Wake up, people.

On June 20, the Republicans blocked the voter's right to vote bill, called the For the People Act. This action makes it very plain and simple: Republicans don’t care about America or her people.

They only care about themselves and their rich friends. They want to take away the people’s right to vote. This isn't what they were elected to do.

America’s government was always intended to be of the people, for the people and by the people. We hired them to take care of our democracy and the people of the United States. But they're willing to destroy our country so that they can “win,” and they could care less about “we the people.” And so with blatant disrespect for all of us, they puff their chest out and say, "We'll show those Democrats.”

What will be next? A bill to make it illegal to vote unless you're a Republican?

They know they need to win the midterms. They're chipping away at the rights of "all" Americans. They still believe their power lies in a "Dictatorship in 2024;" will it be Trump? Cruz? Hawley? Abbott? Or will America continue to be a democracy?

Your vote will decide.

L. Davied Bond



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Carlos Ponce

L. Davied Bond is confused. This was NO voter right bill. This may have been named "For the People Act" but it was actually promoting voter fraud.

Thomas Carpenter

More lies from the Elephant tent.

Carlos Ponce

Thomas Carpenter is incorrect.

George Laiacona

We can only hope that more intelligent Americans see what the Republicans are doing to our democracy and vote for anyone but a Republican . The present Republican leaning toward the towards the end of democracy is not a good thing for us. Because of their drastic mistake of January 6th they are

attempting to inject the quote from Christ on Good Friday. When he said “Forgive them father for they know not what they do “. By paraphrasing, they just replaced the the word Father “ with the word Judges.

Diane Turski

"They" also knew what they were doing on Jan. 6 - attempting a coup against this country with the help of inside traitors who are still actively plotting against our democratic republic to increase their authoritarian grip on power.

Carlos Ponce

George Laiacona, once the truth is revealed it is doubtful people identifying with the Democrat Party will be very sucessful.

Diane Turski

Ha! Ha! Who is going to reveal the "truth", Carlos? Might it be the grifter sponsored film "The Big Rig" starring the owner of the Cyber Ninjas? For your sake, I hope you did not send in the $45 they are asking of the gullible to watch the film. Sheesh.

Carlos Ponce

Soon, the truth will be so overwhelming the Liberal Press will have to cover it and admit they were wrong.

Gary Miller

The US thankfully is not a Democracy. We are a representive Republic our founders were wise enough to avoid Democracy as a national policy. Some down ballot, city or state positions are selected by demoratic vote. Our government is based on popular vote below national level. Never on Democracy which is and was viewed as Mob rule.

Dan Freeman

Mr. Miller writes: “The US thankfully is not a Democracy. We are a representive {sic} Republic our founders were wise enough to avoid Democracy as a national policy.” Nonsense. The United States has always been a democratic republic. Congress has always been popularly elected. The Senate became popularly elected with Seventeenth Amendment. Moreover, the franchise was repeatedly expanded by the 15th Amendment, 19th Amendment, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and its five subsequent amendments. The current proposal, For the People Act, merely continues a process that began in 1789. It is astonishing the Republic has survived systematic attempts through the Virginia Slave Codes, Dredd Scott, Jim Crow, and repeated filibusters to limit the franchise to the those of European descent.

Stephanie Martin

How in the world does this “For the People Act” take away the right to vote?

Carlos Ponce

HR1 encourages fraudulent voting, diminishing truthful voting.

"The bill removes several restrictions within the voting system and proposes to expand voting rights to felons, including those who are serving life sentences.

The bill also legalizes ballot harvesting, something many states are working hard to stop.

The bill also sends out absentee or mail-in ballots as well as forces states to count ballots that arrive by mail as late as 10 days after the election. "

"H.R. 1 would federalize and micromanage the election process, imposing unnecessary, unwise, and unconstitutional mandates on the states.

It would reverse the decentralization of the American election process—an essential protection of our liberty and freedom.

It would implement nationwide the worst changes in election rules that occurred in 2020 and further damage or eliminate basic security protocols."

"37 Things to Know About H.R. 1, ‘For the People Act’"


Diane Turski

Ha! Ha! Carlos, haven't you learned anything about the credibility of your references yet- breitbart again - really?

Carlos Ponce

Breitbart is more reliable than the Liberal Press. They did not lie to the public about Russian collusion. They did not lie to you saying Hunter's laptop was Russian disinformation. They did not lie to you saying Hydroxychloroquine would not help pandemic victims, etc, etc, etc. But there are still some who believe those falsehoods.

Ted Gillis

That’s why I never click on any of Carlos’s links. You never know what kind of right wing viruses will infect your computer.

Stephanie Martin

What I meant to say was, how is opposition to this going to stop anyone from voting?

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