I have a solution for the "southern invaders." Stop everyone at the border.

Release them to Democrat's and liberals. Democrats and liberals are then responsible for the invaders' actions, housing, medical needs, education, etc. They would have to sign a binding contract to insure these responsibilities for a 30-year period.

These invaders would have to go through the citizenship process successfully within one year or be deported. Any Democrat or liberal sponsored invader who was deported could never return and the sponsor would be fined $250,000 dollars.

Successful invaders could vote after 25 years of verifiable non-criminal residence. Sounds fair to me.

James Cleveland

Texas City


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Craig Mason

Then every conservative should also be required to adopt and raise through college every child who is born because a woman was denied the right to manage her reproductive health

Brian Tamney

Guess I'm in the clear since I am a pro choice conservative, and against illegal immigrants.

David Hardee

The woman's right to choose extends beyond the Federal government mandates. The choice of when, who and how to copulate is still thankfully beyond Federal control. And when an error in judgment results in pregnancy the termination or continuation of the pregnancy is and should be the women's choice. American Society is and always has been benevolent in caring for unwanted children. American Society has always been benevolent in immigrating those seeking refuge from tyranny. The issues of immigration and abortion have no equivalency. Pregnancy and abortion are personal issues in which society had no ability or power in the decision. Immigration on the other hand is an issue that directly affects and can alter the stability of society. Trying to confound a debate by inserting a tit for tat claim of equivalency is the path for animosity among the debaters. This is one of the irritants employed that creates hatred. Stop it!

Craig Mason

I didn't say anything about abortion. I said reproductive health. When family planning choices are limited for women they can result in unintended pregnancies.

George Croix

Craig, how are Republicans denying their right to make family planning choices that result in unintended pregnancies?
The only three options for that are abstinence, birth control, or just plain luck....are there others?
The first is individually controllable.
The second is pretty easily fulfilled for about 10-15 bucks a month at WalMart, or a months supply of men's birth control for about the same at Amazon, or both at no cost to the needy at just about every clinic.
The last is a matter of chance.
I'm not seeing how politics is in there anywhere, when it comes to controlling unintended pregnancies.
Is it because some insurances do not have to pay for BCP's? Even then, the Second choices above still exist.
Genuinely curious...
I must be missing something obvious.....again.....

Victor Krc

George, #Me Too. I was going to let it go, but now that you brought it up I am happy that I am not the only one that can't figure it out.

George Croix

Victor, Craig's a good guy...we sat on opposite sides of the table, but still AT the table, which is a good thing...
That's why I'd like to connect the dots to his point of view, if he wants....

Victor Krc


Paul Hyatt

Many in our family have adopted and many of us have fostered many. When it comes to adopting and fostering normally it is the conservatives. Not always but usually. So when are you going to adopt some of those illegals you so want to come into our nation to break our laws?

Claudia Burnam

Abortion kills a human being no matter how far along a pregnancy is. It's not a question of women's health. Most abortions are for conveince not health. No one is killing illegals as they cross the border. E G Wiley

Victor Krc

Every child killed in the womb is denied his or her right to "LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" without the due process of law. The unborn child killed in the womb has no defense and is in fact denied a defense.

David Smith

I have a solution also..
Deny entry
Follow the LAW

Gary Miller

The baby in the womb of a U.S. citizen woman has a greater claim to the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness than any invader on the southern border. Repealing Roe V Wade doesn't solve the problem, it just turns the issue back to the states where it should have been all along. The real solution would be for Congress to declare the baby a citizen as soon as it's heart starts beating. Or even better at conception.

Jim Forsythe

Until we have a complete overhaul of our immigration laws, nothing will change. Overstaying of visas is the number one part of the problem that must be fixed. We also need to fix our reporting system, to account for who is in the USA.. If someone hires a person that should not be here, they should face stiff consequences. Many other measures need to be put in place.
The Caravan that is coming is not the problem, as not many will make it to the boarder to ask for asylum .
. If we were really trying to get rid of the back log of people seeking asylum, increase the number of judges.

Until DC see this as a important problem, nothing will change. Maybe too many people are making money. Until then, all we will get is lip services.

Gary Miller

Liberals aren't totally responcible for the invasion. The American Chamber of commerce finances most of it. They want cheep labor and lower wages. Conservatives want wages to increase. All business should be forced, by high fines, to use E verify to vet all employees. The fine for each un vetted employee should be equivalent of one year of minimum wage. Without employment the invasion will stop.

margo holst

Can't vote for 25 years?? This exposes the FEAR of immigrates. It is not fear that they will take jobs America's won't do but they will vote Republican. Sounds just like the voter repression they are known for!

George Croix

Absent physically preventing someone from entering a polling place or filling out an absentee ballot, the only real 'voter suppression' is from people who refuse to exercise their right to do so.
Pretending one cannot get an ID is not 'being suppressed' .... It's being lazy, or dishonest, or both.....
Something the perpetually aggrieved are known for.....

Daniel Hochman

This article is such ignorant, hypocritical nonsense filled with vitriolic hate and lack of factual and historical context. The oh so scary "hoard" of brown folks heading north is a non-issue. My guess, and I may be wrong about this, is that that the author, and several of the commenters, claim to be Christian. Do you think a Christ figure would be holding a gun at the border or walking amongst the needy? Doesn't the Bible state feed the hungry and cloth the poor? No, you would rather turn them away and shoot them. How very Christian of you all. Additionally, they are not illegal immigrants. Rather, they are seeking asylum which is NOT illegal. If you knew anything about reading books, you would know the historical context of the problems they face in central America are almost completely due to failed U.S. policies of containment and abandonment in those nations, leaving them starving and in political shambles. Our nation is one of immigrants. Period. If you understood population dynamics, you would know that without immigration, our nation would be facing an economic crisis as our population ages and many are choosing to have fewer or no children. Let's not forget that illegal immigrants are not allowed to get government assistance, so the argument that we pay for their help while they are here is pure hysterical nonsense. I am fed up with conservatives who act like they care about human life when all they really care about is few dollars in their wallet. Heaven forbid we help other humans in need. Don't get me started on the hypocrisy of the abortion debate that has nothing to do with this article. Save a life but shoot on site...lmao!!! You can't have it both ways. Either love thy neighbor or love money to the exclusion of all else.

George Croix

So, it's the United States' fault that so much of CM is a basket case?
That 'pure hysterical nonsense ' describes your fantasy that illegal immigrants are not allowed to get government assistance.
In just two cases, schools and maternity wards, you are demonstrably wrong. The 'government' spends BIG money to send illegal alien kids to schools, and BIG money to deliver their soon-to-be anchor babies.
While laughing your bass off, I certainly hope you don't sprain your neck.....[wink]

Victor Krc

I can only speak for myself but I could not help but reply to the first post to this thread which broached the abortion issue. "Shoot on sight" are your words, not the words of anyone else in this thread. It is not even implied. Yes there are rightly procedures in place to help those who genuinely need asylum, but those who would abuse this help should be identified and turned back.
There are some things that you said that I can agree with and some I disagree with, but we all can do with a little less hysteria.

Carlos Ponce

"Doesn't the Bible state feed the hungry and cloth the poor?" Christ was speaking of an individual responsibility, not a government one. And we have enough hungry and poor native born in this country to feed and clothe.

Don Schlessinger

Bad day Danny?

Paula Flinn

I agree with Dr. Hochman. The people coming from Central America are not “illegal invaders.” They are people seeking legal asylum, and they should be vetted, but not summarily turned away. They are fleeing the violence, crime, and corruption in their own countries.

George Croix

How will bringing the same attitudes and practices that allowed that violence, crime, and corruption to flourish in their country(s) of origin be beneficial to this country....not even counting how thousands/millions more poor people will become an instant further drain on the nation's resources.....
Follow the law, enter legally if you pass the criteria to do so.....if not, go back home...

Carlos Ponce

Paula posts, "They are people seeking legal asylum" A few are. Many were deported earlier from the United States for reasons OTHER than violating immigration laws like ATTEMPTED MURDER. When crossing into Mexico they gave reasons other than "asylum" for their trip. Mexico. Now after training they ask for asylum. Mexico OFFERED asylum, jobs. They declined. What does that tell you?
"They are fleeing the violence, crime, and corruption in their own countries.
No, they are BRINGING violence, crime and corruption into our country.
I just spoke with one of cousins from Mexico. She said don't believe the sob stories given by Honduran migrants. Mexican television has interviewed them. She said the positive portrayal by American TV is not true. They're tearing up the places they travel to. They're hiding their women, children, boys and girls, when they enter their towns.

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