Declare yourself to be a long-term tourist

Galveston’s Island Transit bus system has had declining ridership for years. Schedule times are so uncertain, that workers cannot rely on it to get to work on time; and it doesn’t run at night. City council is considering cutting service even further, on the weekends. The folks who ride Island Transit do so from necessity.

On the other hand, The Galveston trolley bus system runs 12 hours a day on the weekend. Soon it will run seven days a week, scheduled every 30 minutes. This well-run service has been a huge success.

It’s time for us residents to upgrade our role on the island to long-term tourist. We’ve invested more of our lives in the island than the short-term tourist, but he gets the best bus transit system. However, eventually all of us long-term tourists will be on foot and without a car.

Therefore, I propose we merge the trolley system with the Island Transit system to serve all tourists, short-term and long-term. The result would be a more flexible and well-managed public mass transportation system, taking all us tourists everywhere.

Now we just need leadership from city council to change its priorities for public mass transportation for us long-term tourists.

Ralph McMorris



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Don Schlessinger

The City of Galveston, island businesses, and the PB have considered we residents as tourists for years. Why would anyone who has lived here want to be treated like a tourist?

Lisa Blair

This is just like Ralph’s council tenure, long on sarcastic and misguided criticism, but short on practical solutions.

Wayne Holt

It seems to me that Mr. McMorris has stated a problem he sees, contrasts it with an alternative that seems to be working well, and proposes a solution that would resolve the problem, in his judgement. I'm not sure how much more detail is needed for others to grasp what Mr. McMorris thinks should be done.

At this point, I would assume someone could criticize his assessment of the problem or proposed solution but I don't find his writing style to be germane to the discussion of the usefulness of his position.

Jarvis Buckley

Right on target-Lisa

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