Everyone is wringing their hands and asking, why and what has changed? These words I'm writing are direct, and I'm certain will be offensive to some. Upon pondering on the latest mass shootings, something popped out to me. All the perpetrators share something. They're moody, sullen, self-worshiping, full of hate and empty of life.

How is this possible? Well, here it goes: We have abandoned God. Took him out of schools, allowed our nation to be criticized for being a Christian nation. We allow social and the news media to tell us what to think; who to hate and what to believe. Actual social contact among people almost doesn't exist.

These perpetrators need and demand attention in any manner they choose to feel some sense of life. Tragic as it is, churches have become social clubs not witnessing to a lost world. Evil will continue to be rampant if we don't return to our Holy Father.

Remember, evil will find a way and use what ever means necessary to serve Satan.

Gaylon Ray

Texas City


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Charles Douglas

Mr. Gaylon Ray, you sir are a breath of fresh air!! However, as you said in your op-ed, your words of wisdom concerning our problems have only offended many people, instead of informing and comforting them. Please know that you are preaching to the proverbial choir where I am concern. I think you will agree that knowing, assimilating yourself to right living by doing the word of God, will help a man develope not only fellowship with God, but will help develope self-control. Self-control is crucial in submitting to God and resisting the devil! (James 4:7 ). A man's well developed spirit acts as a FIREWALL against his flesh which possesses no good thing ( Romans 7:18 ). Romans goes on to say that the good a man want to do, he do not. Verse 19, the Apostle Paul says for I fail to PRACTICE the good deeds I desire to do! He says the, evil deeds I DO NOT desire to do are what I am doing! ( practicing ) Paul is warning us the consequences of being in a state of being ruled by our flesh man instead of being spirit lead. ( Romans 8:14 ). Lastly, Satan will use you up and throw you away, he will take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and make you pay more than you can afford!

Robert Braeking

Mr. Charles. You are spot on, however, I would add 2 Peter 2. We must be vigilant against false teachers. Creation, the flood and the coming judgement cannot be ignored.

Karen Griswold

Mr. Ray and Mr. Douglas, I so agree with you both. Thanks for your comments.

Bailey Jones

Gaylon, I think you've perfectly described everything that's wrong with this country. Just not at all in the way you intended.

Jennifer Lawrence

Could not agree more! Well said!!

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