With the outdoor season upon us, and hearing all about recent events on Bolivar, officials should make a safer plan for those going on the Texas City Dike.

Rather than causing a traffic slow-down by collecting money before you enter the dike, why not issue a pass to go onto but in order to exit, you pay then. This way, not only do you prevent traffic backups all the way through neighborhoods, but you also slow down any DWIs or under the influence cases before they get on the main roads creating a possible injury or even casualty.

Before the next school year comes around, why can't the school district and the city get together and set a single time window for all school zones? Instead of having a different time per campus, make a single timeframe to cover all both in the morning and afternoon, thereby making no excuses for drivers to not know when and where they can travel at their pace.

Doing this would not only make it safer for the residents, but also take quite a load off our officers back that have to scramble from point A to B for nonsense.

Joseph Everett

Texas City


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Gary Miller

Joe. You are out of order. TC has been improving the dike road and facilities for several years. If the toll booth backup on busy days bothers you please remember it was caused by more people pleased with the dike. When the new lighted tee head pier the city is building on the north side of the two mile area is finished the backup might increase.

Joe Everett

Unless you are a resident within even four blocks of the dike and the neighborhoods at the entrance of the dike, you have no idea how these guest put us residents at risk by cutting through these streets at a abnormal rate of speed to get around the main roads leading to the dike. Case in point!

Gary Miller

Joe. Monday may 27, memorial day the TC Dike was busier than I can ever remember. Traffic on dike road was almost bumper to bumper. All the north side beaches were full of people enjoying the day. The wait time at the toll booth was only 10 or 15 seconds.

Lyra Mitchell

The problem with setting a single time for all schools is that they have different start times. I suppose they could just extend the window to cover all the schools’ times, but I doubt that would ease congestion.

The district does have plans to improve the traffic flow in the works.

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