Nature delivered Texans harsh freeze conditions at a level we rarely experience, which in turn brought out large quantities of the whining liberal mindset (individuals and media) that believe government is responsible for all their comfort, success and needs.

Whiners that believe holding government accountable for preventing/repairing any damage and discomforting consequences resulting from nature or personal choices such as where one builds, ignoring proper preparedness for the inevitable and insurance to aid in recovery.

Want failure-proof power supply, then you better get ready to pay for it.

Think being on a national power grid is the answer? Consider the frequent power failures in other regions during nature events. Are those regions going to send us power when they're consuming all they can supply or their power generation is out of service? More likely, Texans will be exporting and extending resources.

Society has a responsibility to help the truly needy; however, society needs to stop striving so hard to create the needy.

I’ve discovered when things aren’t going the way you like or think they should be, most times you will find the reason when taking a hard look in the mirror. Fix that first.

Morris Parrott

Texas City


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Gary Miller

A small increase in prices would cure the problems of late with energy. Profits rule what we get. Stresses on the grid can be solved with small increases in prices during periods of stress. The problem is who and how to decide when the increases are needed and for how long. If government "a bureaucracy"is given the power to decide lobbyists will make all their decisions.

Gary Miller

Try to remember. Bad is cheap, good costs more but affordable, perfect is beyond expensive. Generaic is great but expensive.

Carlos Ponce

I hold the government giving tax cuts, subsidies for "green" energy responsible. Like the tiny swimsuit on a 300 pounder it's not a good fit for Texas.

Did you get the same telephone solicitation I got?

"Want to save the planet? Sign up for GREEN ENERGY for your electricity provider. Then we can remove all those nasty fossil fuel generators and replace them with CLEAN GREEN windmills cutting your carbon footprint to ZERO."

And all the brainwashed said, "SIGN ME UP!"

Virginia Stone

Regulations, yes we need them, not too much just enough to prevent ERCOT from allowing board members and generators from having too much power if Texas won't keep up with the maintenance and won't enact rules for generating sources it would be wise to get back on a federally regulated grid.

Bailey Jones

Yes, reliable power is too much to ask for in the richest and most scientifically advanced nation on earth. [thumbdown]

George Laiacona

It’s sad that narrow minded affluent people only think about their own welfare. We are supposed to be a United Nation not separatist states. The original idea of the National Grid back in the 1930s was to be of assistance to any state. The Eastern and Western states have a working grid regardless of weather conditions. But the Republican Texans have the mindset to keep the oil industry in tact in order to keep their pockets full. Greed comes before a United effort that will keep all Americans safe from bad weather.

Bailey Jones

It's a part of the Texas conservative fantasy of secession. They don't consider themselves to be Americans in the first place.

Carlos Ponce

No, Bailey. We consider ourselves American. But Liberals don't espouse American values.

Carlos Ponce

"We are supposed to be a United Nation not separatist states." United for things such as common defense, regulation of interstate commerce but separate where the Constitution is silent. Study the concept of Federalism, The Constitution of the United States, The Federalist Papers and the writings of the Founding Fathers.

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