The radical Marxist Saul Alinsky influenced political lawmakers of today. He thought the best slave is one thinking he is free as noted in his books "Rules for Radicals" and "Reveille for Radicals." His eight levels for creating a social state are in play now.

To control people, control health care; increase poverty and provide for the poor; increase debt unsustainably; poverty increase via taxes; remove resistance to government with gun control; control via welfare; control education; remove religion; lastly, divide by class and destroy wealth and exceptionalism.

Alinsky simplified Lenin's scheme of world domination through communism. Stalin called converts "useful idiots." Useful idiots have destroyed every nation they've controlled. It's happening in the United States today at an alarming rate. Useful idiots blindly, like lemmings, deny that the headlong fall to destruction is ahead.

If on reading this you still hold that everything is OK, you're a useful idiot.

George Christie



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(10) comments

Bailey Jones

lol. Google is your friend. Even Carlos' Duck Duck Goose will tell you this is a fake Internet meme. Sorry you wasted a letter on it. Very useful. [lol]

Carlos Ponce

Looks like the "useful idiot" has been self identified.... and it sure isn't me!

Gary Scoggin

True, Carlos. Nobody has ever accused you of being useful. (Wink)

Carlos Ponce

Wrong, Gary Scoggin! I have always been accused of being useful!

Charles Douglas

Mr. Christie, you nailed it sir! Your words here needs to be engraved in gold mixed with platinum! The Liberal Democrats have been hoodwinking, deceiving, and patting African-Americans on the back for decades while holding them down in subpar schools, thereby fundlling them to low paying menial employment opportunities ( for life ).. rendering them to being second or third class consumers who needs the controllers to do their thinking for them at the voting booth! You nailed what I have been complaining and harping about on this forum for years! To you I say AMEN, and God bless you man ..for not being intimidated about speaking out! I raise now,.... a cold frosty bottle of Diet Pepsi in your honor sir! ( Not Diet Coke mind you. )[beam]

Ted Gillis

Not one person gives a hoot or probably even knows who Saul Alinsky is. Really George, you think anyone has the faintest idea or has the free time to read any of this BS that you claim is so relevant. “Eight levels of creating a social state”, Ha! What a bunch of high brow hooey. Thanks for wasting our time.

Carlos Ponce

Really Ted? Barack Obama taught out of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" - a book dedicated to Lucifer. Discussions appeared in the GCDN reader forums. But the Liberals ignored it. "Nothing to see here!"

Among other selections - Oct 23, 2009 Letters to the Editor:

"You may ask: 'How then are socialists getting elected?' Read Saul Alinsky’s “Rule for Radicals a pragmatic primer for realistic radicals” (the Obama administration has; anyone thinking of voting Democrat should).

Simply put Alinsky is one Marxist instructing a new generation of oppressors on how to destroy capitalism and deceive their way into power.

Appropriately enough he respectfully acknowledges “the very first radical” — Lucifer.

Rahm Emanuel Obama’s chief of staff quoted Alinsky in an interview: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

Ted Gillis

And we can count on you Carlos to be the only person in Galveston County who would keep this information handy

Carlos Ponce

It's in the Galveston News, DUH! You see that little box in the upper right hand corner of the page? It reads "SEARCH". Type in the words and the results appear! VOILA!

David Hardee

These liberals challenging Christie's article were surreptitiously infected by Alinsky's disciples and do not know they are useful idiots.

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