This letter is in response to Ray Holbrook’s letter ("Opposition to Ike Dike is uninformed, selfish," The Daily News, March 9): I'm appalled that Holbrook is so selfish as to want other taxpayers to pay over $30 billion dollars for a dike to be built to protect his own property when he should be protecting it himself by building properly and insuring adequately.

He wants to selfishly destroy coastal areas with a monstrous levee, but he just doesn't want it in his own backyard. It should be up to each individual or business that chooses to locate themselves in risky areas to protect themselves.

That risk shouldn't be passed on to the general public.

Matt Pace

Crystal Beach


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Jarvis Buckley

No need to worry . Coastal barrier will never happen. Complain about another issue😀.

Gary Miller

I don't think any of the Pro or Con storm protection people are selfish. Each are supporting something they believe other people want. If any are greedy it would be the elected people expecting to pocket as much of the cost as possible. Their service fee.

Robert Braeking

Anyone who builds a permanent structure on a barrier island is a fool. Those who lend money on such structures are fools. Those who insure such structures are fools.

There was a time when a beach house was expendable.

Gary Miller

A fancy house on the beach is tax base. If the city can't afford loosing that tax base they shouldn't let it be built. Building codes should require construction that won't be harmed by a storm.

Susan Fennewald

And how do you propose the city prevent them building a house? It's their property and they'll sue if you don't let them build. If they lose the house and the property - well, its their property.

Gary Miller

Susan. Try building on your property without a permit. City will require it be torn down. Solution, if there is one, would be a building code requiring storm proof construction.

Robert Braeking

Gary, there is no such thing as storm proof construction. All these building code requirements are preventing me from building a pole barn. If it blows away I can build 5 more from the money I saved from not having to comply with wind storm requirements. My neighbor has a hay barn that Alicia leaned one way. Ike stood it back up straight. What's the harm in that?

Jarvis Buckley

What Gary Miller stated is exactly the Truth.

Paul Harrington

I cannot wait until another big storm comes in and creates an even BIGGER tax bill for the disaster relief. Then we can all sit there like idiots for not doing anything about it. We've only had 11 years to try to figure something out. Maybe another couple hundred dead mixed in with some multi-billion dollar federal and state assistance (that we pay for) and a massive environmental disaster and we'll do something about it. Who knows? I'm young so I'll wait for the baby boomers to do what they do best and kick the can down the road for someone else (me) to deal with.

Jarvis Buckley

Actually Paul over a hundred years.

Robert Braeking

Unlike Paul, I do not believe it the responsibility of government to use our money to bail out fools who build on the beach. By the same token I don't believe it the role of government to prevent a fool from being a fool. If the fool couldn't find a fool to insure his property then he would not be able to find a fool to use it for collateral for a loan.

Paul Harrington

Uhhh. Were you here during Ike? Like your serious? Like... there was significant flooding downtown (not on the beach), in the neighborhoods (not on the beach), near UTMB (not on the beach). I'm no genius but it seems like it isn't just the west end........

Michelle Aycoth

At the very lease they should built the inner levy that connects to the TC levy and extends past Baytown with flood gates at the Ship Channel at the Fred Hatman Bridge , Clear Lake and Dickinson Bayou along with the TC style screw pumps. The screw pumps will help to alleviate flooding also during severe floods.
You keep the storm surge out and pump water out to the bay would be a huge step to prevent flooding during any type of storm.
Andrew Aycoth

Gary Miller

Mike. The TC screw pumps don't pump storm surge out of TC. They pump rain flooding from the city to Moses lake until Moses Lake backs up into the city. Round and round the water goes?

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