In response to the story ("Concerns could sink battleship's Galveston chances," The Daily News, July 14): If it were sunk on Stetson Banks, the USS Texas would become a top attraction for scuba divers, snorkelers and anglers. Whether sunk on purpose or by storms or war, wrecks become magnets for fish and become ideal "real estate" for colorful sponges and soft corals.

Stetson Banks have long been favored by divers for the "big stuff," such as eagle rays and whale sharks, that cruise them, and by sports fishing fans for the large snapper, grouper and tuna that congregate there.

Just 70 miles south of Galveston, the Banks make an attractive day trip. Depths range from 55 feet to 170 feet, deep enough to accommodate the USS Texas, which measures about 130-feet from its keel to the top of its tower where one or more permanent moorings could be affixed. There would be enough interesting sea life near the top for snorkelers to enjoy, and an entrepreneur might want to station a glass-bottom boat or tour submarine, like the Atlantis on Grand Cayman, at the USS Texas.

The Galveston Maritime Museum could feature a "virtual" tour of the USS Texas, even a virtual battle experience, and could screen a video documenting its history and sinking.

Sandy Sheehy



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Randy Chapman

The Texas deserves better. She's the only surviving dreadnought and the only battleship to have fought in WWI and WWII. She will not become a reef. Take a barge out there and sink it. It'll serve the purpose you want.

Tom Brown

Yes she does deserve better. Our Texas battleship should never ever be considered for use as a reef.

Paula Flinn

I agree. Galveston should have this ship, but probably not at Pier 21.

Kelly Naschke

A glass bottom boat 70 miles from shore?

Gary Miller

As a reef the cost would end. The Texas has and is costing more than most "keepsakes." So few people visit her there is no money for upkeep. As a reef she might attract more fans.

Jonathan Frank

Making the Texas into a reef would be similar to bulldozing the Alamo. In terms of maritime history, she is the last link to the Dreadnought class of ships. Moreover, sinking her would be a slap in the face to all the men and women who served on her and the battles they fought. She needs to be properly restored and preserved to honor the past and inspire the future. She deserves a better fate than that of the Texas Clipper.

Kelly Naschke

Surprised that no one has mentioned how much free stuff that a particular segment of the population wants to give away, while we sit back and watch American history waste away.

Jarvis Buckley


Charles Wiley

Sign the petition to bring that ship to Galveston:

Gary Miller

The Texas is a high priced page or less in US history. An office where a vidio of the ships history was available would be more effective at far less cost.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Rendering a ship of the USS Texas' age suitable for scuttling without any negative environmental impacts to the sea is a very expensive and time consuming process, it has been done before at great expense. The Good Lord makes reefs in the sea and men build ships. Preservation of a historic ship, whether naval or commercial, has the same value to posterity as all other examples of historic preservation. Would it have been better to tear down all the historic buildings in Galveston and preserve them only on videos? As a self-supporting or even profit-generating enterprise, one need only look to the USS Alabama in Mobile or the Queen Mary in Long Beach. The current efforts to preserve for posterity the US United States (the Big U) and the NV Savannah, just like the extensive hull modification planned for the USS Texas, will enable these last remaining examples of historic ship building to teach posterity things that no book or video can ever adequately provide.

Mike Meador


Jack Reeves

The Texas must have taken Miller's parking spot or something....he sure is determined to sink her.

Randy Chapman

I had the same feeling! [sneaky]

James Lippert

I challenge anyone to take the time to actually tour the USS Texas, then come back and suggest she would be best served by being scuttled in the Gulf of Mexico.

Randy Chapman

Thank you! [thumbup]

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