Mere moments after the Minneapolis jury convicted former police officer Derek Chauvin, 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant was fatally shot by a Columbus, Ohio, police officer.

Police released video of the incident that clearly shows her wielding a knife and in the act of trying to stab another teenage girl.

The shooting drew quick condemnation from democratic leaders.

“She was a child,” the White House wrote in a Wednesday statement concerning the shooting.

Why aren't any Democratic leaders grateful that a highly trained police officer was able to save the life of the intended victim?

Paula Smith



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Dwight Burns

What does it matter when a teenager is killed, a family is in mourning, the political party, if they even vote, belongs too?

Norman Pappous

@Dwight - because one political party is attempting to demonize, defund, and diminish police’s contribution to society. Ever seen the hashtag #ACAB? Where are the thanks from community leaders for saving the life of a young girl who was about to be stabbed? Their silence on that point is loud and clear.

Dwight Burns

Death favors no political party. And I, for one, know and respect law and order. However, I do understand, the questing of deadly force in many killings taking place by those who have taken an oath to protect and serve. Ones political belief has no place when it comes to Law and order.

Bailey Jones

Dwight, it only matters if your intent is to score political points. We have two competing narratives in this country. One is "why are the police killing so many people of color" and the other is "see - this is why police are killing so many people of color".

The conversation that we should be having is, "why is armed force our justice system's only response to expired tags, or other trivial violations?" The DMV knows whose tags are expired - there's no need for armed officers to be addressing this. We use cameras and collection letters to prosecute toll violators and red-light runners all the time - there is no reason why an armed response should be our only response to situations that don't involve an imminent threat of violence. Why are we sending armed officers to deal with situations of homelessness, or drug addiction, or mental illness? Police should not be the only response that we, as a society, have to these situations.

There was a very good interview Thursday night on NPR's Fresh Air, with Yale professor Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff who has spent his career collecting data on police actions and thinking about alternatives that may work better - such as in Ithaca, NY, where they tossed out the existing police department and replaced it with the Department of Community Solutions and Public Safety, focused on public health and public safety, not just punitive police action.

It's a complicated problem, and it won't be solved by not making changes to a system that was created to maintain America's racial hierarchy. It's time to reinvent our policing and justice systems so that they truly do protect and serve - all of us.

Dwight Burns

Amen to your comment Bailey Jones.

Ted Duck

Bailey, why don't you form a group of concerned citizen volunteers to go into homeless, drug addicted, and mental illness situations so the police don't have to? I would add "family disturbances" as well. Seattle and Portland could really use you.

Bailey Jones

Because I'm not a trained social worker, Ted Duck.

Gary Miller

Bailey> During the period that 18 black criminals were killed by police 105 police were killed by black criminals. I'd like a new federal law that when a criminal is killed resisting arrest it would be called "Justifiable homicide". Blacks need to learn breaking a law then resisting arrest is hazardous to their lives.

Kenneth Cambiano

Well said Dwight. A lot of this would go away if people would do what they are told by the police. Let’s stop making criminals into heroes.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Cambiano> [thumbup][thumbup]

Raymond Lewis

What a novel idea; people should "just do what they're told".

Norman Pappous

What a novel idea. If you are in the act of stabbing someone, ignore the commands of a duly appointed law enforcement officer that is pointing their service pistol at you.

Kenneth Cambiano

When someone is committing a crime or is a suspect and a police officer tells you to stop only fools don’t listen.

Bailey Jones

Another story that I guess conservative media didn't think you needed to hear -

Newark re-imagined its police department and retrained its officers to practice de-escalation - "the true test of that training was on May 30 during a Black Lives Matter protest in which about 1,700 people swarmed a precinct in an attempt to take it over. Not one shot was fired during the incident and nobody was severely injured."

"At the same time, crime is dropping, and police recovered almost 500 illegal guns from the street during the year. They hired more Black and brown officers, began training programs based on best practices, required any officer who uses force in any way to report it in detail, and for the supervisor to review it. The bad cops were suddenly outed."

Policing can be made better while cities are made safer. This ignorant attitude that nothing must ever change is the problem.

Carlos Ponce

De-escalation is already part of police training. Both stories made Conservative news and talk shows last year.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Ponce> [thumbup][thumbup]

Ted Gillis

Which story did Gary Miller listen to?

Gary Miller

I ask. Why are three times as many white criminals arrested without as many being killed as black criminals. WE need some education for black criminals that breaking the law then resisting arrest is hazardous conduct.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Miller, don't fret sir! I got your answer! It is because the LEFT has done a masterful job of lying through their teeth concerning Race in this country! They are rewriting history to say what they want history to say! The only way you can change history is to lie your [censored] off!!!!! "This statue got to come down," "this name on the building is Racist" "this word used today is an affront to minorities", is all part of the LEFT'S Plan to install a one political party rule in this country.

All anyone got to do is open their eyes up in order to see it all! Well one might want to also take his/her head out of the sand too! You don't even have to be smart to figure it out! Check out how they are trashing out the police, and the military now!

Think that is insignificant? No it is not, it is a master stroke in their plan to.take over permanently! Think trying to take our guns, and shutdown free speech are insignificant? No sir they are not, because they are important pieces of the takeover puzzle or plan! If I am wrong, then why would anyone, any group, or organization want or seek to do all these things and more? Stacking the Supreme Court, Stacking the Senate, Rigging elections, Riding minorities by stirring them up with SLAVE talk, constant RACE-BAITING with JIM CROW accusations toward conservatives, and suppressing quality education in Democratic strongholds and inner-cities where minorities resides!

You mention school choice, or school vouchers to the LEFT, and it is like hurting a family member of theirs!! That is taboo to them! From experience, I know about JIM Crow! I know about the advantages of a quality education, and the disadvanges of a lousy one! I know about the workings, and games of Democrats play,...because I was one for DECADES! My parents were Democrats ALL THEIR LIVES, so I don't need a crash course on who they are, and what they want! I am a strong proponent of something my dad told me so many years ago, " Son ..when you know better,...YOU DO BETTER!"[wink]

Michael Moriarty

When you limit the ability of a police officer to defend themselves or other's property, you better arm yourself because without the deterrent effect of a police presence, you have entered the "Old West," but without juries sympathetic to a hint of self-defense. But, a wise judge once told me, if you pull a gun, you better use it to kill, because dead men are poor witnesses!

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