Coronavirus has changed virtually every aspect of American life. Employers, both big and small, were left wondering how they would survive, children were displaced from their learning environments and forced to adapt to virtual-education, and quarantines left many suffering mentally.

Luckily, the initial goal of flattening the curve has been achieved throughout the United States and we're beginning to move back to our pre-pandemic lives.

It may seem inconsequential, but a recent news release from AMC Theatres announced the reopening of over 400 locations over the course of the next two months, with the other 230 locations to follow. Many of these locations are located in the Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston areas. Beyond reopening schools, resuming operations at restaurants and retailers will help to bolster the mental and economic health of Texas.

The curve has been flattened. Now it’s time to focus our energy on continuing to get America back on track. Coronavirus will be with us for a while, so we must learn to live with the virus. It will be vital for the future of our country, the success of our businesses and the mental health of all Americans. 

Dr. Alina Sholar


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Carlos Ponce

Dr. Alina Sholar is a 1999 UTMB Galveston graduate.

Bailey Jones

We have not "flattened the curve" by any definition. Since August 1st the number of COVID deaths in the US has increased by 20%.

Compare that to some countries that have actually flattened their curves -

Canada - 2.2%

Germany - 1.9%

France - 1.5%

Italy - 1%

Saying something doesn't make it true, even if you repeat it for emphasis.

Carlos Ponce

"The U.S. Has Flattened the Curve. Next Up Is 'Squashing' It — and That's Not Going Well" August 22, 2020

Wayne D Holt

Bailey, each one of those countries has a standardized method of classifying what a Covid-19 death is, and at least several have much stricter definitions. Since the US government is owned lock, stock and barrel by Big Pharma (including financial nexus with CDC bigwigs) we have a patchwork of data collection methods, financial incentives to label a death as Covid-19 caused and a population that I am fairly sure has a higher percentage of co-morbidities than those countries mentioned, who generally have less obesity, adulterated foods, and sedentary lifestyles.

I'll tell you where we can be rock solid certain the curve is going parabolic. That is in any chronic disease not Covid-related, in domestic and/or child abuse, in alcohol and recreational drug use, unemployment, and in despair and disillusionment with the American Dream. These are killing us; the virus narrative taken to the absurd extremes we see now has made it possible.

Bailey Jones

It doesn't really matter about how other countries count, Wayne. What matters is whether our curve is rising, or falling. Our weekly deaths are down for the last two weeks, now slightly under 1K/day. Our weekly case numbers were falling, until a couple of weeks ago when they stopped falling. Given that school is starting no one can say anything about our curves until October - by then we'll know whether the number of cases is continuing to fall, or ramping back up. And deaths always follow cases.

My objection is simply the idea that the curve is flattened, implying that the pandemic is over.

Imagine if I said, "my diet is doing great - my weight only went up 20% last month!"

"My cancer is healed - my tumor only grew 20% last month!"

Or, "The Dow Jones has been flat for the last month, only up 20%!"

The absurdity of the COVID narrative is 190,000 dead, 250,000 dead by election day, 300,000 dead by Christmas. A 100K dead here, a 100K dead there, pretty soon you're talking about a real plague.

Jose' Boix

Dr. Sholar, you state that "The curve has been flattened." My question is which curve?

We keep mentioning the "flattening of the curve" but I have not yet seen "the CURVE."

The only "curve" or trend that I have "seen" to not only "flatten" but make a "downturn" is the Galveston County Positivity trend.

Chuck DiFalco

"we must learn to live with the virus. It will be vital for the future of our country"

Exactly. Doing anything else other than living with the virus and ending lockdowns will make (economic) Great Depression 2.0 worse.

Gary Miller

The US life expectancy is 79.9. 4.5 million Americans died in 2019 and 2020 is on track to match 2019. Fighting Covid 19 has caused some other deaths to decline. Seasonal flue has been less deadly because we fought Covid 19. Mostly traffic, drowning and other activity deaths are down. The US life expectanc will be unchanged. The reason for deaths are changing.

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