It's always a blessing when one lives in a development and has the same property manager for eight-plus years. It's truly a blessing when this occurs in a public housing community, especially due to the number of residents that depart and arrive.

Often times the development manager's hands are tied because issues cross into other departments; such as maintenance, information technology or resident services; albeit the development manager has to deal with the many complaints — and few compliments.

The development manager at Gulf Breeze, Michelle Holt, is a dedicated professional that appears to deal with these issues with ease and a smile. She knows exactly what to say to calm a resident's fears or concerns. She has a "team," the assistant manager in Mary Toussant, that's equally professional. When an issue arises I know a near perfect solution is to follow with Holt/Toussant team working on a solution. Separately and together, they're kind, caring, compassionate, understanding, empathetic and professional.

When you see either or both of these ladies, a smile and a thank you to the both of them is well earned and deserved.

Jeff Taylor



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Charles Douglas

"Administration at Gulf Breeze is a godsend." Agape love, can come forth at anytime, and anyplace from a qualified spirit of an individual, and is powered by a decision! It consists of a practical expression of compassion or caring kindness given to benefit another in lack, need or want! I would say this definition adequately describes what is going on with the managing administration you are referring to here! Amen! So nice and thoughtful of you to recognize Good Samaritan-ism when it is displayed in a world where HATE and apathy is growing like wild weeds!

Gary Miller

They arrive looking for free, leave because it wasn't.

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