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Harvey Mueller

What was Pres Trump told in January and February? World Health Organization said in January that COVID 19 cannot spread from human to human contact. These are the experts. Based on that information, what should he have done differently? When did the Democrats sound the call to action? They did NOTHING. Silence. They continued on with hearings and impeachment proceedings.

Carlos Ponce

"Trump was told in January, and again in February, that we were facing a pandemic, and he chose to ignore it." Not true.Why do you think he formed the Coronavirus Task Force back in January?Why do you think he stopped incoming flights from China in January? Why do you think he had Americans returning to the United States from China quarantined?

L. Davied Bond is either sadly misinformed or he's lying on purpose.

Connie Patterson

You have clearly gone “ all in” on the media smear propaganda. The facts are there if you’re interested which you obviously aren’t. Tell you what, instead of bashing Trump, why don’t you tell me what Democrats have done to help the American people during this pandemic... I’ll wait


Emile Pope

trump in February said that there were fifteen cases and in a couple of days it'll be down to zero. That was 1.2 million cases ago. And of course it's everybody's fault but his. Another failure on his part while he goes on his "Mission Accomplished" tour. But he has managed to extort the states by insisting that they gut Social Security in order to get federal aid.

Carlos Ponce

"trump in February said that there were fifteen cases and in a couple of days it'll be down to zero." And in a few days THOSE INDIVIDUALS were COVID free.

"Of the 15 people — the 'original 15,' as I call them — 8 of them have returned to their homes, to stay in their homes until fully recovered. One is in the hospital and five have fully recovered. And one is, we think, in pretty good shape and it’s in between hospital and going home."


That was said on February 26, 2020. So at the time 13 of the "original 15" had fully recovered.

Trump was only referring to the "original 15" not those subsequent infections. But some people are too STUPID to figure that out.

Ted Gillis

Quit calling people STUPID. You can just say stupid and it means the same thing.

I thought you were a teacher. Act like one.

Carlos Ponce


Ted Gillis

Keep shouting. That always works.

Carlos Ponce

Seeing a SNOWFLAKE in March is very rare in Texas.

Bailey Jones

That would have been a better comeback if you knew what month it is.

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