The city of Galveston is not enforcing the new laws surrounding golf cart registration, tags and inspections.

I'm very upset because I and many others followed the law, and it appears to be a big joke to the marshals, city council and those that believe the cart rental vendors are above the law. After all, they're the reason we're at this point of the current process of tags, inspections and new rules.

The city isn't enforcing the law that was passed and those who haven't abided by the law could care less. You're sending a strong message to our community that one hand doesn't know what the other is doing.

We're past the 45-day grace period, and I will be making more noise if something isn't done soon.

Once again, law-abiding residents and those that are playing by the rules are taking a back seat to tourists and those that don't care about authority.

Mark Ravelli



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Richard Cacioppo

Everyone should remember at election time the council members that voted to hassle us in our 20 mph neighborhoods in the west end in the name of “safety” while doing little to nothing to curb the unsafe activity spawned by the proliferation of rentals on Seawall, a four lane 35 mph major thoroughfare. Go figure this logic in the name of safety? Voices need to continue to be heard.

Charlotte O'rourke

Don’t hold your breath while waiting. Galveston is good at making rules and ordinances but not enforcing them .... or better terminology .... selectively writing and enforcing as the east versus west golf cart safety rules clearly demonstrated.

Jack Reeves

That's a fact. I opened a business back in 2000, dotting every eye, crossing every tee and paying every fee and then some. Yet, there were others around me who opened up their businesses with the idea to just do it and ask for forgiveness when confronted by the city.

The only thing missing from the pole in front of City Hall at that time was a pirate flag!

Lizzie Tish

Jack Reeves, you speak the absolute truth!

Bill Cochrane

I agree with Mr. Ravelli, and I’ll take it to another level. Enforcement by the City Marshall’s “Parking Nazis” is a joke. For instance, you will never see a marshall writing 30 motorcycles illegally parked in front of The Spot a ticket, And, many are parked on the sidewalk. And speaking of sidewalks, There are surrey rentals parked on the sidewalk inches, not feet, but inches from traffic on the sidewalk at the turning lane on the north side of the seawall at 61st street.

Charlotte O'rourke

Even though I believe our civic leaders fell into a rabbit hole of illogic on golf carts and failed to successfully climb out, there is a bright side. Residents got to see the sausage (policy) being made and could express an opinion on it.

My complaints (lack of transparency via open meeting votes) are primarily when residents have no chance at changing pending policy or seeing how the sausage was made because it is all happening in executive session or by management direction outside public purview.

Residents have no chance to change the policy which has long term consequences on residents.

Making rules and regulations (talk, talk, talk) isn’t the same as abiding by the rules and regulations once made and taking action if a policy is not followed or changing the policy if it’s not working.

Paula Flinn

I agree, Charlotte. Let’s enforce the rules on the Seawall. Start enforcing the rules now to be ready for next summer, or let all of the residents off the hook.

Charlotte O'rourke


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