I live on the West End of Galveston. I'm always ready to help somebody in need, but I think what we need now is an adult version of the story "The Ant and the Grasshopper."

I'm just tired of so many people pointing fingers and expecting others to do for them what they should've done for themselves. I don't want to come off as uncaring. I know that a lot of folks really needed help, but a lot of those folks were just grasshoppers when they should've been in ant mode.

Maybe they should hand out "The Ant and the Grasshopper" book with the cases of water.

Becky Dundee



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Carlos Ponce

In the version I grew up with the grasshopper played all day while the ant worked to prepare for the winter. Not prepared for hard times led to the grasshopper's death.

In the modern version the ant shares with the grasshopper.

And in the newly revised version, the ant shares with the grasshopper and BOTH die since the ant's total work produced only enough for his needs.

In the inner city version the grasshopper kills the ant to take what the goods for himself.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Ponce, I rolled over laughing at your post! Lololo. I must say this OP-ED is a great piece of work! It was short and to the point! I also must say this Op-Ed does not fit with the Ideology of some who wants citizens to stay totally dependent in society! It is the cornerstone of the process of Control! Control is satanic wherever you find it going on, because it is a stumbling block to freedom in any area of life weather it be in government, politics, family, or in a relationship! Lastly, let me say that I like many, did well doing this last weather fiasco, because I emulated the Ant, and NOT THE GRASSHOPPER!

Ms. Dundee could have elected to use the tale about the Ten Virgins who ventured out to meet the Bridegroom, ( Matthew 25: 1-13 ) five who were foolish and NOT prepared, and five who were wise, and were prepared, but I think she "SLAPPED" this one out the "proverbial park" anyway! Thank you Ms. Dundee for reminding us of something we need to be cognizant of each day.

Gary Scoggin

Charles, you forgot to mention China. Just checking to make sure that you are okay.

Charles Douglas

See I know that "OG" is a RED CHINA surrogate, who will defend them before he will stand for his country! So if he thinks he can shame me off of criticizing Red China, or his "SLAVE PARTY".. he surely do not know me Ahhh-tall! Keep trying though, because I will not ever quit calling CHINA out, or those who supports them! [wink]

Charles Douglas

I also want to say that I admire how "OG" passionately jumps right in with both feet in his efforts to protect RED CHINA! I wish more folks would step up for America like that!

Roy Hughes

Written by Lynne Springer

Mr. Ponce, It sounds like you need to make some changes. You obviously are a grasshopper and not only that, you think that ant needs to care for all of your needs. It sounds like your grasshopper got what was due. Helping is one thing but, to expect one to take care of all your needs is another thing. It sounds like grasshopper is selfish. Maybe you need to make a change in your perception. Instead of telling the people of Galveston county the untold evolution of the grasshopper and the ant you can make some adjustments and join us ants. I agree with Ms. Dundee.

Carlos Ponce

"You obviously are a grasshopper" WRONG!

Gary Miller

America's inner cities are full of grasshoppers. They look like locus, swarm like locus and ravage what doesn't belong to them like locus. Political correctness say they can't be called what they really are.

Charles Douglas

Amen! & Amen! Brother Miller. Preach!!!

Bailey Jones

Qu'ils mangent de la brioche?

Carlos Ponce

No Bailey, " If anyone is unwilling to work, he shall not eat.” 2 Thessalonians 3:10

Charles Douglas

I must say something very important, ..I saw Trump Diesel yesterday, man he was great! He spoke like a leader, & not like some mealy-mouth Communist, Ex KKK affiliate, who has relegated himself to led by a "JUNTA" unaccountable to the people. I'm speaking of BEIJING JOE, who just agreed to fork over almost 500 BILLIONS of American Taxpayer funds to the Paris Climate Accord when Red China, is only paying 39 Billion a year, and for the NEXT ten years won't be asked to comply or meet any, or very few climate change mandates! It is the same with Russia and India! The people running America today are not working for Americans! The majority of them are working for CHINA, who is the pawn of the ANTICHRIST, whose spirit is already working today, paving the way for destruction to take place in the earth! ( 1 John 4:2-4 ).

Charlotte O'rourke

I took this fable analogy as a moral lesson that self entitlement is a disease that can destroy. Too much self entitlement with unrealistic expectations while waiting for others to do the work and pay for the privilege creates a burden of debt and NOT gratitude.

“There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.” - John Adams

Charles Douglas

Amen! Allow me to piggy back on your eloquent analysis, and add this:

"Owe no man anything, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law." Romans 13:8.

" The rich ruled over the poor, and THE BORROWER IS SLAVE TO THE LENDER!" Proverbs 22:7.

Note**** I can see why we have an Over-abundant amount of Red China Surrogate operating in America today!!!!!! They look at us as indentured slaves, because we owe them billions, or more than that!!!!

Don Schlessinger


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