People like Michael A. Smith are why this country is tearing apart at the seams. After writing a great example why universal health care will never happen ("We don't owe the unvaccinated priority on hospital care," The Daily News, Aug. 14-15), he now doesn’t think Biden’s vaccine mandate goes far enough ("Biden's COVID order neither sweeping nor a mandate," The Daily News, Sept. 18-19).

So, in Smith's ideal America, a cabal of government agencies and corporations can inject you with whatever they decide and if you don’t agree you should lose your job, home and go hungry, and if you need medical help too bad.

That’s literally the real-world consequences of what he’s proposing.

Just like with how the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can’t issue decrees forcing tenants to allow squatters indefinitely, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration can’t issue decrees making a business force you to get a flu shot or not work.

Smith needs to remember why we’re the envy of the world. Why millions come here each year. Why we fought the American Revolution and the Cold War. It was so we could be free.

The reason Democrats can’t implement the same crackdowns we’re seeing in Australia and Europe is because we’re free. We have God-given rights and a recourse to government overreach.

Tyler Jordan



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Stuart Crouch

No need to worry about this guy outthinking anyone. Decisions carry consequences & he wants a free pass. Too bad, so sad; you gotta grow up sometime. Strap on your big-boy shorts and face reality. It's a tall order but we hold out hope for you & yours, that you one day come to understand that selfishness and greed will only get you so much. At some point, there remains a hope that you might be able to wrap your mind around the idea that the world (& America) do not revolve around what you think that you are entitled to. There comes a time when one must consider actions in the interest of the greater good, rather than that of one's own personal preference. This was a key tenet on just how our coutry came to be the beacon of democracy that it is, enjoying the Constitutional guarantees that men fought and died for. Fortunately, they did not have your sense of self-before-others and your myopic, self-serving view of what you seem to think "freedom" means.

I don't know what you and others of your kind believe to be your "god-given rights" but I got news for you, you can make up and believe whatever you like about some magical, mystical authority bestowing upon you some jibberish about how you're in some way special, better than others and are entitled and considered as privileged for whatever reason. This gives you no more or less rights than any other American; though it can earn you the title of 'religious zealot'. Allow me to assure you that whatever you believe your rights to be, they will never be any more or less than mine and you can find them all described in the Constitution & the Bill of Rights. Anything beyond these rights and guarantees is something that exist only in your mind.

bryan manuele

Right On!

Ron Shelby

Nicely written Stuart.

Craig Mason

What Tyler doesn’t know is that the vaccine rules being formulated by OSHA came from industry, not the other way around. A certain refiner issued the exact policy over a month ago in their refineries and in Texas City among other places. The rule that Biden wants implemented is almost a word for word copy of what this refinery is implementing. Bottom line is employers need healthy employees to run their businesses and that is hard to do with COVID ravaging your workforce. A healthy workforce equals a healthy economy. It’s not rocket science. It is no different than any OSHA rule around hard hats, chemical exposures or any other workplace hazard. COVID is a hazard in the workplace, period.

Bailey Jones

Craig, don't try to make an international big-pharma corporate deep state new world order anti-christ welcoming conspiracy into simple common sense. Nobody's going to click on that.



Bailey Jones

You're right, Stuart. One wonders how all these new freedom lovers would react if they were being forcibly conscripted to go to war, as kids were in my day. Perhaps they would all move to Canada.

Carlos Ponce

Some men had problems being drafted to fight in the Civil War, WW1 and WWW2, whom many consider wars with a cause. Comparing the Vietnam era draft evaders would not be congruent. The Vietnam War was too political with Congress over-reacting to what TV reporters aired. Akin to that idiot claiming, " To see people treated like they did, horses barely running them over and people being strapped. It was outrageous. I promise those people will pay." Even the photographer said that did not happen. Photographer Paul Ratje: "I’ve never seen them whip anyone".

Jack Cross

AGREE - In May, the CDC declared that those who were fully vaccinated didn’t need to wear a mask or socially distance. By late July, the CDC had reversed course and recommended that fully vaccinated people wear masks in areas with high COVID-transmission rates.

Now CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky is overruling her own expert advisory panel on the need for boosters and Dr. Fauci agrees with her.

So why are the 16 member advisory panels of experts at the CDC and the FDA not seeing what Walensky and Fauci see as so obvious?

This administration keeps pulling muscles patting itself on the back for “following the science,” even though it blatantly ignores the science when the science is politically inconvenient.

How can any reasonable person take this administration seriously when they punish hard working American Citizens with mandates and treats of losing their jobs while putting out the welcome mat to over a million unvaccinated people from all over the world.

World War II saw thousands of young Americans lose their lives fighting for peace and freedom, What this administration is doing is neither freedom or peace.

Folks, this isn't about science, it's about control and loss of freedom and people better wake up or we are going to lose this country.

Bill Broussard

Jack. Behind the scenes there have been a number of decisions made not on viral science but on supply since the beginning of this thing. Hospital dress recommendations were upgraded by the CDC over the first 8 months of the pandemic based on the volume of supply. March and April saw paper masks while October and November saw full sanitary dress and 95 masks.

I would not be surprised if supply is not once again in the background with some firmly entrenched in the belief that this will not go away until other countries are vaccinated so limit our own boosters and ship the rest vs some medical version of America First. What’s said in the foreground is often or always shaped by what’s in the background

As for “ and if you don’t agree you should lose your job, home and go hungry, and if you need medical help too bad.”

While the scenario is touching, I think the writer forgot that most red states are right to work states so what he invites our sympathy for actually can and does happen all the time

The part that mystified me-and still does—is why someone’s personal choice after knowing the consequences of that choice, should expect free expensive medical care when their core ideology is usually firmly against government funded medical services? I’m always left wondering: if the logic and values are so entangled on this issue, how could it not be the same on other issues of importance?

Carlos Ponce

"The part that mystified me-and still does—is why someone’s personal choice after knowing the consequences of that choice, should expect free expensive medical care when their core ideology is usually firmly against government funded medical services?"

There are effective alternative treatments the elites don't want you to have. They are not expensive. But the Liberal fake news will lampoon their usage. Big Pharma makes big bucks off what they want you to take. Remember Big Pharma contributed much to the Biden campaign. They want pay back!

"free expensive medical care" What a laugh! There's Nothing free, especially from the government. But some are too stupid to figure it out. Can Bill figure it out or does it have to be spelled out for you?

Bill Broussard

Right Carlos. And both our former President, our governor and the former New Jersey governor went right for them when they caught the bug….or are they also duped of the elite?

It’s your preference to live inside your story rather then observe that’s so dangerous to us. You would have people believe that the low cost horse-drench tube of toxin would have been more than enough for Abbot and Trump when they obviously don’t believe it

Carlos Ponce

President Trump was treated by his doctor. Regeneron cost covered by his insurance policy.

Carlos Ponce

II had three horses.

The Ivermectin prescribed by doctors for human use is similar but not the same. Only the ill informed would think they were. Shame on CVS and Walgreens for not filling those doctor prescriptions.

Bailey Jones

Jack, I can understand how someone who isn't fluent in science could be confused by the continually changing messages that have come out of the Trump and Biden administrations. I wear a mask because that's what the science says. I got the vaccine because that's what the science says. I support mask mandates in school because that's what the science says. I support vaccine mandates everywhere because that's what the science says. So I don't care what some talking head says - I know that public health pronouncements are as much about politics as science - I'll follow the science. It's neither complicated nor confusing from where I sit.



Charlotte O'rourke

Discussing differing ideas doesn’t tear a country apart.

Violence and/or suppression of differing ideas does.

Paula Flinn

I agree, Charlotte. Disseminating false information and deliberately lying, also.

Charlotte O'rourke

Paula, we agree. I’ve never understood it, but some individuals are pathological liars even when the truth would better serve.

Paula Flinn

True, Charlotte.

Carlos Ponce

Have you been keeping tabs on the lies Biden is telling? It isn't hard to count. Just look when his lips move.

Maris Helfrich

Michael A. Smith and the DAILY NEWS do a great job in service of the citizens! Kudos to you! Strongly disagree with this opinion!

Bailey Jones

MIsinformation, ignorance, demagoguery, and an inability to think critically are dividing America, not the GDCN's middle-of-the-road editorial policy. I don't always agree with the editorials, or even see the point of some of them, but it's only letters like this that make me question whether America can survive another generation.

Ted Gillis

A suburban Chattanooga congress woman schreeching a the top of her lungs inside the capital does nothing to tear our country apart, but this small town editor gets ripped for voiceing his opinion in his own newspaper? Please.

Jack Cross

Ted, its called; "Opinion" Mr. Smith can handle it" He is not getting ripped any more than some of the "Opinions" of writers who have a different "opinion"

What tears out country apart is what I wrote in my post above which happens to be true and accurate facts.

Ron Binkley

Michael keep writing it as you see it....good job!

Bill Broussard

Carlos. I’ve taken note of your writing style for some time and while I can’t quite bring myself to imitate the blather, I can come close to the style. Wanna see?

Carlos said he uses horse-drench

Does Carlos have a horse?

Does Carlos drench before or after breakfast?

Is Carlos’ horse named “Pusher”?

Does the horse get the drench and Carlos pays for it?

Is Carlos’ horse a RINO?

Does Carlos’ horse run in circles after drenching? Carlos does.

Pretty good, eh?

Raymond Lewis

Chuckling out loud Bill.

Carlos Ponce

Bill Broussard, your post is a fabrication.

Bill Broussard

Carlos. It’s style I’m chasing not veracity. If truth were critical, you would never have had the chance to develop your style! So, see if you can distinguish the below as mimicking your style

Carlos prefers cheap cures for the masses but not for his idols

Carlos recommends praying to the Lady of Guadalupe while holding a raw egg in his hand to suck out the evil inside of the infected poor

Does Carlos look inside the egg when the novena ends?

When he breaks the egg, does Carlos recognize Mark Meadows?

Carlos Ponce

That's not my style, Bill Broussard. What you produce is sheer fabrication.

Virginia Stone

Chuckling and clapping, thanks for the imagery, Bill.

Carlos Ponce

So Virginia Stone views Bill Broussard as her clown. Whatever makes you happy.

Bill Broussard

Carlos had a herd of horses

Did Carlos drench from the front or the back?

Did Carlos drench three at once or one at a time?

Did Carlos’ horses run in circles?

Carlos does

Walgreens and CVS have highly professional pharmacists trained to tell the difference between a person just in case a horse walks in holding a script

Does Carlos require more training?

Carlos Ponce

Bill Broussard Has a herd of donkeys. They all bray like him.

Bill Broussard

Does Carlos want to drench donkeys too?

Is Carlos expanding his business?

It now includes horses, donkeys and the uneducated?

Carlos is an entrepreneur

Does Carlos pay taxes?

Is Carlos incorporated in Delaware?

Carlos Ponce

Bill Broussard, your posts aren't helping you.

George Laiacona

Let’s get back to the issue here. The comment was a negative one concerning the editorial. Fortunately we all have an opinion for just about every thing. You can either agree or disagree with what is in print, that’s your opinion. We can’t solve every problem but we can discuss as to how we can improve the American dream for those who are still suffering 200 years after our USA was established. Improvements are not easy to come by because we all don’t agree on the exact same things when you have the power to print your opinion in the local newspaper, you can say what you like . If you agree then tell us why. If you disagree, then tell us why. You don’t have to take the opportunity to go off on a tangent.

Thomas Carpenter

Broussard should have his own comic strip!

Carlos Ponce

More braying.

Robert Braeking

Remember to get vaccinated or a vaccinated person might get sick from the virus they got vaccinated against because you're not vaccinated. - Anonymous

Despite the FDA, these so-called vaccines are still experimental. Add tinnitus to the list of adverse reactions.

The vaccines do not prevent infection, they do not prevent virus shedding, they do not prevent death. What's the point?

Bailey Jones

The point, Robert, is that our hospitals are full of unvaccinated idiots sucking our health care system dry. The point, Robert, is that 100,000s of Americans have died needlessly - people who would not have died if they had just gotten vaccinated. Yes - even among the vaccinated some will get sick and some will die - at a rate of a few percent of the unvaccinated hordes. The point, Robert, is that 100 dying every day is better than 3,000 each day. The point, Robert, is that 10,000 hospitalized is better than 1,000,000 hospitalized. The point, Robert, is that by the time we enter our third year of this pandemic in January, we will have lost 750,000 Americans. The point, Robert, is that since vaccines have become available, we have lost 200,000 Americans - a number that could have been 2000 if we could have just gotten all the idiots to get vaccinated.

On the other hand, since the unvaccinated tend toward both idiocy and mortality, maybe I'll just shut up and watch natural selection at work. Don't get vaccinated, Robert. That's my point.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey posts, "maybe I'll just shut up". Good idea because your post is full of hate..... and full of something else.

Bailey Jones

You got me all wrong, Carlos. I want Robert to be more like you - you know, someone who gets vaccinated then doesn't tell anyone so he can pretend he's still one of the cool kids.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey strikes out... again.

Richard George

Wow, you drank the kool-aid and went back for seconds. Where do you get your info from. Let me borrow your crystal ball this weekend. I heard the lotto has a big jackpot.

Charlotte O'rourke

Robert, “What’s the point?” The point in getting vaccinated is playing the percentages. Getting vaccinated doesn’t prevent death but the percentages of living are better. The percentages of NOT being hospitalized are better with vaccinations. The percentages of not passing the virus to loved ones are better.

I’m not a person that believes government or authority is always correct. The CDC has made some serious mistakes including telling the public - early in the pandemic -not to mask, then telling the public that removing masks indoors was okay when they didn’t have enough data to make that call. But it’s all about choice and the ability to research on your own and make the best decisions for the family based on all the information. The most important thing we can do as Americans is to prevent censorship of the media and the practice of inappropriate closed door meetings by governmental leaders that think the public should be excluded from hearing the discussion.

Charlotte O'rourke

And to get vaccinated unless there is a medical reason not to do so.

Ted Gillis

Carlos was never one of the cool kids.

Bill Broussard

Ted Gillis thinks Carlos is not cool

Carlos thinks a BLM member led the proud boys around by a ring in their nose in January 6. The Proud Boys aren’t cool

Rand Paul isn’t cool

The plague isn’t cool

Carlos thinks he’s cool

Could Carlos be the first of his kind?😲

Carlos Ponce

The only time I was cool was during the February freeze.

Raul Reyes

I’m with Bailey on this. Natural selection at work and maybe we’ll stop electing idiots who kowtow to those unwilling to play nice and not run with scissors.😅[innocent]

Ed Buckner

I read this aggressively ignorant guy's LTE and started to weigh in, thinking that editor Smith needed and deserved support. But then I read Stuart Crouch, Craig Mason, Bailey Jones, Bill Broussard, Paula Flinn, George Laiacona, Charlotte O'Rourke, et al., and decided there's no need for me to comment at all.

Paula Flinn

I like and appreciate your comments, Ed!

Bill Broussard

Have you been keeping tabs on the lies Biden is telling? It isn't hard to count. Just look when his lips move.”

Woaa mule! What we have here is a definite change of style from Carlos. No change in content, mood, tone or context but a definite shift from the “What would Tucker do” style that’s made Carlos the troll of the year three years running

If you care to repost, Carlos the same thought would go

Like this and be true to the Carlson style you’ve adopted:

“ in the plethora of pronouncements coming from Biden this week in between his sneeze and drool ( Tucker uses big words just to let his viewers know that while they may like him, he’s certainly not one of them) are many that are exaggerations whenever his mouth moves. In fact their outright lies

Does Bailey and Bill count Biden’s lies?😲

If you repost you could get right back in the Tucker footprint and probably be more comfortable.

Carlos Ponce

Sorry, I forgot you probably can't count that high.

Bill Broussard

Hang on a minute, Carlos. I have two degrees from Texas A&M. I will have you know they introduced us to our fingers and toes when we were Seniors. The, first year of grad school, they made sure we knew how to put them together so we could get past the limitations of 21. I found grad school a challenge

Carlos Ponce

You have to go much higher than that for Biden lies.

Paula Flinn

You guys should absolutely do stand up comedy!

I am dying (laughing) here!

Former Governor Rick Perry has a degree from A&M.

Bill Broussard

Paula. Perry was there while I was there. When I saw him on dancing with the stars I realized an Aggie had found a use for their toes other than for counting. After watching him dance for two sessions, I immediately went back to using mine for counting

“ dumb as a post. When I met him the only impression I was left with is this is one of the dumbest people I’ve ever met” said one of my friends and Republican donors. “ He was a good governor! Why? Because he didn’t do anything” said another very big GOP donor friend

Paula Flinn

Gov. Perry spent a large amount of money on himself and his family, living expensively in style while the Governor’s Mansion was being repaired after the fire.

Carlos Ponce

Spokesman Allison Castle said Texas lawmakers "determined and approved funding for a temporary residence that meets all necessary security considerations while the mansion is being restored."

No, Paula, the Motel 6 did not meet the security standards set by the Texas Legislature.

George Laiacona

Poor Carlos, he can’t really get his point across. You can see that he is a diehard Trumper. He will be that way until the infatuation with the wannabe Dictator Trump finally fades away. No matter what any one says Carlos will have a negative opinion. He will not mention January 6th, or the fact that he goes along with the Republican Senators refusing to go along with any thing President Biden or the Democrats proposed. Because of his allegiance to the wannabe Dictator Trump he will continue to post negative comments.

Carlos Ponce

George, the FBI has determined there was no insurrection on January 6. The New York Times reports the FBI had informants among the Proud Boys on January 6:

"Among Those Who Marched Into the Capitol on Jan. 6: An F.B.I. Informant- A member of the far-right Proud Boys texted his F.B.I. handler during the assault, but maintained the group had no plan in advance to enter the Capitol and disrupt the election certification."

Slowly the false narrative George Laiacona keeps repeating is being unraveled.

Jim Forsythe

September 28, 2021 : The Justice Department announced that two insurrectionists were hit with more serious charges of conspiracy and assault following evidence of their participation in the Capitol insurrection. Insurrectionists Ronald Sandlin of Tennessee and Nathan DeGrave of Nevada had increased charges in a superseding indictment that was unsealed last week, according to authorities. Both Sandlin and DeGrave pleaded not guilty to all charges. The DOJ stated that both men plotted to interfere with the presidential transition that started on December 20, 2020.

Sep 4, 2021 : The Q-Anon Shaman, Jacob Chansley, admitted he was among those who took part in the January 6 insurrection.

Chansley, who was seen shirtless, in face paint and wearing a horned fur hat that day, pleaded guilty to obstructing a proceeding before Congress.

Court documents show the day after the attack Chansley called the FBI and confirmed he was involved. He told investigators he made the trip to Washington from Arizona at the request of former President Donald Trump.

Two men from central Ohio who plead guilty to taking part in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol Building have been sentenced. Derek Jancart, of Canal Winchester, was sentenced Wednesday to 45 days in prison and $500 in restitution. Erik Rau received the same sentence — 45 days in prison and $500 in restitution.

According to a criminal complaint from the FBI, Rau was identified after Jancart was arrested. Jancart was shown photos of people inside the building, and he identified Rau. Both men pleaded guilty in July to Disorderly Conduct in a Capitol Building, which carries a maximum sentence of six months in prison and a fine of not more than $5.000.

Carlos Ponce

" two insurrectionists " TWO. Even Jim can count that high!

Jim Forsythe

I posted Five names, but Carlos only counted TWO.

Ronald Sandlin, Nathan DeGrave, Jacob Chansley, Derek Jancart, Erik Rau.

654 people have been charged in the Capitol insurrection so far. I did not see a need of posting all 654 names.

Carlos Ponce

WOW! Jim can count to FIVE!

" I did not see a need of posting all 654 names." Why not? Oh, I know, because he'd have to list their alleged "crime" next to their names: trespassing. trespassing, trespassing. etc. REALLY HORRID CRIMES, DON'T YOU KNOW!

Carlos Ponce

By the way, Jim, you listed only TWO as insurrectionists. Didn't you Liberals claim over 500? That must mean the rest ARE NOT INSURRECTIONISTS.

Jim Forsythe

Jacob Chansley, admitted he was among those who took part in the January 6 insurrection.

Court documents show the day after the attack Chansley called the FBI and confirmed he was involved. He told investigators he made the trip to Washington from Arizona at the request of former President Donald Trump.

Two men from central Ohio who plead guilty to taking part in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol Building have been sentenced. Derek Jancart, Erik Rau .

Ronald Sandlin, Nathan DeGrave of Nevada had increased charges in a superseding indictment that was unsealed last week.

Carlos Ponce

"Jacob Chansley, admitted he was among those who took part in the January 6 insurrection." NOT TRUE, JIM!

The word "insurrection" was NEVER use by him. That is just Liberal FAKE NEWS that used that term. He plead guilty to a single count of obstructing a congressional proceeding. NO INSURRECTION!

The word insurrection NEVER came up in proceedings, nor by Jacob Chansley.

But that won't stop Jim Forsythe and other Liberal pawns from repeating it.

Please don't repeat FAKE NEWS reports.

The FBI said there was not an insurrection.

Jim has 649 more people to reveal.

Bill Broussard

I count five brother Carlos but even two is more than your report of no one charged

Since you have some difficulty counting past two I guess it’s too much to ask that you get the concept of one-at-a- time. We have about 650 more to go—one-at-a-time. Stick around

And….that a low key tally compared the the criminal investigation going on in Georgia

Does Carlos use his fingers and toes also?

Does Carlos only have two fingers?😲

Carlos Ponce

Jesus loves you, Bill Broussard!

Carlos Ponce

Jim claims Ronald Sandlin of Tennessee and Nathan DeGrave are insurrectionists. You probably got that off a FAKE NEWS website.

Insurgency is a clearly defined CRIME as set by statute: 18 U.S. Code § 2383.

Was Ronald Sandlin or Nathan DeGrave charged with INSURRECTION???? NO!

They were charged with:

18 USC 231 (a) (3) Obstructing Law enforcement engaged in official duties

18 USC 1752 (a) (1) (2) Knowingly remaining in a restricted building

40 USC 5104 (e) (2) (D) (E) (F) & (G) Violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

Does ACTUAL INSURRECTION 18 U.S. Code § 2383 appear on their charges? NO!

Jim, quit repeating FAKE NEWS articles. This makes you look foolish.

Charles Douglas

In my most humble opinion we can joke, jaw-jack, play around all we want like everything is okay and running smoothly, but any sensible person with eyes to see, should know that everything is not okay! We are in trouble with this administration at the helm, and of that, there is no doubt! Are these the people we want manning the watch-tower of our nation in case of war, or in case of a confrontation with China, Russia, Iran, or North Korea?

These individuals are leaders who can't evacuate 2,500 troops from Afghanistan without creating a Catastrophic Cluster [censored] by employing terrorists as security guards, inviting ISIS Death Squads Killers in on our own soldiers killing thirteen, wounding dozens of others, and CUT and RUNNING away leaving thousands of Americans citizens In Afghanistan to die and be tortured afterwards! Planes were taking off for the last time with Alfgan people hanging on to the planes and falling to their deaths for fear of Joe China leaving them behind in the hands and at the mercy of the TALIBAN! These people, ( our leaders ) are the laughing stock of the world, and I mean everybody is laughing! China is supposed to fear what they have seen of all this? I don't think so!

Look at what is taking place at the border! Not one Liberal that I know of have said they have ought against what is happening down there! Party line politics is why! This is just one of the reasons I walked off the "Ideological Plantation" of the LEFT so kany years ago! The key to a break with them is obtaining, or developing a mindset of "Self Responsibility" where free stuff, or government giveaways cannot and will Not rule your life or decision making process!

Truth be told I saw it all coming back in November! I saw ALL HELL BREAKING LOOSE, with police officers quiting their jobs out of disgust, people getting their constitutional rights stripped from them, Race-baiting, division of our citizens by race, and this nation moving toward a surrogate state of Red China! If I am wrong ....then just keep watching until 2024 ... watch what China and Russia end up doing, and after JOE get ushered out of DC, ...we will compare notes then!

Ted Gillis

Just like using the term China Virus makes you look foolish Carlos.

Carlos Ponce

No Ted. Once again you are WRONG!

Anybody else used the term CHINA VIRUS? Yes. CNN. CBS, NBC, MSNBC, etc.

I'd post the link but Ted doesn't like links.

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