretary who, to date, has proven the job value value of box checking over ability. Now, one might think our President or a Cabinet member or high ranking admin. official would be on hand in person to implore for another of the lefts damp dreams, but, no, get a person who makes his living pretending to be something else, from Fantasy Land.


Never mind………………..

Thomas Carpenter

"Your letter is understandably short on details." So poncetificates the patronizing fascist who has yet to show one iota of evidence about a stolen election. The only thing stolen around here is the $1,000 you pocketed from Bailey. Pay your bet Ponce. You have about as much credibility as your prophets.

Ted Gillis

Carlos Ponce, the one who is in love with Putin? That Carlos Ponce?

Carlos Ponce

Must be a different Carlos Ponce. The singer from Puerto Rico?

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