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domenico nuckols

I agree.

Chad Williams

Yes great point

Chuck DiFalco

I have been pounding the table for more than a month now about the need to reopen businesses to prevent Great Depression 2.0. And I like to visit wine bars. Case studies have shown, however, notably in South Korea, that coronavirus outbreaks (maybe only) occur when people are crowded together literally elbow to elbow for hours at a time. Many small pubs and sports bars have their business models centered around that exact scenario. Those should be the last businesses to reopen. Occasionally going to establishments with my young adult children, I'm seeing more hybrid bar/restaurant models than when I was their age. Those are better suited for physically separating customers. I don't know the exact timing of all this, but I think for bars there should be a virus-health inspection before reoccupancy. It's not rocket science. There have been kitchen health inspections since forever (SLIME in the ICE machine!), and there are fire inspections before occupancy of any business.

PD Hyatt

The government over reach deciding which business can open and which business will fail is insane at best. People are all adults and We should be responsible for our actions not the nanny state. There will be many business that will never return in this country because there were businesses that were picked to win and others that were picked to lose. If people can go to the grocery store and believe me they are NOT staying 6 feet away from each other, then what is the issue for NOT allowing the rest to open up.

Casey Alan

I really don’t know all the concern about bars. They are small businesses and are mom and pop own. They employ people who are trying to feed their children and keep a roof over their head. And let’s not forget the taxes they pay. Bars can operate just as restaurants. The governor put in some restrictions on businesses like salons and barbershops. In today’s paper you see barber who is not wearing a mask. Breaking the governor’s law. People are not following the suppose it guidelines. The governor himself put these guidelines in and then refuses to let people enforce it. Just as people said over and over again about the beach if you’re afraid of the crowds stay away from the beach. So if you’re afraid of the bars stay away from the bars. Same philosophy. Let these people get back to work and supporting their families.

Carlos Ponce

Getting drunk at a bar vs. getting drunk at home. Is there a difference? But being drunk is not good. Just ask a glass of water.

Dan Freeman

We agree getting drunk is a bad idea. At least if you are home, the need to drive is gone. Stay sober and safe.

Allison Buchtien

Probably cheaper to drink at home. Plus no need to worry about driving home.

Gary Miller

Abbot let Democrat mayors decide what should close state wide. listening to Democrats is always a bad idea. A bar serving food should have the same right to be open as a grocery store selling beer or cafe serving alcohol. Have you noticed the economy shutdown is a lot worse than a government shutdown?

Gary Scoggin

I didn’t know we had party-based elections for mayor.

Carlos Ponce

Elections are not party based but by their fruits ye shall know them, some more obvious than others.

Bailey Jones

I didn't know Abbott listened to mayors at all, much less the Democrat ones.

Carlos Ponce

You're not paying attention or have a poor news source, Bailey.

"Governor Abbott Holds Call With Texas Legislators, Mayors, And County Judges To Provide Update On Coronavirus Efforts"


Gary Miller

Gary S> What do you think D vs R primaries are for?

Gary Scoggin

I'll go back and check but I'm pretty sure that Matt Doyle, Bobby Hocking, Jason Tabor, Pat Hallisay, Jim Yarbrough and the rest weren't on a party primary ballot.

Gary Scoggin

And Gary Miller -- can you point out to me which of these are Democrats and which are Republicans?

Carlos Ponce

Speaking about bars, did anyone ever see Sam Noonan wash a drinking glass in the Long Branch Saloon? He always was seen wiping them with a cloth and he used the same cloth on every glass. I guess the alcohol killed the germs.

Note: On Gunsmoke actors would drink beer on camera but tea or colored water was used for whiskey.

Stuart Crouch

"Liquor is the Devil's lubricant" (Aunt Esther) Heathens!

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