In response to the commentary by Kevin Moran ("Quiroga should have disclosed ties to firm seeking city deal," The Daily News, Nov. 18): I suppose Moran wants me to apologize as a port official seven years ago (2013) being actively engaged in bringing potential business opportunities to Galveston.

I recall well that council at the time seemed quite challenged to imagine a future with Galveston at the center of regional water supply with all the benefits that would arise from that. As a result, those good folks moved on to greener pastures and the world is coming around pretty fast to their way of thinking — more water and green energy.

I would, of course, always recuse myself from any potential business that might come before the city where I could have a conflict.

Roger "Bo" Quiroga



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Wayne D Holt

As I wrote in another comment on this issue, Galveston needs to grow past the mentality that we are limited to only a tourism-driven economy. Yes, it has been a great source of Galveston's success but we have seen the other side of that equation as tourism imploded over the past months, taking our budget with it.

Projects such as the one Mr. Quiroga supported are future oriented, technology heavy and spin off employment that is significantly more highly compensated than many of our current employment positions. It is not either/or: balancing our economy among tourist dollars, business to business activity, second tier support of our major employers like UTMB, and projects that have the potential to open a window to new economic opportunities should ALL be encouraged.

That is going to require city leadership that takes its eyes off the rear view mirror and charts a path that, while honoring the past, prepares for the future.

Jack Cross

Roger Quiroga is a visionary, exactly what Galveston needs

Kevin Moran

The 2013 council asked "those good folks" to come back with a detailed plan. "Those good folks," including Quiroga himself, never came back. They said they had investors chomping at the bit to ante up $4 billion! If Galveston was a great place for their business, why didn't they pursue it? They didn't go on to greener pastures, taking their pot-of-gold plan to some city with a more intelligent Council. Seven years later, this company for which Quiroga supposedly works hasn't built a thing anywhere. And the paper incorrectly stated that I accused Quiroga of having a conflict of interest in the 2013 incident. I said in my guest column that the conflict is current, him running for mayor and never publicly mentioning that he's hooked up with these people again. It smells.

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