This is an open letter to retailers announcing that their employees will not challenge customers who refuse to wear masks.

I have questions for them: What safety policies are now in place for dealing with disruptive customers? Do employees have access to security guards to deal with threatening situations? What are employees to do if someone enters the store while refusing to wear pants?

Most important, are you willing to sacrifice the health of employees and considerate customers by acquiescing to the demands of bullies?

There can be no other name than bully for individuals who refuse to follow a simple rule set out by establishments and thus endanger the health and lives of others. And, by the way, bullies have no constitutional or God-given right to enter a privately owned business without complying with rules established by that business.

Please do what you must to confront senseless bullying. Security guards or other enforcers on premises are just as important as observing other health and safety regulations.

Jaclyn Low

Texas City


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Allison Buchtien

Sad that it has come to this. In other countries people just wear the masks because they know it's for the good of the country. Why can't Americans do the same?

Patricia Smothers

The Galveston area governments are irresponsible for refusing to order the wearing of masks. The temper tantrums thrown by those irresponsible dangerous individuals that refuse to wear masks are the reason Hendley Market along with many other businesses are closed. We care about our employees and customers. Why should "SPREADERS rights" supersede others? We learn to use indoor plumbing for the safety of the community, wear seatbelts for protection, masks are a very small effort to prevent the spread of the virus. Your freedoms stop at my nose.

Gary Miller

A better idea being used by more intelligent businesses is temp. A temp rise to 100.4 or more is a perfect indicator of infection. Checking employees temp every 4 hours and customers temp on entry is far better than masks. A CDC DR. on TV said check your mask's security. If you can smell a fart, cut onion or baking bread while wearing one you have zero protection. A NY health Department announcement said 60% of NY or NJ patients were infected while wearing a mask. 40% of them were infected by people wearing masks. They don't think masks had any effect on infection rate.

Allison Buchtien

What if a person is asymptomatic? That means they wouldn't have a fever. A mask is the safe way to prevent the spread.

Gary Scoggin

For the hundredth time, masks are for the protection of others, not for the protection of you. And by the way, things you smell are transported at the molecular level, the coronavirus is carried at the droplet level, which is thousands of time bigger than a molecule. Not that it matters because that’s not what masks in this context are for.

Bailey Jones

Gary, for the 100th time, please stop spreading this lie about NY. It is a LIE. Stop spreading ignorance and start spreading the truth.

Gary Miller

Safety consious employers are using the better method. Temp checks every four hours on employees and on every customer on entry..

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